Chapter 671

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“Has the heavens finally send justice on behalf of all the bad deeds I have done? Is this my punishment?” the sorry worm like figure thought as it was drowning in despair.

On the other hand, Tristan decided to wait and respect whatever the choice of Little Purple.

To kill was easy but to determine a person’s heart was certainly a topic that was much more complex than its direct alternative.

So he took this time to return the shameless eyes that were relentlessly spying from above.

Even if he could try to hide his presence from those folks but he doubted that he could totally escape from their snooping. After all, they had items of power that far defied his imagination.

A perfect example of that would be the three Saint Class Artifacts that had captured him with ease even when their potency was clearly above that of an Immortal Cultivation.

“Does it only apply to Saint Items or are the rest of the armaments excluded from the purview of the present laws of this world’s heaven and earth?” the cursed boy thought with interest.

“Senior…” a tentative voice broke the stillness in the field.

This also prompted the cursed boy to give his time once more towards the little worm that quivered nonstop from the sustained burns that it was suffering.

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“Have you decided?” Tristan asked. It has been already at least 3 minutes since their frigid discussion has begun and the cursed boy was glad that they were now over that impasse.

“Yes. But i have one wish, Senior. May Your Excellency fulfill this insignificant worm’s obsession.” Little Purple bowed its tiny head and kowtowed thrice in a show of utter yielding.

“Say it.” Tristan replied. And surprise, surprise, he could have sworn that the little serpent before him had given a rather expectant smile in response.

* * *

The solemnity of the evening persevered even amidst the massive changes that happened during this eventful time.

And after merely an hour of peace, esteemed bringers of change had come once more in the forms of 10 gorgeous women.

They had varied cultivator’s robes on and the insignia that decorated each of their garments which was rather deliciously provocative to the eyes of men and women alike,

brought awe and yes, fear in the inactive masses of gods and immortals shackled within the Eternal Domains.

The arrival of these almost a dozen renowned descenders were all followed by countless flickering disturbances in the space around them.

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Though the groups which came next maintained a respectful distance away from the ten who had led their advent unto this barren land.

“Don’t we make a good team of sl*ts if someone saw us gathered together like this?” a humorous voice rang in the wide expanse of the sky.

The sound traveled freely and the moderately fortunate survivors from this overturn lands peeked at the vaults of heavens to hear the captivating echo of this woman’s words.

The magical beasts were robbed of their free will, just like that. This was a primitive yet unintended call but alas, the speaker did not have the heart to think of these poor creatures.

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