Day 1 Part 1

Sivard and Ji had finally arrived at their destination. The carriage that they were on had finally stopped. The door was then opened from the outside by an elderly butler wearing what consists of a black trouser, a black six-button double-breasted tailcoat, and a white shirt. He was a tall man, standing over six feet tall, and had light grey hair with a chin curtain beard.

Both men inside the horse-drawn carriage stepped outside. Ji was looking at how beautiful and marvellous the carriage was. It was gilded, had both carvings and paintings of doves and swans. He then looked around the vast open field. Breathed in the clean, fresh and vigorous country air, while gazing at the two fountains far off in the distance that was on the opposite side of each other. The fountain on the right side contained a well-crafted statue of a man that seems like he is flying in the sky while holding a sword, while the fountain on the left had a statue of a beautiful woman that also seems to be flying in the sky while holding onto a shield. Thinking to himself, that those are some interesting looking statues, while Sivard on the other hand, was listless as always.

While the old man waited for these two young men to adjust to their new environment and have their legs a good stretch from the long ride, believed enough time had passed, and it was time to perform the rest of his duties.

“If I may have your attention, honoured guests.” Said the old man, “please follow me.” The elderly gentleman turned around and started walking to the entrance of the mansion.

The two men started to follow. Once the old man was in front of the door of this mansion, he pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door wide open and ushered Sivard and Ji into this great house.

Once they all entered, the elderly gentleman continued walking on, and as before, the two men followed.

As they were walking, Ji couldn’t help but stare at all the incredibly vast amount of decor that he was witnessing. He was seeing all types of artwork from all around the world.

“Your master must really love art.” Said Ji.

“I’m not too sure about that.” Questioned the butler. “For a long time, I had difficulties discerning whether or not it was for the love of the arts, or spending money on expensive items that the master thought was ‘cool’ or was just being pretentious and wanted to show off his wealth to guests such as yourselves.” Mentioned the elderly man.

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“Seems like he’s suffering from compulsive buying disorder.” Said Sivard.

“Yes, he is definitely suffering from that form of insanity.” Replied the servant. “Hm, I wonder when was the last time I tried to stop him from buying something. Hm, just thinking about it is making my head hurt a little. Oh well, there is no point in trying to recollect memories of the distant past if you can’t even find it. I guess it comes with the old age.” The servant stated.

“You ever tried to fix that insanity of his? You know, get professional mental health help?” Asked Sivard.

“That’s a good one young lad.” The senior butler giggled, albeit at the expense of his master. “When I once mentioned that to my lord, he just laughed at me and ridiculed me for my foolishness. He said he is mentally sound and does not require any aid.”

“You sure about that?” Sivard said.

“Of course. He said it himself. Surely he can’t be wrong.” The old senior reassured jokingly.

“You sure you didn’t give up easily.” Inquired Sivard.

“Of course not! I did my very best and put all my efforts into it.” The old butler protested with a dishonest look on his face.

“What really matters, is that as long as this guy is having fun on what he is spending is what truly matters.” Interjected Ji.

“Absolutely.” The butler agreed.

“Eh,” said Sivard.

“Not only that, why are we even talking about another man’s money? That’s just being rude.” Ji added.

“Doesn’t matter.” Retorted Sivard.

“Honoured guests, do you fancy the arts?” Asked the servant.

“Nope.” Said Sivard.

“For me, I quite like art, but never got the time to invest in them, be able to pay for them, and be able to even understand them.” Answered Ji.

“I see.” Said the butler.

The old butler finally stopped walking. He then opened the door that was next to him. He then kindly asked the two guests to enter the room inside and wait patiently for the master to arrive.

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After the two guests entered the room, the servant closed the door and went off to perform his other duties.

The room wasn’t anything special, it was just filled with various couches, seats, many more decorations, tables with various fruits, confectioneries and water jugs with glass cups and plates next to them.

Not only that, there were other tables with what seems like board games, and various card games on them.

There were also two other people in the room as well. An individual standing seven feet tall with their back against on the wall, wearing a full set of steel plated armour coloured in black, with a giant double-headed battle axe strapped to the back, and two smaller axes attached to the hips. A man with brown hair with no peculiar attire, just wearing regular normal clothing and lying down on one of the couches with a book covering his face.

Ji went straight to one of the tables to grab a glass of water to drink and picked up two plates.

He then gazed upon the various fruits gathered, ranging from strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, plums, oranges, apples, pineapples, bananas, grapes, tomatoes and even watermelons.

He also noticed jujubes, mulberries, physalises, longans, loquats, tamarillos, feijoas, kiwanos, kiwifruits, cherimoyas, jackfruits, durians and even dragon fruits.

Ji had always liked the name of the dragon fruit because it had the word “dragon” in its name and it just sounded really, really awesome. Unfortunately, on the day he had first discovered the dragon fruits and had tasted them, it was absolute s***. Ever since then, he had avoided them like a plague.

Some of these fruits would be considered very rare in these lands, and Ji was surprised by the many selections that he could choose from, as well as the fact that the master of this household must be a connoisseur of fruits or liked buying expensive fruits because why not.

This wasn’t anything special to Ji, for he had already tasted all these fruits before and wasn’t a fan of most of them. Even though they were a great array of fruits to choose from he picked his two most favourite fruits of all time, strawberries and blueberries, nothing can beat these two, they were the greatest.

For Ji, strawberries and blueberries were the dual kings of berries and all fruits. Ji was a very health conscious individual and loved healthy eating. His favourite berries were extremely healthy for they helped in lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, great for cardiovascular health, had loads of antioxidants, helps fight off ageing, defends against cancer, helps maintain brain function and improve memory. Many more people should consume these great fruits. These two berries were great for the mind, soul and body.

Ji then proceeded to gently pick up all these strawberries and placed as much of them onto one of his plate and the other plate was given as many blueberries as possible, he then proceeded to sit down on one of the couches that had a small table next to them, so that he can place the plates on them.

The moment he sat down on this light brown couch, his body just sank right in. From that moment, he immediately got off the couch and went to another one. The same thing happened again. So, he once again got off and sat on another one. The same thing happened again. And again. And again. And again. He repeated this with all the available couches.

Ji did this because he hated this type of couch, they were so bad for your posture, and were just too soft. He gave up and just sat on the ground and began eating his sweet juicy berries.

Sivard, on the other hand, had a sweet tooth. He rushed to the confectionary table and quickly grabbed as many cupcakes, various chocolates, and tarts that his hands could contain and shoved them all into his mouth.

Ji looked at his friend with a disgusted face. A full-grown man, shoving sweets all into his mouth, as fast as he could, and he wasn’t even eating them from his own plate, instead, he was eating over the plates where all those sweets were placed.

He watched as crumbs fell from Sivard’s mouth onto all the sweets that were placed on that table for all those in this room. What a barbarian, uneducated dolt, lack of any etiquette, was what Ji was thinking to himself.

“Oh! Don’t eat like that, and stop dropping all those crumbs onto that table, it’s disgusting!” Shouted Ji.

The sweet muncher tried to mumble something, but Ji couldn’t tell what he was trying to convey.

“Don’t talk while you’re eating, it’s gross!” Ji yelled.

Sivard tried to speak again, but couldn’t, he had too many things in his mouth. He tried swallowing, unfortunately for him, all those confectionaries decided to be stuck right in his throat, trying their best to choke him to death.

This is probably due to his poor treatment in how he ate those luxurious elite premium sweets. These elitist sweets have feelings too. They want to be eaten with dignity, style and with utmost social etiquette. So of course, they had no choice but to kill this dirty, silly barbarian. You can’t blame them.

He started coughing like a maniac, he no longer could breathe, his hands were desperately trying to grasp his throat to squeeze them out, and his skin started to turn to a light blue.

Ji watched in horror while slowing eating his berries. He really did want to help his dear friend, but he was so paralyzed by the sheer horror that his body couldn’t move. Not only that he thought to himself that this event could help Sivard learn from his poor eating habitats. Yes, this was, in fact, good for him in the long run. He must learn respect.

Sivard managed to regurgitate and spat the contents onto the plates below, contaminating all those fancy sweets.

After various coughing fits and swiping phlegm and various other liquids from his mouth with his hand and wiping it with his clothes. Sivard slowly turned his face towards Ji with a smug look on his face, a face that you really wanted to punch. A face that was worth punching and getting arrested by the local authorities for assault and be charged with a fine and some community service. That kind of face.

“First. I will eat however I want. Second. You can’t stop me. Third. No one will complain now after I left my territory markings on this table. So, no problem.” Explained Sivard.

Sivard than proceed to pick up the regurgitated contents he had spewed out and swallowed them back into his mouth. This time, it went down to his throat and entered his stomach for digestion. He then continued eating all these sweets as he did before.

Ji wanted to vomit.

As all of this was happening, the seven feet tall warrior clad in amour watched Sivard, thinking, this man is a fool. While the brown-haired man, felled asleep some time ago and was enjoying a lovely nap, he was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough not to hear and see all these horrors.

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