Chapter 2: The Training Grounds

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In the far south of iscandar past the mountains and main cities fields of gold can be seen next to the golden fields are bright green pastures surrounded by makeshift fences full of livestock animals such as buggolos and Yukons. Buggolo’s are a mass breeding mammal covered in a hard exoskeleton with six bulky legs and underneath udders which produce a type of sweet milk which can be used for a wide variety of products from food to a sealer. Yukons are a smaller mammal who can also be bred on a large scale for their wool that covers their body to be used as material if spun for clothing and household products.

In distance of the farmland, the sound of metal striking metal could be heard if you were to follow this sound the golden fields would suddenly  stop after a long distance showing a large open field of grass with a set of silhouette targets with arrows in stuck in them and the ground around them one hundred yards away stood a row of eight young men in a light leather armor holding longbows in their hands and a quiver on their back almost finished off. Farther behind them laid another large area squared off in a perimeter by large stones within stood thirty-two young men all around eighteen years of age all of them have the look of hard work on there face as sweat droplets ran down their faces and on to their armor as the cool spring air rolled over their skin. Over half of the boys had large shields and spears with short swords on their sides the rest held shields, javelins, and short swords. Although the armor was real the weapons they held were made of wood and sheild were made from sturdy metal.

In the middle of the square, two young boys were fighting it out with swords and sheild. Neither one wanting to retreat they pushed forward on top of each other as the two fought the boys around them started to yell towards them.

“Yeah, Luke get him. Show him what happens when he back talks you.”

“Stop playing with him Luke KNOCK HIM DOWN!”

“Show him who’s second squads leader”

The swords clash instead of the sheild and with the twist of the wrist, it flies out of the other boy’s had and out of the ring. With nothing but the sheild, he gets knocked down with Luke bearing down on him constantly hitting him with the sword on to his sheild.

“Just give up Charles there is no point to this hurry before you get hurt and fall behind”

A smaller kid who looked a bit younger than the rest shouted before he was quickly persecuted by the other around him.

“Quiet Johnathan, Charles is just getting what he deserves”

“Yeah Shorty butt out of it the only reason Charles is in this mess is you Dumby”

The chubby kid said as he laughed at Johnathan

Quickly quieting down Johnathan starts to tear up realizing it is his fault that his only friend Charles is being beaten up

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“If only I was strong enough Charles wouldn’t have to of stepped in and try to stop them from taking the money I was given this month for my parents”

As the sound of taunts and bellowing filled the area a loud voice filled the air

“Don’t shed a single tear, Johnny, not a single one don’t give them that satisfaction.”

Looking over from where the voice originated from was in the center under a metal sheild.

“Besides I have him exactly where I want him”

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As Charles said this he Gracely stood up dodging the blow luke was about to hit on him making him stumble. This was followed by a swift movement of Charles sheild hitting Luke in his back forcing him out of the ring making Charles the winner of the duel. The people around Charles looked upon with disbelief realizing what just happened. The group of three boys who were messing with Johnathan unsheathed their swords and holding up their shields about to charge into Charles when a loud BOOM hit the ground creating a dust cloud in the area.

“STOP MOVING and listen to me you moundrels. This was a duel agreed upon by both parties of squad two and fours leaders upon which was agreed that the victor’s terms would be met upon victory and so it should be done so.”

“But Lieutenant”

“No buts Luke you agreed upon it and you can’t go back on it or your honor will be diminished and you will be considered dishonest amongst your peers and family the only thing that’s worse than a thief is a liar.”

The Lieutenant himself is named Mathias he is the officer in charge of  3rd platoon in the Fear Faction Mathias is a decorated Lieutenant who served in the wars between the humans and Goblins a little over 600 years ago. He first started out as the lowest rank in the military and slowly moved himself up through the ranks to this position. Because of this, he was widely respected throughout the Fear faction besides only being a smaller officer.

“Anyway, that’s not why I am here. I am here to inform you all that you all have one week to get your family and belongings in order because at the end of that week we will be shipped off to the front along with the rest of Third Division the front we fill face is unknown and is only know by the higher ups so I would go back home and say what is needed to be said to your family’s and I’ll see you all here next week you are all dismissed Except for Charles there is something I need to speak to you about before you head back to your residents.”

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the only thing that’s worse than a thief is a liar.”

Wouldn’t a theif have to lie?

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