Chapter 162: Dark Ocean Territory   

The demons were crushed during the ancient great war.

The ancient great demon, leader of the demon tribe drew the mysterious flame of the firmament with his boundless saint energy. Immediately, the demon tribe turned into dust. That night, the power they wield was gone.

The mysterious flame burns strongly, setting the surroundings into flames. Many of Tianyuan continent’s experts tried to think of a way, but they were futile.

In the scared domain, the ocean tribe ancestor traveled across thousands of star regions to search for a way to extinguish the flames. With that, tens years went by and he found the dark water of the firmament. Using his saint energy, he drew it into the continent, turning this place into Jibei ocean.

Henceforth, the ocean tribe was born.

The ocean tribe lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, guarding the mysterious flame.

Until 3000 years ago, when Luo Hou came to this world. While he cultivated, a large amount of evil energy entered his body, causing the birth of a demon in his heart. At wit’s end, he ignored the opposition of the tribe and jumped into the mysterious flame to destroy the demon in his heart.

For three years, he did not appear, leading to the tribe thinking that he is dead.

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Who would have thought that he managed to successfully exterminate the demon in his heart, gaining a boundless body by refining a part of the mysterious flame. In a short three years, he reached the peak of universe realm, a step away from the absolute realm.

A body changed by the mysterious flame was extremely powerful, reaching the absolute realm.

On the day of his return, he killed the patriarch of the ocean tribe and proclaimed himself as the leader. With great ambition, he wanted to take control of the continent,

Unexpectedly, the tribe was against it.

Luo Hou, having a savage nature, created a bloodbath. Many were killed.

In a short period of a month, the dead and injured was more than half. To preserve the tribe, one of the two daughters of the late patriarch, Ziyue, brought some away, but were caught by Luo Hou. In the end, only Ziyue and some tens of women managed to survive.

The other daughter, Hongyue, saint lady of the ocean tribe, had the Heart of the Ocean.

Few knew about Hongyue being the saint lady of the tribe. As Luo Hou did not know, Hongyue avoided disaster.

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Hongyue had a kind nature. Worried about the fact that because she refined the Heart of the Ocean, a larger bloodbath would occur and cause the entire tribe to go extinct, she did not try to refine for three thousand years.

Heart of the Ocean was a trace of saint energy left behind by their ancestor, in it contained the power of a half-saint attack.

That was the only thing Luo Hou was afraid of.

As soon as he took control of the tribe, he created another body to suppress the tribe while the real body focused on cultivating. He wanted to quickly break through the void and become a saint. At that time, from earth up to heaven, none shall block his way.

In the 3000 years, a majority of the tribe submitted to Luo Hou, only a minority continued to go against.

However, they were all sent to the ocean region’s most barren place. The condition there was terrible.


“Where is this place.”

Qin Tian woke up. Feeling a burning sensation in his chest, he took a few deep breaths.

“Do not be agitated. You were injured by the dark ocean eel’s ten levels of electric force. You should maintain calmness, else you could easily injure your internal organs and leave behind some problems.”

It was a hoarse voice of an old woman. Holding onto a cloth, she wiped the sweat off Qin Tian’s forehead.

Qin Tian moved his eyes to the side and was stunned. The wrinkles on her face were like a centipede entrench on it. Immediately, he moved his eyes away and shuddered inwardly.

“My appearance in scary right?” The old woman said while an amiable smile appeared on her wrinkled face. The smile was natural, she did not become unhappy because of Qin Tian’s action.

Her smile shocked Qin Tian.

Feeling that he had been disrespectful, he quickly responded, “Granny, you are not scary at all.”

“Hehe……” The old woman chuckled.

It could be seen that she truly loves to smile.

As if infected by her, Qin Tian started to laugh, only to have his injury affected. Cold sweat flowed down as he trembled slightly.


The old woman once again chuckled and wiped off Qin Tian’s sweat skillful, like she did it countless of times before.

“Granny, where am I?” Qin Tian asked.

“Dark ocean territory.” The old woman replied. She then twisted the cloth tightly, rinsed with water, twist again, and patted Qin Tian’s wounds gently.

Qin Tian was partially exposed. There was a long scar on his chest, the wound was so deep that even the bones could be seen. If not for the Emperor Purgatory force protecting his internal organs, he would already be dead.

“Dark ocean territory?!”

Qin Tian sank into contemplation and mumbled, “Ocean tribe?”

He surveyed his surroundings. The tent was simple and crude, with holes around which allowed yellow sand to enter. This was the reason why the old woman wanted to continuously wipe the injured part.

A strong wind blew and more yellow sand fell onto Qin Tian. Again, the old woman wiped the injuries clean. Seeing that, Qin Tian felt touched, “Thank you granny.”

The old woman chuckled like before and continued.

Qin Tian gathered his strength, endured the pain coming from his chest and took out a Peiyuan Dan from his spatial ring. After consuming it, his wounds started healing at a speed one could see with his naked eye.

The old woman was taken aback. She stared at Qin Tian, unable to believe what she had just seen.

“You…your…your wound…is recovering too fast.” The old woman muttered.

The intensity of the pain was decreasing. Soon, he was feeling much better than when he first woke up.

Qin Tian sat down. “Granny, what I’ve just had was a Dan that helps with the recovery of injuries.”

The old woman stared at the wounds that were recovering and couldn’t stop herself from touching his chest. To her, this was just too miraculous.

Completely inconceivable.

Peiyuan Dan is, after all, a rank nine Dan, how would the wound not heal fast?

Spirit suddenly filled the dazed old woman. She grabbed Qin Tian’s hand and dragged him into the tent beside. Pointing at the man full of injuries, she revealed a pleading expression, “Save, save him.”

The man’s wound was already rotting, his aura was weak and face was extremely pale. Without aid, he would probably not live beyond three days.

Seeing the old woman’s expression, Qin Tian felt touched. To save or not to save?

Qin Tian took out another Peiyuan Dan, lifted the man up and fed him the Dan. Then, he let out a hint of Qigong into the Dan inside the man to speed up the rate of which the Dan was dissolving at.

In less than half a second, the face of the man became rosy. His aura became stronger and the injuries on him were healing.

The old woman trembled as tears flowed out in excitement.


The man opened his eyes, looked at Qin Tian, then at the old woman, and cried out.

Qin Tian smiled and retreated to the side, feeling envious.

Suddenly, a series of footsteps was heard.

Qin Tian’s heart tightened as he thought, “What a powerful aura……”

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