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Chapter 500

“Hehehe. That’s all Lyra wanted to hear. Let’s swim, Maru!” the wood nymph invited.

“But it’s already late, Lyra. Why don’t we…” Maru said.

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“SPLASH!” but the wood nymph had already jumped into the cold waters near them.

“Then let us go for some late swimming, Maru. Come! Lyra waits for you. Big sis Ezperanza, Mistress Ais! Let’s swim!” the wood nymph called.

Ezperanza only looked at Maru with fond eyes before she replied in a lively voice.

“Wait for me, lil sis Lyra! Be right there!” Ezperanza responded.

“SPLASH!” and another body dropped unto the chilling touch of the waters. Maru looked at the last female with him.

“Well, what else can we do but join them.” Mistress Ais said and there was a rare beam perfectly decorating her angelic face to more grandeur than a breath earlier.

“SPLASH!” and so a third swam freely on the liquid nirvana of these magical waters. Maru had taken great care to nurture this unto existence.

A pool that was extremely beneficial to the physique and cultivation of anyone but most especially that of the wood nymph.

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Lyra’s strength would passively enhance with time by just taking daily baths on these enchanted waters.

Of course Maru would have to replenish the lost potency with his own energy but with the formation already in place, the task would be easily accomplished with no needed supervision from himself.

“SPLASH!” this was the last sound heard before there was only the distinct music of laughter as three women and one man enjoyed themselves to the lovely allure of nature.


“Good evening, Mr. President!” Roger greeted after his operative went underground for more than an hour and counting.

“Any developments on your end?” the President asked directly. His face was shown on the large screen in Roger’s private office as he really did not go home during this critical phase of the mission.

Not that he would if he could have. His wife had divorced him years ago which left him giving all of his time on his job.

Duty, love for country and sacrifice were the only values that dragged him up every single morning.

Perhaps the only consolation was his three loving daughters whom made the time to call him and even took him out to dates in their free time. But that was few and far between if they ever did come.

“Nothing yet, Mr. President.” Roger replied honestly. Dana has indeed not resurfaced.

“I see. Then how about your counterparts?” The President asked. What he meant by this of course was the other superpowers in the world who has the same position of his subordinate.

He was aware that Roger has shadowy dealings with them and contacted frequently on matters of global importance.

But in order to avoid culpability, the President chose not to dwell too much in these turbid waters.

“Nothing also, Mr. President. The others have zero contact on their personnel as of the last time I connected with them. Six minutes ago to be exact.” Roger said.

“Okay then. The visiting party is also on their way, Roger.” The President informed.

“May I ask who is the lead delegate on the team, Mr. President?” Roger had a bad feeling that he was going to hear a name he did not like.

“It’s Max Eleasar, Roger.” The President replied.

“Oh God, help us.” Roger could not help but offer a silent prayer to the unseen deities above.

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