Chapter 656

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There were two persons within.

One was continuously struggling to loosen the bindings that apprehended him while the other settled in unbelievable calmness and clarity.

The former still had an immortal body to call his own while the latter retained its soul form, a burning physique that represented a respectable form even amidst the dire circumstances it was in.

“Cameron.” the man whispered.

“Here, master.” a presence kowtowed deeply even if only certain bodily outlines could be gleaned from its ethereal form.

“Investigate the beggar and his purpose in going to the Eternal Domains. You have authority to use the clan’s treasury at will.” the master commanded towards his servant.

He knew that the beggar was a high priced mercenary that preyed on realms outside of the Immortal Palaces. To have at least a chance of determining a hint of his contract, money was a must.

Especially because of the laws dictated by the Primal Author himself, aggression was a thing of the past. After the molding of the Eternal Domains, that certainly became truth for most of them.

Regrettably, this decree has been learned far too late by the same predecessors that made such an edict be possible.

But that did not mean that those criminals had not accomplished anything in some regard. They did in fact. For those ancestors had fanned the flames to kindle their influence upon the hearts of the youth.

Thus, from time to time, there would still be new blood that would be forcefully shackled down to the mortal planes to the dishonor of their clans and Houses.

Bounded forever in the Eternal Domains, a small haven that was not even appropriate to house a dog’s existence.

“I will not fail your expectations, Master.” the shadowy figure answered.

With how indecipherable its features were, it was difficult to tell if it was a man or a woman but the voice it offered provided a definite gender to its name.

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The servant speaker was a woman and judging from the vibrant softness held within her tone, this slave was a very young woman.

“I know.” the man muttered and paid no more attention to the presence behind him. If she went or not, that was no longer his concern.

Only the scene on the far recesses beyond his actual perception occupied his utter focus at the moment.

After he discovered that no changes transpired after several breaths of waiting, the man finally released his divine senses on scouring what he was never meant to see in the first place.

He closed his eyes and meditated for a while, entirely anticipating the movements of each Houses together with this curious development at hand.

While this may prove a lost cause in the end but with how complex the political arena of the Immortal Palaces had been in the past few eras because of the impending advent of the Enemy,

it was careless to consider anything as waste and useless especially now that there was finally a severe division of opinions on the matter.

Not just two sides but multiple oppositions were beginning to resurface.

“The second culling is nigh. I just wish that my clan can survive the onslaught from the multiplicity and machinations of the other Houses.” the man whispered and attempted to reach a state of no thought.

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This was a handy skill for leaders like him. A zone of nothingness where his problems and worries could not follow.

For even in his dreams, the ceaseless alarms and grating threats were pitiless in their will to unman him.

Unfortunately, it was precisely because of this that he hasn’t seen the next development that would shake not only the Eternal Domains but also the entirety of the Ten Immortal Palaces.

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