Chapter 25

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I was surprised to find out that my family was wealthy. Very wealthy.

Although I was used to even more extravagance in Heaven, my previous life was rather drab if one would compare it to the life I currently led.

Yvonne, my mother, was a famous painter in the country. Since she relied on commissions, she loved staying home in the mansion that had mostly glass walls and painted whenever she felt like it. Reeve, my father, belonged to an old aristocratic family line in a place called England, and was an archeologist. He was often out of the country for his projects, but he made a point to always visit us every month despite his hectic schedule. Every time he would leave the house, his face would fill up with tears and snot that it was rather disgusting, but I commended him for his familial piety.

Hence, while my father was out and Yvonne was busy painting, I was left alone with the maids who wore frilly aprons. There were three maids who cooked gourmet meals for us and cleaned the entire mansion. Together with two chauffeurs (who were also secretly bodyguards), there was a building made just for them at the back of the mansion, beside the garden. I had to admit that their building was almost twice as large as the house I bought in my previous life. The current mansion I lived in was also six times as large as my previous house, and that included the pool area, the recreation area, the garage, a separate movie theatre…wow huhu.

I liked the Head maid the most among the three. Her name was Luisa and she was a middle-aged woman who seemed to know what I was always thinking. When I was at the age capable of walking, I oftentimes trotted to the kitchen to see how the people of Earth cooked their meals. Luisa liked feeding me mashed vegetables or fruits, and she loved squeezing my cheeks and kissing my face. The other two maids named Nina and Shelly, were also very nice girls who loved to hold me as they fought over who would carry me to bed.

Sometimes when I would sneak out of their supervision, I would get lost inside the mansion due to its enormous size. We lived in a subdivision which catered to the higher class, and one could say the people who lived in this area were the counterparts of the nobles in my previous life. Ironically, it would seem I was currently a noble in this life.

All that surrounded our mansion were pine or coconut trees, and a huge expanse of green everywhere. I was afraid to even step out of the house, for fear that no one would be able to find me if I got lost in such a jungle.

Hence, since I did not want to leave the house alone, my mother would often bring me to the patio, where one could see the large river adjacent to our house. On days she was not busy painting, she would bring out her ABC books and teach me new words so she could converse with me. She would also read to me stories she liked (though I was more amused by her facial expressions than the story itself). She loved painting outdoors as well, and would sometimes use me as her model as she kept gushing on about how I looked like such an angel.

There was one thing I noticed about my mother, and it was that she was quite a ditzy person. The thought would always pass itself in my brain whenever she did something that would totally offset her initial image in my mind.

For example, sometimes she would forget where she placed her paintbrushes. They were actually stuck in her hair bun. Another would be how bad she was at cooking, that I was glad the mush she fed me were pre-made in stores. Her cooking was such a disaster that anyone who dared take even a little bite would be able to see the soul collectors in the distance. Perhaps that was one of the reasons the maids were also hired to cook.

When my father was not around, mother would take me out to eat ice cream or shop for clothes. I actually liked the fashion statement of this world. One time, I kept salivating over the cute girl clothes that I could not help but snatch the ones that were left previously by a customer on the floor. When I tried them on in the middle of the store, the sales ladies kept staring at me in shock.

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“Bobby!” Mother said as she saw me wearing a pink chiffon gown. “You’re merely three years old, and you already admit your sexual orientation?”


“Mama,” I whined. The gown was really pretty, okay?! I was actually a girl inside, okay!

“It’s okay baby,” she picked me up and kissed my cheeks. “Even if you’re gay, it doesn’t matter one bit to me!” I wanted to cough out blood.

She paid for the pink gown that was actually quite costly, and left the store with her head held high. The next instances where we would go out to shop, we would always happen to end up in the girls’ section, and I wanted to smack my mother in the head in frustration.

“Mama! No! Boys!” I threw a tantrum in the middle of the floor. At first she thought I wanted to see boys, as in physical…BOYS. But when she realized I was talking about clothes, she started laughing and brought me to the boys section.

“Maybe my baby is just metrosexual,” I heard my mother ponder out aloud, and she never brought me to the girls’ section since then.

Everytime I would see the pink cloth in my closet, I would touch it with my hands and a little spark of happiness would always be ignited in my chest. However, I did not have the courage to wear it again. I was a guy now, and I had to be strong! Huhu, goodbye dresses!

When I was about to turn five years old, father and mother made a decision.


“Ryle,” both said different names at the same time. Father, please let my name be just Ryle!

“We’re sending you to kindergarten.” Father raised me in the air and hugged me.

“Kindergarten?” I echoed. My voice was still very baby-like and cutesy, but I didn’t hate it. I actually liked being coddled this way, and I knew now what potato Jin had felt when he was a child. It was refreshing to revert back to these carefree days, and sometimes I talked gibberish on purpose just to see my parents’ amused smile.

“School, baby,” mother said as she smiled at me warmly. “You’re about to turn five now, and it’s the right time for kindergarten! How time flies so fast!” She sniffed, the rims of her eyes turning red. Mother…you don’t have to cry…

“Yvonne, don’t cry. It’s not like we’re not going to see him again,” father said as twin waterfalls cascaded down his face. I wiped away his tears with a pudgy hand, and he cried harder.

I suddenly remembered my original parents in Heaven. Was it actually my destiny to have such eccentric parentals? Was I the only levelheaded person in the family?!

My parents came with me during my first day of kindergarten. But before we could step out of the house, my parents took many photos of me in my school uniform. I was wearing plaid trousers and a white collared shirt, making me look too mature for my current age.

“My baby is so cute!” Mother squealed as she made me pose in front of a tree.

“Wear this!” My father ran to me to put oversized sunglasses on my face.

My mother’s squeals reached a higher note, and I desperately wanted to leave now. It took an hour to get them off of me, and to hasten them, I had to start posing in whatever angles they wanted me to pose in, such as the “look away with a hand under your chin” or the “smile cherubically with a flower in your hand” pose. Please stop. Please.

The chauffeur drove us to an area I thought was a hotel or a mall, but in fact was actually my school! This school was perhaps even bigger than the noble’s academy in my previous life, and thus I was rendered speechless.

“Here we are! Welcome to Avalon Academy!” Mother said cheerily as she took me in her arms. I wiggled my legs as a sign to make her put me down to walk. I wasn’t a crippled child, after all. I also didn’t want other children to mock me for being carried around by my parent.

With both of my hands in either of my parent’s grasp, they told me of their love story. Although I didn’t particularly want to listen to my parent’s love story, I had no choice. The kindergarten building seemed very far away, and walking on cobblestones was difficult for me with my short legs.

My parents met when they were in highschool, it seemed. This private school I would be attending had an escalator type of system, so one was able to go from kindergarten to highschool under the same academe without applying for entrance exams. This school was my parents’ alma mater, and although they both started together in kindergarten, they had only known of each other’s existence when they were sixteen.

“When I saw your mother, you know what the first thing I thought of was?” Father grinned at mother, and she blushed. I wanted to gag.

It was a rhetorical question of course, and he didn’t bother to wait for my reply.

“I thought I would be the luckiest man alive if I were to make her my wife!” Father’s face was glowing, and my mother slapped his arm in embarrassment.

“How could you say those things so fast! I was painting in the Arts room and hadn’t realized I had wiped my face with hands full of paint!” This was a typical ditzy act of mother’s, and I wasn’t surprised. “You probably thought I was a clown!”

“A beautiful clown.” My father bent his head to kiss my mother’s cheek, and her face turned into a ripe tomato.

Ah, this was definitely love. Ugh. I tried not to gag seeing this sickeningly sweet display by my parents, and I suddenly remembered Jin. Remembering him was heartbreaking for me, as I did not even get a chance to talk to him properly. I knew it was my fault for escaping from him in the netherworld, but I really could not help it. I was more than surprised he had recognized me, and that alone caused my brain to be muddled.

He probably would drink Old Meng’s soup before reincarnation, as he was a stickler for rules, so my heart was a bit anxious knowing he wouldn’t remember me again in this life. My plan would not be thwarted though, despite being a guy! Watch out Jin, I’ll be coming for your heart!

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