Chapter 461

Vina shouted in accordance to what Orvil wanted her to think.

“Perhaps. But tell me, Vina. Do you see any other option available to us all? That man eats his fill of every soul that dies within my realm.

He will only grow more powerful with time and I fear that as he is right now, I am no longer a match to his power.”

The Ancient Wizard shook his head because he knew it in his heart with all his intuition and senses screaming at him that facing that man head on was a direct send out to nihility.

A life of nonexistence or servitude. Orvil did not know what was worse between the two lamentable fates.

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Both Lords entertained a breath of silence yet that span had not stopped the hands of time from running around its designated course.

More years went by with both the Ancient Wizard and the Goddess meditating in the stillness of their own thoughts. Each had varying plans but in the end, they can only see one way out of this dilemma.

A track that may have been fortunate given the auspicious timing at hand or it may also be the end for both of them.

Still, both relinquished their choices to fate’s will as they also could not let this chance go to waste. At least not without trying to face it one time.

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“You can still go back from all of this, Vina? You have time and you can still find another way out. Perhaps you will even be successful where i failed.” Orvil warned the lovely beauty in his front.

“Don’t worry about myself, old tree. I won’t die that easily.” Vina retorted with a chilly smile on her face.

Her dark humor gathered no laughs from anyone and that was precisely okay because they were both in uncertain grounds as it was.

“Just watch your words around him, Vina.

We don’t know anything about him at all because I fear that what we may have been led to believe are all false or but a tiny portion of what truths he wants us to have.

Be that as it may, but it is not wise to provoke him into action. Not just yet. Not as we are right now.

Remember our quest is only to talk and gather what knowledge we can from him. The moment we throw daggers at each other, meant that we have failed in our task.”

The Ancient Wizard reminded his temporary partner once again.

“I know what to do, Orvil. You may be older than I am but that doesn’t mean that you are any wiser, or does it?” Vina throw a stone back because she did not like to be lectured in length like a foolish child.

And besides, the Ancient Wizard’s tone reminded her of her mother.

“It seems that I will have to visit you when I get back, mom.” she thought inside.

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