Chapter 24

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I could not open my eyes.

In the darkness, as I was swamped with drowsiness, I thought of the Jin I left behind in the netherworld. Why was he so mad? Perhaps it’s because I had actually made him fail in his first trial? It couldn’t be because of that, right? I had sacrificed my life for him to live, so as long as he lived for his first life, it was okay. Right? Right??

I was getting a splitting headache just thinking about it, so I mentally shut down.

I woke up, feeling famished.

I could hear a soothing woman’s voice, and a soft substance was pressed against my face. My instincts told me to open my mouth, and when I did, a warm and delicious liquid flowed into my mouth. I couldn’t stop sucking, as I tried to replete myself after I had gone starving for too long.

When I slowly opened my eyes to thank the Heavens for this divine liquid, my eyes met with a pink…NIPPLE. I knew the face of a nipple because I had a set of my own!

“Waaaaaaa!!!” I cried, trying to get out of this lady’s grasp. I’m sorry for molesting you, I didn’t mean to! I was into men, honest!

“Shhh…” The lady hugged me closer, pressing her nipple again against my face. No lady! NO! I did NOT want your nipple!

“&?!:;&&@” I could not understand a word she was saying. It seemed there was a language barrier. I should’ve known. After all, I was currently in another world. Although learning a new language was exciting, I was feeling rather drowsy and lazy to learn right now.

The lady pressed herself against my face. I shoved a hand towards her forehead as it seemed she was going to smother me with her lips. It was then I realized something shocking. My limbs were short and fat!

“Waaaa!!!” I cried as my limbs flailed about. Crying was all I seemed to be able to do.

“Shhh.” The lady smiled gently at me and cradled me in her arms.

It was official. I was a baby!

I was stupid enough to forget that something like this was bound to happen when one entered the reincarnation pool. Jin had gone through the same ordeal, and he happened to look like a potato! Did that mean I looked like a potato as well??

All this thinking and crying made me hungry again, and I stared at the nipple in front of my face with dread.

As if sensing my hunger, the lady pressed her nipple against my mouth. Huhu, I had no choice if I didn’t want to starve to death. My brain was rather slow, as it took a rather long time for me to realize that the lady was in fact my mother. Her tender smile reminded me of my original mother and I felt a sense of familiarity with her.

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As my mother laid me down in a crib, a man’s face popped out from beside her. I decided he was my father. Both of them were watching me with such love and joy in their eyes, I could not suppress the happiness I felt in my heart. These were my parents in my second life, and I wanted to cherish them.

As the months passed, I started to understand a bit of Earth’s language and how this world worked.

I soon found out what my name was, after my parents kept repeatedly cooing the name every time they saw me.

It was Bob.

Bob was Bob.

It was a name with no impact at all! If you spelled it backwards, it was still Bob! I had nothing against people that were named Bob, but I just didn’t like it if it was my own name!

“Bobby dearest!” Mother said as I squirmed in her arms. I showed my protestations against the name by letting my saliva drip over my chin. My mother didn’t seem to care as I drooled all over the front of her blouse.

“Yvonne darling, his name is Ryle. Bob Ryle, though I prefer Ryle,” father said, gently correcting mother. I couldn’t understand what else he said in Earth’s language, but I caught on that one word.

Ryle was rather a good name. Uh-huh. I would pick that name over Bob any day. Thank you so much, father.


Something nagged my mind. It felt as though something was odd about this?


Why was my name Bob? Or Ryle? Wasn’t that a guy’s name? Was I a guy?! In fact, as a baby I could not bend to see my nether regions, but I had always thought something was off everytime I peed into my diaper.

Did I lose my sacred v*****?!

Was I actually in such a rush to escape from Jin in the netherworld that I accidentally jumped into the Yang reincarnation pool?!





It took me quite a long time to calm down after that revelation, and after I cried from the loss of my flower, I decided to just put the past behind me and live as a man, adding this lifetime to my experience points. I planned on looking for Jin once I was old enough, since in this vast Earth I did not know where he could be despite the seal on my wrist. Since my reincarnation, the golden seal had metamorphosed into a brown birthmark that was shaped like a plum blossom petal, and did not give me any direction at all. I knew Jin was not a homosexual, thus being both guys, the chances of making him fall for me were slim to none…I was yet again driven to despair. I was one stressed-out baby.

“Say mama! Ma-ma!” My mother waited for me to say it, and I tried to comply so she wouldn’t look so disappointed.

“Ma. Ma.” These were the first words I uttered with difficulty. I felt like my tongue was too big for my mouth, and my throat too tight.

My mother squealed in happiness and hugged me so hard I cried against her chest in protest. Did this mother of mine not know she could kill me through suffocation?!

Sometimes I would push open the bars of my crib and crawl down inconspicuously while my parents were not in the room. I wanted to explore this new home and the exciting new technology that this world had to offer me.

In this mortal body of mine, I could not use my powers. It was as if my powers as a deity were sealed, and I could not feel any spiritual energy particles around me. They didn’t seem to exist in this world, so I could not take them in to cultivate. I was disappointed. But upon remembering that no one on Earth had such powers, I felt once again at ease.

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In my past life, there were no such things as television, computers, cellphones or Internet. The people did not have much entertainment and merely focused on becoming stronger than the rest through cultivating to become a celestial being.

However, there was no such notion here on Earth. Since no one knew how to cultivate, or rather they had no power to do so, none were aware of the intricacies of Heaven. It seemed that the King of Heaven that governed Earth gifted good mortals a right to eternal happiness in the afterlife.

I suddenly remembered what I had heard from Siming. It was that Earth’s mortals had their own way of cultivating. It was not known to them, of course, but each reincarnation they had was equivalent to a stage of cultivation. Each reincarnation merited refining of the soul, until the soul itself reached its peak of purity. It was only then that they would ascend into Heaven, and live in unbound happiness forever.

I myself thought that the Earth’s ways were even more difficult than what my original world had. The mortals of Earth had to have a good heart and soul in each reincarnation before breaking through and entering the next round of reincarnation with a more purified soul. But if they could not break through in that one incarnation, how much more lives did they have to spend before reaching the next stage of cultivation? The worst part of it all was that none of them even knew this was the case, so mistakes were made time and again.

From the information I could extrapolate from the television, it seemed many religions were formed on Earth with different concepts of the afterlife. However, I could not understand why they had to fight over each other and create wars when in fact, just by doing so, they were already encumbering their cultivation. Karma was always applied, and the next life they would lead would be in irony.

People also had good rapport in this world compared to my previous world. Because they did not shut themselves inside their room for months to cultivate, they had more time to interact with their peers. In the country I was currently born in, the monarchical system was abolished a long time ago and instead a republican state was erected. This made much more sense to me as I honestly believed a leader should be elected by the people, rather than letting the bloodlines choose. If all monarchs and their offsprings were stupid and selfish like the old Emperor, no country would thrive. I hoped Taren was being a good Emperor back in my old world.

These humans were pretty amazing for creating things without the use of magic. The television that had people inside was a contraption I wanted to dissect to satisfy my curiosity. How could you change the channels so easily? How did it work?

How could one call another person on their cellphone from miles away? They obviously could not use telepathy, and even in my past life if was something rare and was usually used with soul beasts.

How was I able to have a hot bath? They did not have the magic power to warm water, but it was so effortless. With a mere turn of the knob in the bathroom, hot water comes gushing out the faucet. There were so many bizarre devices with such unknown systems that I felt that the endless knowledge I thought I had accumulated in my past life was useless. I had no magic, hence, no power to do what I wanted. I was currently a little tyke who relied on my mother’s nipple for food…although she would oftentimes feed me mush that tasted like bananas and apples. I quite liked the mush.

Despite it all, I had to say that Earth was amazing, and I was determined not to take this one life I had here for granted.

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Synopsis: The online game <> entered the whole world. It's a game about territorial construction and war to reconstruct alternate history. Although it's virtual, it'll change the world. Shi Hao, an ordinary freshman, decided to bravely enter <> in order to gain the approval of his beloved goddess's elder brother. He, however, accidentally got a super skill at the beginning because of a strange game-helmet.

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