Chapter 15

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When Jin woke up, I had already positioned myself on a stool by the bed. I was rewriting the formation of [The Jade Emperor’s Dragon Beast] to make it a simple enough skill for a Nascent Realm practitioner to use. It was actually very difficult to alter the skill, as it was originally a Heavenly grade scroll. Scrolls were graded: Low grade, Middle Grade, Jade Grade, Legendary Grade and Heavenly Grade.

I had never heard of anyone in this country using Heavenly Grade skill books, and the highest skill the clans had in the country was of Jade Grade. And even that was uncommon. Legendary Grade skill books were even more rare, becoming treasures stored only by Royalty. But even the Royalty thought it was too precious to be used. I thought that that was a bunch of hogwash. These skills were not made to be simple decorations but to be actually used for its purpose! Sheesh, no wonder this country was weak. People were so selfish.

Jin turned his face towards me. “What are you doing?” I had moved a table beside the bed, and I was busy rewriting skills on the parchment. Seiran languidly hopped on the bed and sat on Jin’s stomach like a king and his vassal.

“So how do you feel?” I asked. I swept away the loose strands across his forehead so I had a better view of his eyes.

“I feel like I could feel everything so clearly.” His eyes were bright as he scanned his surroundings. When one entered cultivation, one’s senses and strength were heightened in accordance to the level of cultivation. You would be able to see far into the distance and revel in the true beauty of colors in the surroundings. Its aesthetic effects was also a bonus to practitioners who valued beauty.

He suddenly faced me with a troubled look. “Have you always looked this beautiful?” His question was actually so innocent, I didn’t know what to say. I thought he was flirting with me, but he actually looked perplexed. I didn’t know if I should be flattered or not.

I cleared my throat and changed the subject. “If you’re fine now, then let’s have lunch.”

I had prepared steamed crabs for lunch, and Jin ate one crab after the other in such a rush I thought he would choke on a crab leg. Even Seiran was noisily chewing on shells as if it were made of meat. Even though he looked like a cat, he still retained a dragon’s strong jaw and teeth, and more importantly, appetite. He was a walking vacuum that more often than not, swept the neighbor’s fish pond whenever I wasn’t looking. When the neighbor’s happened to see bony fish heads floating in their pond, they went and blamed the other neighbor. I swear I had nothing to do with it.

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When we finished lunch, I ushered Jin to the living room while Seiran wrapped his fluffy white self around my neck like a scarf. He had already started snoring against my neck, and I was worried he was getting obese. Oh well. It wasn’t my problem.

“I have a Jade grade skill that’ll help you in your cultivation.” The Heavenly grade had downgraded to a Jade grade skill, but it was more than satisfactory. If other practitioners knew of this, they’d probably kill themselves over it.

I handed Jin a scroll.

[The Jade Emperor’s Dragon Beast] had turned into [The Jade Emperor’s Little Dragon]. I hoped he didn’t mind the Little Dragon bit. My creative juices had already been running dry.

“Jade grade?” Jin’s eyes widened as he accepted the scroll. “How?”

How was I able to acquire that? ‘Cause I was a goddess, of course! But I didn’t want to divulge such information to him now.

“Ask me that when you’ve learned to understand the skill.” I stroked the silky hair that was on his head. In that time when he does learn the skill, he would probably forget he asked such a question in the first place.

I added, “Although, it’s actually quite a difficult skill. But once you know the key, it’s easier to take in the spiritual energy and successfully disseminate it throughout your body to breakthrough to the next level.”

Jin looked excited as he clutched the scroll against his chest. “Thank you Juju. I’ll master this well. I won’t let you down!”

“You won’t.” I had already expected him to exceed my expectations. He was actually the God of War, so his innate talent would definitely be extraordinary.

He hugged my waist, and planted a kiss on the side of my lips. This was actually the first time he had kissed me that close to my mouth, and my jaw dropped. When Jin saw my slackened expression, he laughed.

“Relax! Not until marriage right?” He smiled at my slyly.

“Damned brat!” I punched him in the shoulder. “Get your perverted butt out of here and start doing your homework!”

He leisurely started walking up the stairs to start cultivating.

“Jin!” I called out when I suddenly remembered something. “I’ll be going to your school to teach your friends a few things about cultivation. I’ll probably make the first ever sect full of commoners!” I added as a joke.

Jin smiled at me adoringly. “I’m counting on you to do just that.”

After hearing what Jin had said about his wounded friends, I honestly couldn’t just sit and watch while I saw people being bullied by pests who thought too much of themselves. I had always made it my motto to help those in need, whenever I could. I had the chance now, and it would be a waste not to take it.

I wasn’t going to ransack the noble clans and kill all of them, of course. If I did that, I didn’t know what kind of punishment would be given to me in Heaven. I didn’t even want to think about it.

If I were to borrow a proverb, what I was about to do was to teach people how to fish on their own. I wasn’t going to give them fish to feed themselves once, but a technique or power to feed themselves in the long run.

Just you wait, you noble devils.

Let us commoners be the revolution that would change our lives forever!

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