Chapter 35

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I was busy packing for the three days and two nights camping trip in the mountains. 

“Bobby honey, have you brought with you all your essentials?” My mother asked as I shouldered my knapsack. 

Sarielle was waiting for me in the living room. I looked at her and smiled. 

“Not everything,” I told my mother. 

I grabbed Sarielle’s hand. “Now I’m all ready.” 

My mother chuckled as Sarielle turned her face away in embarrassment. 

When we arrived in the Academy, there were seven huge buses that awaited us students in the parking lot. Each bus had a teacher as usherettes, holding with them a huge sign which indicated which section should go to which bus. Many students were already forming lines as they handed their luggage to the porter. 

The chauffeur held the door for us as Sarielle and I got off the car. My classmates who had also just arrived, approached us with surprised faces. 

“What’s going on here?” Tim looked shocked as girls peeked from behind him. 

“What’s going on where?” I asked. In front of our classmates, Sarielle took my hand in a seemingly protective gesture. 

“This is my first time seeing you two ride to school together,” Maria commented with disbelief. Of course it would be their first time seeing us get into the same car together. My chauffeur always knew solitary places to drop us off at school, so as to avoid my depraved fanclub. 

“Don’t tell me you’re dating?” Kina, who had also recently arrived, walked to us with Gary trailing behind her. Although she knew Sarielle and I rode the same car everyday, she still looked skeptical. 

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I didn’t know, were Sarielle and I dating? We were practically engaged already, so did that count as dating? 

I looked towards Sarielle, who also seemed to be pondering the situation. 

“I guess so?” Sarielle replied, and the whole crowd gasped with expressions of incredulity on their faces. 

“What’s with all that exaggerated response?” I scowled, taking umbrage at their conduct. They were a bunch of busybodies, and I didn’t appreciate anyone butting in when it wasn’t their business at all. The crowd saw my deep frown, and they precipitously dispersed, though their gossiping nature could not be restrained. 

Kina hastily fixed the wrathful expression on her face. She smiled at me with hands that gripped the handles of her duffle bag tightly. “I see,” she said through gritted teeth. 

Gary held a hand on Kina’s shoulder, and he whispered something softly in her ear. I thought I heard, “At least they’re not married.” But perhaps I was wrong. Kina’s grip on her bag loosened, but the hard glint in her eyes was still there. I could not understand why she would be so unhappy after Sarielle’s announcement. It couldn’t be she actually had fallen in love with me? Nah. I was merely her savior and friend. I would only believe such a thing if she said it out loud. 

In the bus, Sarielle and I sat side by side. Sarielle took the aisle seat because she would often stand up to go to the restroom at the back of the bus, and she didn’t want to bother me. 

It was a five hour trip to the mountain lake, and because everyone was excited, no one could stop chattering in the bus. During our freshmen and sophomore years, our year ender excursions were trips to Russia and Paris respectively, but many of my classmates were wealthy enough to visit those countries many times over, so the excitement had been dimmed. The teachers then decided on local trips instead, so we could appreciate the beauty of our own country for once. 

“By the way, how did you find me?” I turned to face Sarielle. This was a question that had nagged me the most, but would always forget to ask. I wanted to know how Sarielle found me on this Earth. Now that the shock of realizing Jin’s memories were intact was gone, I suddenly remembered. I was sure her finding me wasn’t such a coincidence after all. He was the God of War for a reason. 

Sarielle gave me a once over and said, “I think I find you rather attractive.” 

“Thank you, but, that’s not what I meant.” I felt my cheeks heat up. “I meant, how did you know I was in Hillwood City?” 

“It was my mother. One day she was talking about her close friend back in Hillwood City who had a son with a really cool birthmark on the inside of his wrist.” She took my right hand and turned it over, revealing the plum blossom leaf shaped birthmark. “I saw the circular birthmark you had on your wrist in our previous life. It was worth a shot to see if you were who I thought you were.” 

I didn’t want to tell him that the circular birthmark was actually a seal used to stalk him. But ever since I had reincarnated and the seal actually metamorphosed in the process, I thought perhaps it also had affected its use, limiting its distance coverage. But I wasn’t going to linger on that anymore, and I was just happy I got to see her now. 

I wanted to ask another question. “Not that I don’t like your female appearance or anything, but, why did you turn into a female?” 
Jin was cute as a girl, but I also wanted to see him as a boy, actually. 

“Because I don’t think you would like me that way if we’re of the same gender. I saw you jump into the Yang reincarnation pool, hence, I jumped into the Yin,” she said this as if it was the most natural thing to do. 

I honestly thought I would like him no matter what his gender was. It made no difference to me. 

“By the way, I made these for you.” I took out a Tupperware from my bag and handed it to Sarielle. She looked at it curiously, then suddenly laughed when she saw what was inside. 

“Gong Bao chicken!” She exclaimed happily. 

“Still your favorite?” I asked. I would be devastated if she said she hated it now in her second incarnation. 

“Everything you make is my favorite.” She started to eat the chicken cubes with a fork. I was happy to know ingredients for this dish was available on Earth, and I had meticulously prepared this dish early in the morning, making sure that the sauce was thick and shiny. I also added peanuts to better the tasty experience. 

I really loved looking at Sarielle’s happy face. I suddenly felt an urge to kiss her. Perhaps I felt that way because of all the male hormones that were haranguing me in this body. I could not blame it on anything else but that. I was normally a decent person, I promise. 

“Here.” Sarielle fished out something from her knapsack. I extended my hand and she plopped a McDonald’s burger in my palm. She grinned. “I know you like burgers.” 

Ah~ my urges seemed uncontrollable. I shouldn’t kiss her, I shouldn’t. Control. I had to control myself. 

I looked away from her as I bit into the majestic piece of Heaven. Ah, no matter what kind of rumors abound about this fake patty, I could not fake the emotions I felt every time I set my eyes on this beauty. 

“You have quite the voracious appetite nowadays. Be careful or you’ll end up looking like Seiran,” Sarielle said with mirth in her eyes. 

“Looking like what? Looking cute?” I laughed, then said seriously, “But I already am.” 

Sarielle rolled her eyes. 

In the middle of the trip I was getting a bit drowsy. I kept nodding off with my chin hitting my chest every few minutes. After probably the 100th time my chest was hit, I felt soft fingers touch the side of my face, and I was gently led to lean over a small shoulder. 

I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep, but my heart was pounding. I felt her head lean against mine as well, and in no time, I could hear her soft snores. My neck felt a bit cramped now, as I refused to move my head, afraid to awaken her. 

Ah~ my neck hurts.

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