Interlude: Reminiscence (Ver. Krymean)


Cloud Palace
Spring, 1994

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He was just wondering, that was all. He was curious, and didn’t he have a right to be?

Xene was over seven years old now, yet he had never gotten more than a ‘get out of my way’ from his one and only uncle.

‘Oh wait, there was the shove that one time too.’

So, truly, he hadn’t meant any harm when he climbed up his balcony. When he hid himself behind the flower pots, occasionally poking his head out to peak in through the window, he had only been looking for a chance to learn more about him.

What was he like, when he wasn’t just rushing through hallways? What did he do, when he locked himself behind that unrelenting door? What did he like, what did he not like and why… why did he not like him?

After all, besides his father, he was the only family Xene had, and Xene… Xene was the only family he had, wasn’t he?

The sound of footsteps – inching closer and closer towards him.

His heart rose up to his throat as he forced himself to be very, very still.

‘If he finds me here, I’m dead.’

A knock on the door saved him. The visitor obviously didn’t care much for a response, because the sound of wood squeaking against the marble followed not too later.

“Trakan,” he heard a voice greet too happily for it to belong to anyone but his father. “Still here? The procession-”

“Your hatchling’s spying on me again, Rokan.”


Xene hissed as his father called his name out, hesitantly revealing himself to the tall duo behind the window, the silver hair and amber eyes clearly a dominant gene.

His father’s eyes softened at the sight of him and he dared not look at his uncle, who would inevitably shun him to Hell with his piercing gaze alone.

“Master Daskosen is waiting for you in the training field,” his father said. “Run along now.”

Xene nodded, quickly making for the balcony’s railing again.

He’d just about set his foot on the adjacent ledge when his father’s words perked his ears up.

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“If you’d just spend some time with him, he really wouldn’t resort to such antics, you know. He’s a good boy.”

Xene lingered.

“Tch,” his uncle snorted. “Mind your freight yourself.”

“We’re your family after all,” his father said, “and family is what you’ve always cared about the most, isn’t it, Trakan? But you… keep longing for those you’ve lost. And pushing away the ones you still have.”


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