Chapter 553

Ezperanza wanted to open her eyes but knew that this was not the right moment for that.

There were tears threatening to fall at any moment and she hated the fact that even after all these years, she still has not let go of those memories.

Of the past that she both hated loved at the same time. She wished she could forget.

But alas, even that simple joy was taken away from one who was doomed to live for as long as time persisted and the lands of creation still existed.

Maru saw the hurts of his beloved and chose to remain quiet. His company was enough and he needed no words but his presence alone in this moment of her weakness.

“Thank you, Maru.” Ezperanza sent via her divine sense while keeping her eyes closed and emotions in check.

Other than that, she felt the warm naked body of the lone man in the bed as she was enveloped compositely in a human blanket in Maru’s gentle arms.

Time moved along.

Three people breathed.

One on the side with all the slimy excess of an intense sexual marathon. Her breathing steady and was obviously under the comforts of her own expansive dream.

And just a palm away from beside her was a pair of gently embracing statuettes.

This time, it was of a man over a woman. The man covering the woman’s body with his own while supporting both his weight and hers with ease.

It was like an eternal vanguard that tried to shield the victims of war with his own flesh and blood even while the arrows rained upon his immovable form.

“You can let me go now, Maru.” Esperanza murmured. It was this moment that she finally opened her eyes and the first thing that she was the smiling face of Maru.

He was simply radiant. The perfect man that she could ever hope for. Ezperanza only hoped that he would never change for she dreaded that word the most.

Change… was perhaps the saddest word of all, Ezperanza believed.

“How long have I been asleep, Maru?”

“Long enough for a decent spanking, Ezperanza.” Maru replied. His hands traveled on the face of the beautiful goddess in her arms and pinched a cheek softly then held Ezperanza’s chin thereafter.

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One raise and two pair of lips met in the middle. This kiss was a chaste one.

It may have been brief but the meaning contained within the kiss showed the affection between them that could trample a trillion other kisses.

After a short breath, both smiled as they looked at each other’s eyes. From Maru’s dark one to Ezperanza which took the shade of deep blue.

Within their connected gazes, each one could see the promise of eternity and beyond.

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Of a love that could only be had by two hearts that is shared not only by the call of flesh but most importantly of the silent and almost imperceptible beatings of the unseen.

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