Chapter 392

But even as they went deeper into the city, the same event was happening time and time again.

Though Maru could have made their passage bearable by camouflaging their attractive mien but he got tired of hiding like a rabbit in the woods.

It was now high time to live freely and get the things he wanted to have in the palm of his hands. Five minutes of walk and they arrived at an amazing establishment.

There was an attractive waiting lady up front and it was a relief that she hadn’t frozen up when she saw them. She was professional in her work and Maru admired her for that.

This was also a reflection of how unusual this building was. They had trained their people well and it gave Maru a positive sign that he did not choose wrong by going towards here first.

“Good morning, guests. This is the Eternal Emporium of Juliet Silva. How can i help you in this lovely morning?” the woman introduced.

She was beautiful in her own right as she wore a wizard dress in the flashy colors of flaming crimson.

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Maru noticed that as she led them inside, another woman took her place to await valuable prospective customers by the doors.

“I want to buy some enchanted outfits for my lady friend here.” Maru said his wish.

Although Lyra was safe around him but he really could not help but want to give her more.

She was barely dressed at all and the touch of nature, though attractively done atop her body, did not offer enough protection to her at all. And Maru was precisely here to address that shortcoming.

“Right this way.” the woman in red attire went towards the left and all of them followed her steps in silence. It would only get broken by the heavy inquisitive mind of Lyra.

“What’s that thing, Maru?”

“How are we going to use that?”

“Does it need to be pulled hard?”

Maru answered them all as if he was really a native in this land. A quick scan in this entire world with his divine sense was all it took for him to learn even the deepest of its secrets.

A normal day for a Unique Immortal like him.

“Here we are, Sir. These are the most valued items in our wares.” the saleslady said when they arrived at the room filled with wizard garments.

“I’ll take them all.” Maru replied in an instant.

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“Excuse me, Sir?”

“Yes. You heard me right the first time. I want to buy all of these apparels.” Maru confirmed.

“Do you like them, Lyra?” he asked the wood nymph.

“Lyra likes them.” the wood nymph openly lied about it. In truth, she just wanted to feel how it was to have a dark wizard attire like Maru and Mistress Ais.

She had talked about it a few times already in the past week and every time Maru would only say that he was going to buy her one, soon.

But now that they were here, the smell and texture of these things were awful to her skin and senses.

“Why don’t you change to that one, Lyra?” Maru winked at Ezperanza.

“Big sis will go with you in the dressing room.” Ezperanza got the point and assisted the wood nymph in wearing the dress she inspected with her hands.

But before the duo had taken two steps from their spot, a voice called for their attention.

“Three bitches! I want one too! Hey sluts! Why d…” a middle aged man said by the door.

Behind him was his associates of five men and all of them were leering offensively at the delicious women on the scene.

“SLASH!” the sound of the slicing of fruits resonated and a few breaths later, the familiar stench of blood graced the air.

The middle aged man did not even finish his words before the auspicious event happened. One that had changed his life upside down, permanently.

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