Chapter 4: Home

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After walking through multiple fields of grain and Buggolo and sneezing quite a bit Charles arrived at his residence a small little two-bedroom one and a half story stone house a good bit off the main road. The house itself was grey from all the stone with different shades of dark on the bottom and slowly listening up to the red roof from the years of weathering and natural lighting on the building. This small building has been the home of Charles and his sister Elizabeth for the last seventy-nine years of his life after the loss of his parents. During which their house was burned down for reasons Charles can’t remember. The only remembrance of that night is a feeling of regret and despair of which the reasons are unknown.

Taking his heavy shiny armor off and placing it on the stand outside reveals an undershirt drenched in sweat but a look of satisfaction flowed over his face. Taking off the leather gloves and the shirt revealed a body with bruises and scars and an arm that wasn’t human. The arm itself looks like a regular arm that any normal person would have when they where born nut this one was made out of wood. Even though it even functioned as a regular arm with the movement of the joints and fingers as if it was alive and flowing with blood through veins. Because of it being able to function normally and look natural besides the coloring and a few roots that ran above the skin near his neck it was easily disguisable with long sleeves and a glove.

Although it’s been a part of Charles life for the past seventy-nine years he doesn’t know why his arm was replaced with this hunk of wood. Going inside a small ding from a bell hanging next the door is rung followed by a shout as a young girl rounds the corner. She looks young around 14 years of age with dirty blond hair dark green eyes and a pure look about her.

“Charles! Your back already it’s not even late in the evening did you go and play hooky again”

“Hahaha stop Liz you know me your big brother wouldn’t do such a thing since I have to get stronger an move up the chain of command.”

“Sure you will Charles if you say you will then you eventually will that’s just the type of person you are.”

Elizebeth replied grabbing a hold of her brother hugging him

“Let go Liz or I won’t tell you about a big surprise I got planned for you.”

“A surprise really what is what is it I want to know come on please big brother what is it.”

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“Well, I got some good news and some bad news which one would you like to hear first.”

“The good news first, that’s always the best one to tell. come on tell me please Charles.”

“Alright Alright calm down you’re energetic enough to wake the dead. Anyways the good news is I have the week off and I need to go to the capital to take care of some business with uncle Alderman and you are coming along. The bad news is that when that week is over you are going to be staying in the capital in the school up there while I’m shipped off to the  front.”

The room itself goes quiet as the reality hits the cheery young girl and the seriousness flushes over her face.

“But why are you being shipped out why? If you look around there is nothing to show of preparation or anything why now when things are just starting to go good for us. You getting promoted to an NCO position having more responsibilities and more friends for me to me why. Why?”

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As the serious face turns to tears as she holds onto her brother with all her might and Charles holding dear.

‘I have to make it back, no matter what I have to do I can’t let her continue to worry about my safety day in and day out.’

“Don’t worry Liz I will be just fine ok you don’t have to worry for I am your big and strong brother so stop crying and let us enjoy this time while we can since I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you again ok so please stop crying ok look at me Liz.”

The tears slowly stop rolling down her cheeks as her watery eyes look it to Charles.

“Don’t worry Liz I won’t ever leave you permanently just think of it as a long trip away from home and remember I will always love you ok.”

“Ok Charles I believe you” as she sniffles

“Now go ahead and pack some of your clothing and belongings while I go and grab what I need to take to Alderman.”

As she walked away Charles the thought of how to get stronger filled his mind. How to get stronger so he can live through this war to see his precious sister once more after his time is up at the end of the week but the only thing that kept popping up in his mind was Alderman.

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