Chapter 9

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Recently, I felt like such a lazy and spoiled housewife.

When Jin started school, I would wake up early at dawn to prepare breakfast, packed lunch and snacks for him to bring to school. He would also come home early in the afternoon, to help prepare the meals for dinner. He especially loved Gong Bao chicken, and would often have it for days until he was sick of it for a while.

But as he grew older, his schedule at school became more packed, and he continued to come home in the evenings instead of afternoons. It came to a point where he would wake up so early to make breakfast for me instead, as an apology for coming home late. I didn’t even have time to make him lunches or snacks before he went out of the door in a hurry.

Every day after school, he would tell me about what transpired in class and what he had learned. His detailed explanations dissipated my worries, and I was happy for him. It kind of made me want to go back to school too.

I idly remembered my days of deity school. In Heaven, it was compulsory to go to school at the ages of 500 to 10,000. Although my memories of the past were fuzzy, I still recalled that school was very enjoyable for me.

What Jin didn’t tell me, however, was that he was quite popular with his peers. I heard my friend who I often met at the marketplace, talk about how her daughter had a huge crush on him. I felt my heart burn in ire. I was jealous, but what could I do about it? It was petty of me to feel this way towards mortals girls who hadn’t even reached puberty.

Jin had become a dashing boy, but at eleven years old, his face still retained round edges of when he was a potato. He also had an indisputable aura that attracted people. His voice had not yet deepened, but it was already smooth as honey. I wouldn’t be surprised if he unwittingly created a harem, but I would still tear my hair out if that were to happen.


The housewives created a little gossip group called “The Merry Wives” and I was thrust into the circle of approximately ten women, all of whom were the friends I had the fortune to meet in various sections of the marketplace.

They knew I was not a wife nor a mother per se, but I had become one of the people they had entrusted their household problems to as it seemed I had solutions to even the most mundane things. One thing they loved talking about was cooking. Because I lived in Heaven, I knew of various dishes that were not made here, and I generously gave them recipes. Because some of the original herbs could not be found, I replaced it with herbs that were easily sold in the market.

The Merry Wives had a strict ”meeting” every Friday in the afternoon, at a certain red bean bun shop which we all loved. The shop could seat 50 people, but you had to arrive early (the shop opened at two in the afternoon), if you wanted a seat because of its enormous popularity among the masses. I had unanimously became the president of this organization of vain ladies, and for the first time I thought that this was the most difficult position I had ever been entrusted with in my entire life.

I was lying on the sofa with Seiran curled up on my stomach one afternoon. I was having another lazy day. In Heaven, I had so much things I was able to do as a royal, but being a commoner in the mortal realm had many limitations.

I combed my hair with my fingers as I started musing. I was glad I had changed my hair color to black from the previous silver color I had in Heaven. No one in this city had silver hair, and I would be an anomaly if not for Chan’s guidance.

I had always been fond of my silver hair even when I was a child, and people had told me I was like the moonlight. I was extremely proud of it, but there was one thing that bothered me. It was my face. I recalled a certain boy back in deity school who had announced I was ugly during the graduation ball.

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I could not remember his face or his name now, as thousands of years have already passed, but I remembered the feeling of being so humiliated I ran out with tears in my eyes. I was so embarrassed that I could not help but hide my face with a veil every time I went out for a stroll.

Many of my school friends had comforted me, saying it was not true that I was ugly, but I knew they were just saying those words to please me. I knew I wasn’t that hideous, and sometimes I would find myself even pretty at an angle. Many years after graduation, I lost touch with those school friends, and only kept a handful who stayed by my side. Siming and Chan were one of the few good friends I still had.

I was lost in my reveries when I suddenly heard the door open.

I turned my head to greet Jin, but I was shocked to find that it was a strange man. He wore a brown cloak that covered his body, the hood shadowing his face. I thought I was just dreaming as I stared into the black shadows that were supposed to be his eyes. He also returned my gaze, then suddenly shrieked like a little girl.

I sat up quickly with Seiran jumping off my stomach in rapid shock.

“Shouldn’t I be the one screaming?” I looked at the stranger, trying my best not to pound him to the floor.

“Ah, sorry. Didn’t know anyone lived here,” a cold and smooth voice replied after clearing his girly throat.

“Are you blind? Did you perhaps not see the lights and the new bookstore?” I tried to reign in my anger. This thief really knew no manners!

“Ah– I’m not a thief!” His hands were in the air as he saw me burning with rage. “My friend used to own this house, and he allowed me personal use of it whenever I was in the city.”

“Well, this house is mine now,” I said icily.

The stranger coughed after standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. “Pardon me, I haven’t introduced myself.” He pulled down his hood, revealing golden hair that was uncommon in this town, and green eyes like jade. “My name is Taren.”

“I didn’t ask for introductions,” I said as I rolled my eyes. After inspecting his appearance, I couldn’t help but point out, “You look…different.”

“Well, I’m from another country in the…west.” He laughed awkwardly.

“Is that so?” I peered at his face. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to relax in this house. It’s the only place where I can be myself.” As he said this, he looked around the room in satisfaction. “Everything is where it was before.”

“I mean, what are you doing in this country?” I narrowed my eyes at him. He sounded suspicious. Seiran was licking his paws in a corner, but I knew that he was watching the stranger attentively, ready to pounce if the situation turned dangerous.

“I’m…visiting friends.” Another awkward laugh escaped from his lips. I could only pressure him with a cold stare. Suddenly, a loud gurgling noise pierced the silence.

“Sorry, miss…” Taren had the gall to look embarrassed. “Looks like I’m starving. Do you have anything around? Even leftovers would be good.” He peered at me sheepishly.

I felt like feeding him poison, but poison was too good for him. His stomach rumbled again, as if signaling me to commence preparations.

“Call me Juju.” I stomped towards the kitchen and started preparing dinner for four (Seiran included). I chopped the meat with murderous intent. “I can’t believe I’m feeding a thief!” Ah, I really was too kindhearted. Even if this stranger just walked into my house unannounced, I started feeding him because he was hungry! I should just open up an orphanage while I was at it.

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Taren laughed. “I’m certainly thieving for food!”

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