Chapter 12

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Many years passed since the man named Taren, who was actually the prince, had come to burgle the house. I didn’t know if his name was actually Taren, but I knew that the reason why he had such a devil may care attitude was because of his background. He was rude because he had the backing to be rude. His frivolous attitude actually reminded me of myself in Heaven. I would be able to do many misdeeds in Heaven if I wanted to, and the deities could not help but turn a blind eye to my actions.

But of course, I was not a philandering good for nothing guy like him. Although I liked to have fun, no one was ever mortally wounded by me. I think.

I started to think that Taren’s “I’ll come back again” were merely words he had said offhandedly until that very person almost blew the door in with his entrance one afternoon.

I had been reading in the kitchen as I stirred some Lily herbed broth in a pot. When he suddenly burst in, I jumped back so hard, I nearly toppled the pot.

“I’m back!” He announced gaily. “Phew! Took me quite some time to remember I had a beautiful woman waiting for me here.” He winked at me and I felt sick to my stomach.

“Can you get out of my face?” I growled at him. “Who said you could enter your cheeky Royal personage in my house? You almost made me knock over my broth!”

Taren pulled his hood down and deposited his cloak in a chair before ambling towards me.

“Since you know who I am, then you also know that with just one word, I could easily have your beautiful head be severed from your delicate neck.” He neared his face towards me, his green eyes locking with mine.

I pushed him back, but he didn’t budge. I stared right back at him unfalteringly. “You think I’m afraid of your idle threats?” I derided. Who did he think he was? I, the great niece of the Jade Emperor, be wary of a cockroach like him? How laughable! How old was he? Nineteen? I was 70,000 years old and counting. I could be his ancestor’s ancestor for crying out loud!

“I was kidding!” He suddenly laughed, throwing his head back as he clutched his stomach. “You’re so serious!”

I rolled my eyes. “There’s always a sliver of truth even in jests.”

“How interesting you are.” He stopped laughing. He assessed me with bright eyes. “You’re hardly like the other commoners who would beg for their lives after being threatened. Even knowing that I am the prince, you don’t even bow?” He sounded incredulous but not offended.

Tell me, how could a venerable deity such as myself bow to a presumptuous and haughty mortal like him? How could a great grandmother bow to her infant great grandson? The thought itself was preposterous!

“I only bow to those I respect,” I replied as I turned around to ladle the broth into a bowl. Seiran was relaxing on my bed upstairs right at this moment, so I didn’t bother to take another bowl out for him.

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“Ouch! That hurts, juju.” He pretended to stagger backwards as if an arrow had pierced his chest. After he caught sight of the broth in my hands, he stopped acting. “Do I still get a bowl of that? It smells really delicious.” Why was he acting so overly familiar with me? It was nauseating. Furthermore, did he come just to beg for food?

“I’ll give you a bowl if you stop inviting yourself here.” Could he stop interfering with my daily activities? Furthermore, I didn’t want Jin to catch me with him again. Once was already enough! I didn’t want to be branded as an adulterous wife.

Taren was so silent, I wondered what took him so long to answer me. He stared into space pensively, but didn’t say anything else even as I sat at the dining table to spoon myself some broth. Was it that difficult to leave me and this house alone? Or did he think the broth was not good enough for that barter?

After what seemed like eons, he walked to my side with his brows knitted together.

“I’ll agree to your terms only if you promise me that in three years time, I’ll come for you.”

“Fine, in three years you can come over again,” I said with sarcasm. At least I wouldn’t be able to see him in those years! Even if we had just met twice, I didn’t think I could bear seeing him again soon without popping a vein.

“By the way, what’s your name?” I asked as I pushed a bowl towards him.

“I did not lie to you. My mother gave me the name Taren, but the people of this country call me Zemin.” He smiled lightly as he placed the bowl to his lips. “You should feel fortunate to actually be acquainted with this country’s prince.”

Although I was exasperated by his remark, I brushed it off because I wanted to enjoy my meal. “I’m fortunate alright.” Again, sarcasm dripped heavily from my words.

When we suddenly started talking about literature, poetry and war, I realized that he was quite well-versed, opposite to the many rumors of his infamy. For the first time, we actually had a pleasant conversation during the meal and even joked around to further ease the mood. I gave in to the pleasantries as a token of our short-lived enmity, and also as it would be my last time to acquaint myself with him . Perhaps in three years time, after Jin would graduate from school, he and I would transfer to another city for a change of environment.

After the pot of broth was consumed and our conversation had run dry, Taren decided to take his leave. He stopped by the doorway and looked back at me in rumination.

“I’ll see you in three years, perhaps in the palace?” He had on an impish grin as he combed his blonde hair back away from his face.

“Perhaps in your dreams?” I countered. I kicked him out of the house without second thoughts.

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