Chapter 672

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In her eyes, they were nothing but specks of dust that was insignificant at best and a pester at the worst.

Thus in but an instant, the grounds were littered with magical beasts that thrived under the surface of the lands.

They were the last of their kind as their brethren became evaporated ashes during the sudden devastation of Tristan’s arrival.

“To use such offensive term for oneself and take pride in her words instead of shame, a classic trait of your race Minerva. Well done!”

Another sound that was filled with subtle spite wandered in reply as her voice scattered the essences of allure in the air.



“BT IT!”

“BOINK!” the indecipherable shrieks and terrified screeches of the magical beasts rose in full volume the moment every living animal was reawakened from the unintended seduction.

The magical beasts were once more covered in dirt to seek solace under the familiar security of their homes, underground.

A number of quick feet dug and they never stopped digging until they were dead tired from doing so.

Although most of those which survived has not the sentience in them to think for themselves and process information

but their instincts were practically screaming for them to go as far away from this place as they can.

Nevertheless, their struggle was never even noticed by the one who had so casually roused them from their hiding. It was ever the fate of the weak.

The defenseless were always ignored and forgotten in the colossal construct of the eternal universe. And at worst, they would be used and get preyed upon.

“Anjali, the pure and ever chaste Anjali Lightborne. Do you want some company after this task ends, my lovely maiden?” Minerva asked with a predatory smile on her face.

“Disgusting! I would rather you let me cut your tongue for you.” Anjali replied and her eyes bled with divine light.

The epic brilliance illuminated the dark night, turning it into the bright of day in the span of a mere breath.

“BANG!” the world was filled with a calm suppression as the blessings from such a purity of spirit has come to grace the entirely of the Eternal Domains.

From a simple white flowing gown, Anjali had don a complete set of battle armor laden in the shade of sparkling gold.

Her body was completely covered with golden gears and in her hand, was a fiery longsword made of the exact same color as her apparel.

She looked like a warrior goddess as she was now cloaked within the dignity of her godhood. Even her eyes were much too arresting for any mortal to gaze upon.

“You seem to need a beating of sorts, my lovely maiden. Why don’t I do it instead as free service towards the master that you serve.”

Minerva muttered and was about to unleash her wrath that would no doubt turn these lands into further disarray.

“Fight if you must, but can you two do it someplace else? I don’t have the patience to hear you bicker in my presence.” a voice commented among the ten women who were gathered aloof from all the rest.

“Perhaps that would be best indeed.” another approved.

Minerva would have indeed settled to do that but her eyes caught something towards a particular spot below.

“I guess we need to set another day for the onset of our affair, Anjali. He is finally ready to receive guests.” Minerva uttered the cryptic words instead and immediately vanished in the sky.

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“FLASH!” and the nine alongside Minerva mirrored her actions with unbelievable alacrity.

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