Chapter 665

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Tristan’s goal was of course to survive and live through this trial with his sanity intact. And so he persevered and took at least a dozen hours of vigilance amidst the dire situation he was going through.

It could be said that he may perhaps be at his weakest right now but ironically enough, it could also be confirmed that he was at his strongest at the same time.

He did not move from his elevated spot and meticulously awaited any contender unto this circle of death.

Alas, no one came.

Everyone else was content to patiently stay their hands with ample prudence and care. When the first seconds of the 13th hour arrived, Tristan finally relented on his solitary vigil.

This was also the time when he could finally trust his faculties to not roar in agonizing pain any longer. He slowly getting used to the presence of pain and was truly numb by its unforgiving lashings already.

He accepted this suffering for what it was but he never succumbed to its call to despair. Pain was a familiar friend after all, the cursed boy smiled inside.

“I am Daoist Seeker. Please excuse my actions today.” Tristan said softly but his words were carried unto all directions and even beyond this constricting realm of the Eternal Domains.

From his vantage point, he could distinctly determine the innumerable prying eyes from above. Many wanton gazes were openly inspecting his condition with their divine senses and immortal tools.

“But if you want an audience with this old man, then I would gladly accompany all of you. Anytime. Together if you must.

My doors are always open to exchange some pointers and hone our skills in the ways of the endless dao.” Tristan added calmly before traversing the open skies with measured speed.

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He was neither hasty nor slow yet the astonishing savagery in his wake has only brought about further silence to all.

* * *

“What a special situation we find ourselves in.” a man was standing firmly on the archaic cave dwelling of his abode.

Gone was the calm repose he had earlier as he now carefully visited a scene with absolute attention. In fact, the man has taken this same posture for a couple of hours already. Thirteen long hours to be exact.

And time did not fail to make its presence known to everything that has life. Even to those who were robbed out of it as they lie inside the rotting coffins of their graves.

“Cameron.” the man whispered.

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“What are your orders, master?” a voice answered behind him. This was the same person who had roused him up from the state of no thought earlier.

And when he did, the man could only open his eyes in shock at the brutal fact that imposed its truth unto this reality.

Someone could withstand a tribulation lightning and live to tell the tale about it!

One should know that ascending any big realm from becoming an immoral onwards can spell doom towards any cultivator if they failed during this inescapable checkpoint.

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