Chapter 393

Maru’s vision turned red and his senses blossomed to yet another peak. He could smell and taste the air in extreme frantic captivation.

And more than that, everything he heard was a chaotic resonance of the bubbling force that laid blistering inside his soul.

“Who said those words, Maru? Where are they?” Lyra asked and moved her head to the side of Mistress Ais’ body who now stood directly before her own.

With Lyra standing by a head shorter against the white haired woman, she had no choice but to peek at the flanks of Mistress Ais.

But what she saw defied her expectations because there was no sign of a middle aged man anywhere else in the scene.

Lyra did not even know of the five men who accompanied the stranger as they also suffered the same fate as the owner of that voice.

All of them were gone in a puff of invisible smokes when their bodies returned back to nonexistence.

“Thank you for the help, Mistress Ais.” Maru sent his divine sense out and the lady just responded with a knowing nod.

“Speak of the devil and he shall appear.” he thought in addition and sighed deeply with the conclusion he arrived at in his mind.

Maru was not even given two months into his happy days and another hurdle has come to him again in aces.

It was fortunate the Mistress Ais was quick on her reaction and blocked the searching eyes of the wood nymph. 

Maru’s lover had incinerated the corpses of the men back into the ashes to which they took the last of their forms before they could even be witnessed by the innocent eyes of Lyra.

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“They are gone, Lyra. You should just forget about them.” Maru hid his worries with a gentle smile and looked at the woman beside the wood nymph.

Ezperanza had wanted to ask questions but knew that this was definitely not the time for such and so she only kept silent and took the hand of Lyra into her own.

“Let’s go fit that wonderful dress on you, Lyra. Big sis can’t wait to see you wearing that one. I know that you would be gorgeous in it.” Ezperanza said as she led the wood nymph away from the place.

“Do you really think so, Elder Sister? I don’t kn…” Lyra replied and they continued conversing down the obvious path towards a private room where they could change and try on the new dresses in the store.

“How much for all of them?” Maru asked the saleslady whose mouth was opened up in shock and disbelief after what she witnessed a few moments ago.

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That middle aged man was one of the sons of her employer and she realized that there would be hell to pay when the owner got whiffed of this news.

He and his crew were rapists and bad apples and had even tried to entice her with money and power in order for her to accept their advances.

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