Chapter 540

To be where nothing and no one can put a noose over his head, to lead a life where he can do whatever he wanted without asking permission from someone else, this was his wish.

Though he can’t say that he had achieved those worthwhile endeavors at the moment. But could also did not give up. Not now. Not ever. Maru determined inside.

“Why don’t we try giving them a modified version of the simplest cultivation manual available, Maru?” Mistress Ais finally said on the side.

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Although she loved Maru and seeing him bicker with Ezperanza was good enough for what she wanted to achieve in her relationship in this budding harem of his beloved

but that was certainly not sufficient to let things continue to go sour between them.

Ezperanza has been nothing but good for Maru also and Mistress Ais has seen first hand how the two hit it off at the start. To throw those things away right this instant would indeed be a pity.

Not only for them but to all of the people concerned. The trio of lovers would also be affected as a consequence. Mistress Ais did not want that. After all, she wanted the thrill of a competition.

Being first wife of Maru would be much more exciting with a worthy adversary around.

“Hmmm… That seems plausible Mistress Ais. We should give them external methods of cultivation rather than what we were used to.

The mortals could try to build their physique while holding the key energies of the world to toughen up their bodies. Very ingenuous.

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But still, the difficulty it would entail to the would be cultivators could double, no… even triple afterwards.” Maru judged with uncanny accuracy.

He has eons of cultivation under his belt and it was not unusual for him to also dabble with this kind of method in the past.

It was an arduous way to improve and the strength gained was also infinitesimal compared to the usual way of cultivating against the will of heaven.

“Better than killing them outright, Maru. You can’t have that blood stain on your conscience. I won’t let you!”

Ezperanza added with great sincerity and at that moment Maru witnessed how much care the woman has for him. But it was really unrealistic. Nothing but the cry of an innocent soul.

Maru doubted that Ezperanza had ever taken the lives that counted in the millions and above. But Maru was different.

He had slaughtered all the toy soldiers and arrogant enemies within his myriad of illusions that he was put under.

No mercy was given since they were not real in the truest sense of the word. After all, no matter how genuine they seem to be.

Although he could touch them, smell the fragrance of their bodies, and taste their blood upon his lips. But still, that did not entirely mean that they were real people with their own lives and souls.

Maru did not really believe for the soft ones to enter the cultivation realms. There was much death to be had and more disappointments to come their way.

This was why Maru could also concede this because he did not have the heart to further antagonize one of his lovers, Ezperanza.

“Since it is already decided and it appears like this interlude is also finally over, why don’t we proceed to the sweeter parts of this night?”

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