Chapter 121: Dragon King (1)

Lenia’s speed was certainly slower than the likes of Grobak and Nelay, but that didn’t mean her charge was by any means slow. She was only slow comparable to speed types of the same level, a dragon on land was not one of those. Her speed allowed her to close the distance between her and the dragon once more with little difficulty. The dragon attempted to spit fire once more, but Lenia was prepared for it.

Once again she went in to strike with a shield bash, but it was a feint. The dragon, which thought she would use her shield was prepared, but Lenia shifted her angle at the last moment and dodged the dragon’s claw attack. Using her momentum, Lenia leaped atop the side of the dragon and began stabbing her sword downward in order to pierce the thick scales of the dragon. The dragon roared in pain and shook its body to get her off. Lenia had stabbed her sword into the dragon and was using that as a hold to remain on the dragon as it shook. This only caused the dragon to roar in even more pain.

Meanwhile, the Orc chieftain was beginning to gain an advantage in its fight with the other dragon. These dragons were powerful, but were in the lower end of the Legendary level while the chieftain and Lenia were at the peak. The advantage wasn’t huge, but it was enough that they could slightly overpower their enemies. The two of them together was enough to hold down, or even defeat the Orc chieftain, but they had never expected that there would be another Legendary being. Lenia’s appearance was completely out of their estimation and had overthrown the balance of power in this fight.

As the fight between the Legendary beings grew more intense, the two dragons realized that they had been drawn far away from the settlement. They had no idea how the battle was progressing, but they weren’t too concerned about their forces. The vanguard had already launched its devastating attack and it wouldn’t be long for the rest of the army to arrive. Even if the dragons couldn’t defeat the Orc chieftain as they originally hoped, just drawing him away from the battle was enough. They felt they had met their objectives in that regard and were not willing to lose their lives here.

The two dragons roared as loud as they could, it was a call for help. Noticing the danger of losing their lives, they no longer hesitated. They knew very well that their mighty father would hear their cries. It was somewhat shameful, but they couldn’t afford to be arrogant at the moment. One dragon had already been grounded and had several large gory wounds. If not for a dragon’s fierce VIT, it would have already died. Lenia was taking it easy on the dragon though, something the dragon had no knowledge of. She didn’t actually want it to die. Hearing the dragon’s cry, she was pleased and allowed herself to be shaken off the dragon. The show she had put on was finally seeing results.

“Surrender now Human! My father shall soon arrive and no matter how far you run, your ending will be pitiful! Only if you surrender now will I intercede on your behalf before my father. I have taken a liking to you, your strength and beauty is certainly unmatched!” The dragon said, eyeing Lenia lasciviously.

Now that the dragon felt assured of its eventual victory, it was acting in a haughty manner. It completely ignored its wounds and blood soaked body as it eyed every inch of Lenia with perverted thoughts. If it were a dog, its tongue would be hanging out of its mouth.

Lenia frowned, but there was no fear in her expression. “Dragons are just as disgusting as they say. Hmph, you think just because your father has some strength that it means you will be able to do as you wish? I could have easily ended your degenerate life. The only reason you are still alive is because of my master’s orders!”

The dragon chuckled, it was a deep rumbling sound. “Keep posturing, my father will be here any moment. Your death is imminent! Surrender now and I promise to make you my concubine. You are a worthy human to lay beneath me!”

As they were speaking, the fight between the Orc chieftain and the second dragon had also come to a standstill. The Orc chieftain heard the cries of the two dragons and became wary. The Dragon King had never been brave enough to show himself before because of the deterring effects of the Ancestral Spirits. Although the Dragon King was a powerful Demigod, the Ancestral spirits were powerful as well. If they could imbue their power into the Orc chieftain’s body, the Dragon King would be in dire straights.

‘Has something happened? Since when was the Dragon King so courageous?’ The Orc chieftain had a bad premonition.

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“You dare call out to your father? You know full well what will happen if he comes! I have yet to call upon the Ancestral Spirits and have been fighting you with only my own strength. If your father comes, it will break our agreement and I will not hesitate to use the power of the Ancestral Spirits!”

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The dragon that was circling low in the air laughed, “It seems your information is outdated! You don’t know yet what has happened in your own home. It couldn’t escape the notice of my father though! Your Ancestral Spirits will not be able to come to your aid!”

These words sent a wave of anxiety through the Orc chieftain’s body, “Impossible! The Ancestral Spirits are all powerful! You are speaking nonsense!”

“Don’t believe us? Then watch how your end comes!”

The dragon once more swooped down, breathing flames everywhere. His actions were only meant to toy with the Orc below. After making a single pass, the dragon rose high up into the air and roared once more. The loud roar was soon answered by a roar that shook the earth. If one were to say that the Legendary dragon’s roar was that of a child, than the roar that answered was like an army of giants.

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