Chapter 0: How It Came to Be

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At the beginning of time, there stood a world, not like any others we have ever seen a place of peace harmony and magic. The first race to populate the world was full of scholars inventors and visionaries pushing the world forward beyond our own expectations and imagination. Over time the world prospered and it was all in sync the first race which name was removed from recorded history sought knowledge of the beginning and the truth of how this world became to be. Because of this the name that people of modern age  Teteraria calls them the All Seekers since they sought after the truth.

Decades would pass with no avail and many would, in turn, stop seeking the truth and return to their peaceful humble life, but in the end, it wouldn’t turn out this way. One day a group of people found an underground cavern full of rare minerals and filled to the brim with mana the cavern was recorded to hold many truths of the beginning of how the world works and more importantly the truth behind power. At the end of the cavern beyond the minerals, the gems and rocks were a small room with a tall tree in it the branches and low hanging leaves flowed all around it. The pretty walls outside the room where no more following the pattern instead the room was filled with vines and many sources of natural lighting as if the world itself stood in the majesty of this tree.

Hurrying back to their kingdom the group passed a smaller kingdom of a race called angels when the group went into the kingdom the word spread all throughout of how this group found the truth. Once word of this reached the king he ordered their capture taking their knowledge through torture for his own gain but the group wouldn’t give up the information and in the end, dying for their cause. Because of this anger flowed through the heart of the angel king the taking of what could have been filled the king with hatred.

The years following these actions were filled with blood, war, and suffering. The race called the All Seekers in the end where no more and the race of angels stood on top of the food chain taking the technology of all seekers for their own they took the kingdom of iscandar out of the ground in the east lifting it off the ground and making it a floating kingdom in the dead set middle of the world as if it was looking down on all the other races who couldn’t reach it but dream of what could be up there.

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Decades would pass times would change new races would come out of the woodworks and populate the world down below pushing aside the old world of Algratha and entering the new world of  Teteraria. The place where the kingdom of iscandar once stood was now a sea of sand full of desolate beasts and outcasts the place where the All Seekers once sat in the middle of the world was now populated with a new race called humans. An area which once held a single kingdom was now divided into an area full of hundreds of kings and lords who quarrel of land and riches. The land itself flowed red with blood but with hints of blue from the vast amounts of mana that was in the land beneath their feet

In the far west where mountains lay and within riches are sought created two races of shorter humans with tougher skin which are known as gnomes and dwarves both of whom are master craftsman and miners. While they themselves couldn’t use magic the tools they created could match up any Sorcerer or Magnus in the land of Teteraria. Isolating themselves from the outside world the two races grew based on quality instead of what the humans did which was quantity.

Far in the north was a race of made of mostly of women called the Sylvas this group of women was a large society based race building large kingdoms and town all throughout the silver forest. Unlike many races that governed by monarch and patriarchy the Sylvan’s kingdom was based on a republic or representative society where many people had a chance to voice their opinion and change to a certain point how the race chose to live.

In the southeast below the sea of sands laid a newly made large kingdom of Tetremand where in recent events the race of the undead has joined together under the banner of Tetre a young farmer boy now a leader of millions. Although he was once a farmer Tetre through an education system and own curiosity created a way to turn the living into a brain dead follower who focused on nothing but hunger alone. They felt no pain and no need to rest the only thing that stayed alive was the hunger of plants, animals and living being. Through this large source of manpower and weaponry of numbers, they took over a large portion of land where nomadic tribes of humans once were.

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In the south lay the undead ally and the primary source of this knowledge the demons. The race of demons much like our own bibliology once where angels that separated from the Angels shortly after the war with the race of all seekers ended. Lead by Jacka and supported by the king’s brother Elderman a summoner who rallied the Army while the king himself rallied the People. In the end, Jacka and his six generals later left the kingdom of iscandar on his own accord after the killing of his wife Madrid.

After her death, Jacka lost the will to fight and left for the under realm which is located underneath the crust of the world where he would create The Kingdom of Vandalia. Which the angels would then seal off the entrance to keeping the demon race under the ground away from the other races to keep them from affecting the growth and aspects of the other races. Which did not last as the undead race grew more and more demons could be seen throughout the land of Teteraria.

A person who looks like he’s in his mid-forties in a long dark gold rope with highlights of white leaves a large hall with a marble circular table in the middle. The room itself is large with a ceiling height of 18 Feet with statues and paintings beside large stained windows which allow natural lighting through the seams. Around the marble table are the rulers and diplomats of their respective races. These race are the Humans who are dressed in shining armor and blue pieces of cloth and capes. The Gnomes are in simple leather armor many with glasses and wrinkles covering their faces. The dwarfs who are around 3 feet tall on average are in heavy metal plated armor with beautiful colored jewels representing the different families within the mountains. The Sylva’s who are in simple clothing of nature and fur hides. All with the faces of joy and hope except for the man leaving the room.  His name is Rodiel the main face of the angels, Rodiel himself is in the Fear of God faction. This faction is the most powerful but with the least members, the reason is that the power these members have originated from the founders of the angel’s race. As Rodiel walks out of the room he carries a long face and saddens eyes for he knows what is about to happen to the peaceful kingdom of Iscandar.

Far underground in the caverns, the tree of  Algratha started to emit a green light surrounding the cave until the light filled the cave in a blinding light. The light circled the tree a few times until eventually flew out of the cave through the ground above it leaving the cave and heading into the night sky.

In the slums of iscandar, a fire has started to spread from building to building and in the middle of the fire laid a boy and a smaller girl next to him both unconscious in cloth. The boy had a wooden arm connected to his side where a regular fleshy arm would have been with roots intertwining into his skin next to him where two figures and in his hands a small metal amulet that was glowing green which slowly died out after surrounding his body and figures next to him slowly dissipated into thin air.

This is where our story begins

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Are you sure the title of this novel is “The Wrold of Algratha” and not The WORLD of “Algratha”?

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