Chapter 395

If that man wanted to heighten his senses for violence, then there was an apt remedy for that certain sickness. Maru would feed the dark in him until it would be sated to oblivion. Or at least, for a time.

After all, this reality was big enough to contain his desires down. If it was not, there were still other realities to play in the vast cosmos of the void.

Maru and Mistress Ais waited for several more minutes before they were assailed by more unwanted audience. Judging by their wizard robes, they were of the same root as those unfortunate men earlier.

“Come with me in silence or both of you shall be in much pain than what you can ever imagine.” said the leader of the bunch. He was explicitly commanded to bring the murderers out alive.

And he was going to do that or die trying. With how enraged his master was, the man could think no alternative if he failed. He gripped a staff tightly in his hands and took comfort on his able contingent.

Behind him were at least a dozen trained wizards and on their hands were their respective staves of power.

Every single piece of their weapons shone in menace and would likely strike first before asking if Maru would reply something untoward and against their instruction.

“Those parasites deserves to die.” Maru sported a maniacal grin on his face. The dark hand inside his soul had taken this time to contest for a good foothold within.

It escalated even further and he felt the outburst of negativity that was intent on swallowing all that he was. And everything that he will ever be.

Maru hungered for the desires of the flesh and sensed himself go hard in a flash. LUST.

He wanted to take it all things for his use alone and maliciously deprive others. GLUTTONY.

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To gain everything, be it money or power. AVARICE.

To waste his time in idleness. SLOTH.

To explode in vicious anger. WRATH.

To wish for others to fail and come to fatal harm. ENVY.

To be the best of all. PRIDE.

Maru relished in all these feelings and a dark divinity had shrouded his body.

“KILL THEM ALL!” a voice in his head whispered.

There was a strong desire to heed to those words but Maru, though ablaze with all these evil thoughts, stayed his hand and forced them down to stillness.

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He could see with great clarity that these people were blameless outstanding men and women who was only here to do their job at the behest of their masters.

Maru could not take any more guilt in his soul if he would kill them in merciless slaughter. That would bury him down deeper into the murky pits of the Nameless One’s will.

“What a monster!” the leader was stunned in front of the mighty deluge of power that this unknown man was exuding.

Wisps of shady torrents was surrounding the entirety of the man’s body and he could barely stand erect in his spot.

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