Chapter 10

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When Jin arrived from school in the evening, he had on an expression I had never seen before. He looked like he had caught me having an affair.

“Who is he?” His demeanor turned ruthless, and it was the first time I saw him with such an icy aura.

“Don’t mind him. He’s just a dog barking up the wrong door for food,” I quickly replied, hoping to dampen his blatant ire.

I was in the kitchen, washing strawberries for Jin. Taren had already finished his meal, and with a burgeoning belly, he stifled a burp.

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“He’s a disgusting ape. Feel free to throw him out, Jin.” My voice was emotionless.

“So you had a kid?” Taren asked, turning around in his seat to look at Jin. “You look too young to have a kid that age though?”

Jin’s expression turned even more severe, murderous intent flashing from his eyes. It made Taren press himself against the table in surprise.

“Did I say something wrong?” Taren asked skeptically.

I didn’t actually want to say I was Jin’s wife. Jin was still a child. What would people think of us if they knew? I didn’t trust Taren, and with his personality, I could tell he often told secrets without even intending to. He looked like he was just a frivolous blabbermouth. I didn’t want to tarnish Jin’s reputation. I was just biding my time, waiting for him to grow up and become a splendid man.

“Ah, he’s my friend’s son,” I hastily replied, placing the strawberries in a bowl.

Taren raised his eyebrows, but said nothing. He stood up from his chair and wore his cloak. “I think it’s about time for me to leave. Thanks for the food! I’ll be coming back to visit again soon.”

“Who told you you could come back, you damned thief?” I shrieked. “I hope I’ll never see you again!”

He merely laughed as he strode out the door.

“What a rude guy!” I complained. He was too easy-going. Walking to the table, I pushed the bowl of strawberries towards Jin, but he didn’t even look at them.

“Welcome back Jin. Come and eat.” I smiled at him.

He looked at me sternly, then retreated up the stairs to his room. I felt a pang of loneliness in my heart as I sat alone in the dining room, picking up the strawberries one by one. Did I say something wrong? Why did he ignore me? Was he in his rebellious stage?

“Master, do you want me to help you eat those strawberries?” Seiran asked as he hopped on top of the table, his eyes latching on excitedly on the red fruits.

“No way! Get your paws off the table!” I protected the bowl as if my life depended on it.

“Eh, stingy.” He flicked his tail, and jumped down the table haughtily.


I didn’t realize I had slept in the dining room. My face was plastered against the table with an arm haphazardly used as a pillow. In the darkness, I was semi aware of my surroundings when I felt something warm drape around my body. I drifted in and out of sleep, and a few hours after, I heard shuffling in the kitchen. A mouthwatering aroma drifted to my nostrils in a matter of minutes.

I raised my head, and the blanket around my shoulders shifted downwards. I clutched the blanket with a smile. Even when Jin was angry, he was so thoughtful.

“You’re awake.” Jin appeared with a plate of Chow Mein in one hand. He placed the dish in front of me, then came back later with a cup of tea.

“Are you still mad at me?” I gazed at him with upturned eyes.

“Why do you think I’m mad at you?” He raised an eyebrow.

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“Because I let a strange guy come in the house? And I also cooked for him?”

“That would be part of it.” He smirked, folding his arms across his chest. Really, when did this potato act so grown up?! Time flew too fast. Was this a mother’s dilemma? When I thought of my previously sweet potato, I wanted to cry. I wanted to go back in time and relive those days before he evolved into this current preteen.

“Why did you say I was someone else’s son?” He demanded with his lower lip slightly protruding. Question marks floated on top of my head. I really didn’t know why he was mad?

“Ha? You want me to say you’re my son?” I was flummoxed.

“No!” He looked exasperated. “I thought I was your…” His ears turned scarlet, and a blush was slowly creeping up from his neck. “Your…”

“…Husband?” I finished for him. His whole face was dyed red in an instant.

I chuckled. Was this all he was mad about? He definitely was still a kid!

“W-Why are you laughing!” He hid his face behind his sleeve, looking even more embarrassed.

“I said that because I didn’t want to sully your reputation. What if your harem learns that I’m your future wife? Won’t they be enraged? How are you going to live well in the future with your reputation in shreds?”

Jin had already calmed down upon hearing my words. “What harem are you talking about? Can’t you, for once, hold back on your lurid fantasies?” He sighed. “Besides, what does reputation matter if I can’t have you?”

It was my turn to be beet red. T-This kid! Where did he learn to be so smooth! Was it due to the romance novel I saw peeking out from under his pillow a few months ago? I mentally made a note to put those in a locked chest.

“W-Wait until you turn eighteen! We can get married then.” I sipped my tea in order to hide my flushed face. Why did I suddenly blurt out marriage? I wanted to knock my head against a wall.

“I am always willing to wait for you.” His response was languid yet sincere.

Ah! In this life, who is courting who? Why have the tables suddenly turned?

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