Chapter 16

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The first step to this change I was about to make, was to inform The Merry Wives of what I had planned to do. They were obviously skeptical at first.

“Huh? You’re actually a practitioner?” Their eyes were all bulging out from their sockets.

“Yeah…” I coughed. “So I need your help.”

“Why did you not tell us something so important before?” Dandan asked, looking hurt.

I thought of an immediate excuse. “That’s because I didn’t want you to ostracize me.”

“We would never ostracize you,” Dandan said, looking even more hurt.

“What’s your cultivation level?” Lin asked. She was getting excited, and the thought that I was lying completely disappeared from her mind.

“I’m actually…” Which realm should I pick? As a deity myself, I surpassed those levels entirely. I decided to choose a realm which was not too high, but just enough for people to be in awe of me. “At the Peak Xian Profound realm.”

The silence that ensued was so deafening, I looked at their faces in worry. They all stared at me, slack-jawed. They looked so funny, I wanted to stuff meat buns into their opened mouths.

I decided to use my authority to stir them awake. “My first task to you as the appointed President of The Merry Wives, is to inform all commoners that I am willing to teach everyone cultivation secrets. No matter what age, I would be able to open up their meridians to a maximum of ten, if they wished.” Ten opened meridians was just right. I didn’t want too many people to suffer the pain of having all their meridians opened in one go. I didn’t know how many could handle it, when Jin himself went into a coma for a week.

“You can open meridians?” They all had another round of intense shock. I thought their mouths couldn’t get any wider, but they did.

“Yes, I will be able to teach you. Do you want to be the army that can open up meridians for the masses?” I winked at them.

They nodded their heads vigorously, their fists clenched. I knew they desired power as well. As humans, who didn’t desire such things? They too knew what it was like to be looked down upon by the noble clans, and as such, built up a desire to retaliate. No one liked to be called trash after all.

This was the first catalyst to the revolution I had in mind.


I visited the school which Jin attended. I had informed The Merry Wives that I would be meeting with the future practitioners in the open ground behind the school, in front of the forest. It was the perfect place to train them, and I felt exhilarated. I had no disciples in Heaven, and my only training was against the imps in the netherworld, who could not stand even one blow from my fist. This was a great way to disseminate the skills and techniques I had, and if I gave birth to geniuses unparalleled by the nobles, I would become one proud teacher!

“Miss Juju,” Principal Lu cleared his throat beside me, “I have brought with me the children who seek to know ways of cultivation.”

I looked behind him, and saw children from five to seventeen years old, about two hundred in number.

“You brought all your students?” I was baffled. I thought they would ridicule my statements, but I didn’t think they would actually believe me. If I were a commoner, I would not believe someone telling me they knew of a person who could teach mystic arts and opened meridians. It would be too good to be true.

“Not all of them. The rest went to fetch their parents in the district.” Principal Lu smiled at me. “May I also be present during your teachings, Miss Juju? I too, would like to know the ways of cultivation arts. Although I am but a frail old man, will you still be able to teach me?” Aside from strengthening one’s body, becoming a practitioner also meant extending one’s life. His toothy grin softened my heart.

“Of course, principal! No matter how young or old, I’ll help you all!” I exclaimed triumphantly, and the children cheered.

While I was waiting for the next batch of recruits from The Merry Wives, I started to open meridians. I opened the meridians in accordance to how much pain they could tolerate, but I always made it a point to have the minimum number of five meridians opened. This would definitely elevate their status in this country.


I never had experienced physical or mental exhaustion before as a deity, but right now, as I helped these people open their meridians, I felt mental exhaustion for the first time. I was fine physically, but mentally, I felt like my head was going to explode.

The Merry Wives had brought in the people they had gathered in the square, numbering about eight hundred! I was so flabbergasted, that I just stared at the streaming flow of people entering the whole expanse of my vision.

“We brought in recruits!” Meifen announced, leading a group of middle-aged men behind her.

Many of the people who gathered here looked skeptical. The older generation looked uncomfortable, but the children were restless, trembling with excitement. The crowd was beginning to be noisy, and I realized that I had to do something to catch their attention and make them believe my capabilities.

“Attention everyone!” I cupped a hand around my mouth, lacing my voice with magic so it was transmitted to the whole area, entering every person’s ears. Soon enough, a hush descended upon the crowd as they all turned to look at me expectantly.

To better everyone’s view, I raised the ground beneath my feet until I created a small stage that was about five meters tall. I looked at the stricken expressions on their faces and was satisfied. But this wasn’t enough.

“I assume most of you think I’ve conned you all. Who would think that a person such as myself suddenly became a practitioner without anyone knowing?”

A murmur escaped the crowd but I raised my hand to silence them. I’ve already had my fair share of commanding the imps and spirits in the netherworld, and this wasn’t anything different to me.

“I gather you all here today to ask you to believe me. As a commoner, do you feel like you’re stepped on?” Some awkwardly shifted their feet and some looked at me with hardened eyes. “That you’re too weak to change? To retaliate? To become someone you yourself could be proud of?”

As I assiduously tempted the crowd for power, they started chattering to themselves. I could feel an excited aura emanate from them, but there were still people who thought that I merely had good interpersonal skills and no talent to back up my words.

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“Why am I here?” I asked this question aloud and the crowd erupted further. “To help you change. If you don’t believe in my capabilities after this, then feel free to leave.”

A raised my hand and formed a sword using my spiritual energy. I limited my abilities to those belonging in the Xian Profound realm, and in this realm, one was capable of materializing one’s energy to form physical objects to use as a weapon. Since I actually had divine spiritual energy flowing inside me, the sword in my hand glittered golden as I moved, with an incandescent aura enveloping its entirety.

The crowd was silent. Not one person dared to move as they saw me wielding the sword in my hand. They were all struck dumb with awe.

I quickly dissolved the sword in my hand, and turned around, using the same golden essence to strike a tree behind me in half. The huge tree was cleanly split into two, and I felt very satisfied.

I turned back to the crowd with a smiling face. They should be able to believe me now, right?

“So, who are willing to learn under my tutelage?” I placed a hand on my hip and posed.

The crowd of approximately one thousand suddenly kowtowed in domino effect.

“We greet our sect Master!” Ah? I wasn’t planning on creating a sect though…?

I had a nagging sensation. Why did it seem like I had unwittingly created an army? Why was I getting a very bad feeling about this?

The crowd continued to kowtow in reverence and some people even started openly crying, Principal Lu included.

Okay, okay, you could stop now.

I forcefully erased the misgivings I had in my head.

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