Chapter 34

Author’s note: put your goggles on, cause there’s a lot of fluff coming your way in this and the upcoming chapters! Hohoh~❤️🙈

We were in the cafeteria discussing the upcoming year-ender field trip which commenced in two weeks time. It was said to be a camping trip as well on the mountains of Kreuk, and any sort of mobile gadgets were not allowed, in order to prevent any kind of distraction from the beauty of nature. I wasn’t so physically attached to my phone or iPad, but I knew a lot of my classmates could not help but cry out in complaints.

“I don’t really understand why they won’t let us bring our phones,” Kina said after she slurped her orange juice. “How are we supposed to document our stay?”

“I’m pretty sure the teachers are bringing some equipment?” I said. “It’ll be for the yearbook, after all.”

“Ah, I wanted to take a picture of the stars!” Gary said.

“I bet they’re beautiful,” Sarielle said as she smiled. After that certain naked incident in my room, I had a hard time looking at her straight in the face. Sarielle acted normally, and was not upset, although sometimes I saw her ears turn pink whenever she looked at me. I gradually returned to my normal state as well.

“Let’s go on a ski trip this winter!” Gary said enthusiastically. “We’ve never gone out together during breaks before.”

“Yeah!” Kina agreed.

“I don’t like the snow,” Sarielle said, her expression somber.

“Why?” I asked as my heart started to pound wildly. I recalled a certain memory in the past that was still quite vivid in my heart.

Sarielle looked at me silently, then turned her face away as she added, “It’s the color of blood.”

Gary and Kina had confused expressions on their faces.

“Huh? But snow is white though?” Gary was perplexed.

Sarielle smiled sadly, but did not reply.

I could not stop staring at her.

Was it that she still retained Jin’s memories? All of them? Although I had disregarded the small clues before, thinking it could not be the case, this was one clue I could definitely not look over. There was definitely a cut-off to my stupidity.

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Because Sarielle and I sat side by side, Gary and Kina who sat across us, could not see how I had suddenly grasped Sarielle’s hand underneath the table.

The hand in mine stiffened in surprise, but slowly her hand covered my own in a soft grip. We continued to talk and eat with our hands held tightly under the table.

Sarielle and I did not speak about our past lives, but I knew that she knew I had finally realized now. Sarielle still had Jin’s memories intact, and I was a dunce for not realizing it any sooner. No wonder she had said I was an idiot!

Sometimes, I could not help but stare at her in a trance. All of the memories I had of Jin in the past life came rushing back to me, and I could not suppress the happiness in my heart. Although I had thought Sarielle did not retain Jin’s memories, I still wanted to woo her and make her fall in love with me even when I did not know how.

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No wonder Sarielle had acted oddly during the first time we met. She was angry I had left her in the netherworld! It was such a disconcerting oversight on my part. I was a failure as his wife! (Or wife to be…or in this case, husband to be…??)

But now that Jin’s memories were intact, what was I going to do now?

I definitely still had to woo Sarielle. I was the man who stuck to his words.

…but how?

We were doing homework again in my room, and I was staring dazedly at Sarielle’s face.

“Why do you always seem like you’re spacing out?” Sarielle looked worried. “Are you okay? I’ll bring you some tea.”

“No,” I shook my head, “I’m just thinking.”

“Of what?” She inclined her head.

“Of you,” I confessed.

Sarielle instantly turned red in the face. “You don’t have to say it out loud!” She bent her head down to scribble on her notebook, hiding her face behind a veil of hair.

She was so adorable. I wanted her to be with me forever.

“Sarielle, will you marry me?” I asked earnestly.

I could not deny that I had impulsively followed Jin to the mortal realm because of my certain infatuation with his magnificence. However, I realized something important as I stared at her in rumination. No matter how Jin looked on the outside, if he were a decrepit man or an impoverished woman, what I was in love with was not his physical appearance. What I was in love with was his soul. Even if I would not have my memories intact in my next life, I was sure that I would still find him and fall in love with him all the same.

Sarielle looked back at me with red eyes. She nodded her head slowly, smiling as the tears suddenly rolled down her face.

“You beat me to the punch,” she laughed through her tears. Then she muttered, “Damn, I blame my emotional instability on PMS.” I chuckled.

I wiped her tears with my thumbs. “I’m the man now, you know? You just gotta sit back and let me take care of you.”

She closed her eyes as she leaned against my palm with a sigh. “No…let us take care of each other.”


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