Chapter 544

The dark shades akin to the kiss of the night that was Mistress Ais’s gown disintegrated with a touch.

The fragmented parts flew in the four corners of the room like butterflies upon flowers that added much visual delight to the couple in the midst of their lovemaking.

And within a breath, everybody around witnessed the bare glory of a woman who was the personification of a goddess in the flesh.

Ripe proud mountains that was created solely for the purpose of a gentle hike and some measures touches graced Maru’s sights.

The pink hues of their tops were like strawberries that begged for attention in their hardened guise. Mistress Ais who was the sole focus in the room was not the least bit ashamed of her nudity.

Instead she even raised her back to invite the touch and exotic tending of Maru.

“Too bold and daring!” While beside the two were the wide eyed Ezperanza who remained a silent witness to it all.

It did not help the fact that she too was experiencing a pleasure overload by how gentle Maru’s hands were on her skin.

His palms were scorching hot and it pleased her to all means that she wanted to be touched. Exactly how she dreamed to be loved. It was like Maru was reading her mind.

Thus, even the echoes of her words only intensified the urges she felt inside.

“Touch me there, Maru!”

“Harder please!”


“Ohhhhh…” the lament of one who was already lost in the divine feeling that only a good lover could give was all experienced by Ezperanza in Maru’s expert hands.

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And right this very moment, while Maru was looking at glorious body of Mistress Ais, his ever active hands was also continuing to explore the deepest parts of Ezperanza’s attraction.

He teased and prodded with his magic fingers as if saying,

“Do you want something bigger than this?”

“Longer and much stronger to to delve inside your tight, wet and most precious of all your treasures?”

“Tell me…”

“Do you?” the unspoken words were not left ignored because of the responsive hips of Ezperanza has all but said wordlessly what she had desired to feel from the onset of Maru’s salacious advances.

“What are you looking at Maru? Don’t you want to have a retaste of my sweet and juicy honey pot? Or are you already content on getting your hands over one?” Mistress Ais teased.

In her peripheral vision, she could see the curving motions of Maru’s long digits on the oozing spot of Ezperanza.

The love juices flowed ever abundantly and Maru’s hands were already pretty wet form the initial entrance alone.

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How much more now that a few breaths had already passed since that first plunge?

“She’s moist, isn’t she? So ready for some needed loving.” Mistress Ais naughty poke resounded once again when she heard nothing of Maru’s reply.

The man was only silently engraving the beautiful sight inside his memories and taking what was happening all at once towards the deepest recesses of his mind.

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