Chapter 1: Factions and the Rule of Law

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The kingdom of iscandar is separated from the life of the world below but is a constant reminder that something is always bigger or better in this world. The kingdom itself rose from the east which is now the sea of sands. The kingdom dates back before many of the races that are now left in Teteraria. While there are many larger populations of certain races may still dwell and roam throughout the world in many wide ranges of places. So while it’s very common to see wild animals gnomes, dwarves, humans, and undead throughout the world you can still find others such as Crystalites, Goblins, Lycanthropes, and even Elementals.

The kingdom of iscandar besides the floating aspect is much like regular kingdoms connected by smaller towns, farmland and other natural barriers such as lakes and mountains. Intertwined by large bridges and windy roads, connecting all aspects of life from cities to slums. The majority of it is separated into eight different areas which have their own farmland, housing, educational and military buildings. Seven of those areas are for the seven factions that separate the angel race according to jobs and power distribution making a checking and balancing arrangement in political and governmental issues.

The factions themselves are the following. Knowledge, Counsel, Wisdom, Understanding, Strength, Spirit and, Fear. Each of the factions holds different aspects of the government and civic duties that the followers or members of will use and grow from.

The faction of Knowledge focuses on tactics, plans, and logistics.

The faction of Counsel is a military faction that creates frontline soldiers who lean towards calmness of the heat of battle and how to control  the flow of battle

The faction of Wisdom are the strategists and are often made into advisors for both governmental placements and military placements.

The Understanding faction looks and studies people and civil situations because of this many are placed in governmental buildings for the judicial and legislative branches who write the laws and changes laws based on circumstances and changing of time.

The faction of Strength makes all the other needed military units that the Counsel faction don’t make creating a wide variety so each unit made will suit a need or purpose in the military from brute strength, speed or defensive capabilities, and many other types. They are also make up the executive branch who include soldiers who are disabled, hurt or discharged are then put into a police force or teachers for the protection or teaching of the younger generation.

The faction of Spirit make up the vanguard units that protect the higher-ups in the government or generals on the battlefield. They also make up a large communication and information-based organizations

Lastly, the Fear Faction makes up a small number of the population who have a large number of magical abilities. While all angels have the capacity to create and perform magic the few who stand out, have unique magical alignment or have a strong affinity towards a certain type of magic which can be taught or mentored. Many of the people from this faction have powers related to the original founder of the race had. But because of the uniqueness and the amount that are unknown about the full extent of these powers they are feared amongst even the angel race themselves. But they are also the hope for changes both military wise, governmental and even political change within the society. Because of this many resources are poured into this faction the hope for the future.

Now that the Demons have made a move into this vast world while the peace still flows through the kingdom the military figures have started to move throughout the area. Because of these movements, the races have convened a meeting in iscandar to figure out how to properly combat this problem.

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While Rodiel was leaving the room he knew the peacefulness the citizens have been feeling all these long years are going to come to an end and instead are going down a road of turmoil and war. After a long discussion, the agreement between the races has been made which included two aspects which are how the manpower should be distributed and where should logistics go or be spread between the races. The manpower is to be all pushed towards the from excluding what is needed to protect each race’s own kingdom and territory. Secondly, all resources will be given to the military excluding the needed amount for each year for each race such as food weapons, tools, and animals. Each race would control their own army but they will have to follow the plan decided upon the leader’s decisions creating a clear chain of command and reasoning.

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But none of this mattered to smaller figures who would only be able to follow the commands given to them by the superiors and the civilians who would have to provide for the war effort that they all didn’t agree to but in the end. While the majority of the population would have to pay large amounts since many people, especially in the slums or people of the lower class, don’t have much to live on in the first place. While that large amount would be nothing but pocket change for the people on top of the food chain but in the end what more can you do in the survival of the fittest where the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker. For many people in a world like this, there is no idea of equivalent exchange If you are strong enough you take it if not oh well.

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Was the title maybe supposed to be “The World of Algratha”? Or was it spelled wrold on purpose?

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