Chapter 3: Animals

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Quickly grabbing his sword that flew out of the ring Charles jogged over to Mathias Walking next to each other Charles and Mathias left the training area as the sound of banging had ended and was replaced with silence the fields turned peaceful once more. The two kept on walking until they ended up under a tall shady tree where Mathias sat down motioning Charles to join him.

“You know that was a brave thing to do even though it wasn’t you who was being messed with Charles.”

“I know I wasn’t being messed sir but not only is Johnathan a member of my squad but he is also, more importantly, my friend. If I don’t look after him and help him now how can I expect him to trust me when we go into battle and how can my squad mates trust me if I look away it just can’t be done sir I have no regrets on the actions I took.”

Letting out a loud joyful laugh that could be heard over the fields lasted a good bit until it quieted down.

“You know Charles my boy you remind me of the day when I was young a much simpler time where there wasn’t no politics in war only the matter of doing what is right by your friends and family. Where nothing really mattered except the honor of yourself and the honor of the choices you make. Because in the end, we are are all just animals Charles it’s just that some of us have bigger teeth.”

“Your right in that aspect Sir and some people don’t even act like a person but more so as an animal. Where the weak get eaten and the strong get stronger until a bigger and better hunter comes along and the hunter becomes the hunted. But in the end, even the smallest mouse will start to bite when cornered.”

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“It seems like those books and studies your teacher makes you read actually does something to the young mind. That also brings me up to the topic at hand that I wanted to discuss with you, my boy.”

What’s that Sir”

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“Your teacher Alderman has requested for you to go and see him. Which shouldn’t be a problem since you have no one but your little sister left so why don’t you take her to the big city for the week before coming back here I think it will be good for you. This way you get to knock down two birds with one stone but either way, it’s up to you. Just keep in mind take what he says with a grain of salt and stay safe Charles. I would hate for something to happen after you’ve been training for seventy-nine years for this.”

“Yes sir and thank you for your words of advice and I’ll take them to heart.”

After saying this Charles stood up looking back at Mathias nodding his head before continuing down the dirt road back to his home back towards his sister.

‘What Mathias said is true this world is full of nothing but animals so I must sharpen my teeth and get stronger. Cause if I can’t protect myself how can I protect my friends and my sister, cause I can’t let something happen to me. I can’t let her go through this pain all over again like what we had to go through because of what happened back then. Never again.”

Thinking this a look of solitude crosses his face as the future has unknown variables in place all you can do is act and enjoy the time given in the present.

As Charles walked away a smile filled the aged face of Mathias

‘I hope I get to see what becomes of this young lad since not only does he have good characteristics of a soldier but also of a leader. Within this young person is also much potential if the right paths are chosen. You see this Borin, I always told you that the younger generation will always outperform and outdo the older generation much as we did back in the days of old. All that’s need it the right push and guidance in the right direction. If only you could see this boy you would have the most joyous time watching him hahaha.”

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