Chapter 11 – Pervert, Save Me!

I was pulled inside by an invisible force. I lost my balance and fell butt first onto the floor. The cold marble floor pricked my hips, making it numb.

The cafe’s door immediately shut by itself. I hurriedly picked myself up and pushed myself against the door with all my might.

“Let me out! Let me out!” How did things turn out like this? I had only came here to return a key, so why had I ended up in such a situation? Just whom had I provoked?!

I beat at the cafe’s glass door crazily. However, the pedestrians continued to stroll past in front of me no matter how hard I hit the glass door, producing a ‘pēng pēng’ sound. Although there were those who looked in my direction, they turned and walked away, as if they hadn’t seen me.

Or had they… truly not seen me?

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My heart became more and more tensed and my hands couldn’t stop shaking. Like mechanical gears turning, my head turned slowly to look to where Xiao Huan sat. And because of my fear, there were large beads of cold sweat on the tip of my nose.

Xiao Huan had vanished, but that hadn’t make me feel relieved.

My body was as stiff as stone and my legs dared not make any moves.

At this point, my mind had become blank and it was if it was just starting up, I could even mentally hear a buzzing sound.

After a long while, I finally realized my phone was still in my hand. I could call my parents to save me!

Unexpectedly… when I checked the upper left corner of my phone, it displayed a symbol that represented “no service”. My heart instantly dropped.

“Did… did I really come across an apparition (a ghost or ghostlike image of a person)?” I suddenly remembered the events that happened here at the cafe the other day. I could somehow sense a chilly wind hovering within the cafe.

It was definitely still summer, but why did it feel colder than when the air-conditioner was switched on? I couldn’t help but hug myself. My hands touched my arms which had now developed goosebumps.

The cafe was now dark and quiet. I really didn’t know what had happened to this cafe, but it seemed to be separated away from the world I lived in. Like it was another space on its own.

All the methods of requesting for help had been cut off. I held my phone tightly in my hand, as a sense of anxiety constantly attempted to break through the walls of my heart. I took two deep breaths.

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“Calm down… calm down, Ronghua.”

I recalled that there was a main power switch inside the cafe. If I were to switch that on, it would definitely feel better with the lights on rather than trembling in fear under a blanket of darkness.

Fully aware of my surroundings, I moved slowly in that switch’s familiar direction.

Was my heart playing tricks on me? It seems that the closer I got to the staff area, the lower the temperature had become!

“Baby, you definitely must protect me.” I began to regret my own decision and wished that I could find a hammer lying somewhere within the cafe to open an escape route through the glass door!

I stroked my belly as I walked slowly towards the staff area.

All of a sudden, I felt a chilly wind approaching from behind me. My body immediately halted and my mind in turmoil!

Was there something behind me?

I did not dare to look back and my heart seemed as if it was about to burst into tears!

That stupid pervert! Only knew how to take advantage of me, but in such a critical situation, he was nowhere to be found!

My heart constantly wailed, but I instinctively curled forward to protect the little demon in my belly.

Suddenly, I felt the chilly air creeping up towards my shoulder. Breaking out in desperation, cold beads of sweat formed across my forehead, as my breathing became irregular.

I raised my head and looked into the reflection of the small viewing panel on the door. I was scared silly by what I saw; my knees weakened and I almost fell onto the floor!

I saw a reflection of Xiao Huan hanging his distorted neck over my shoulder, his head touching the side of my neck. His eyes had begun to shed fresh blood.

A ghastly voice traveled into my ears. “Hua…Ronghua… why didn’t you save me…? Aren’t we friends…”

I couldn’t bear it any longer. Clutching onto my belly, I pushed open the staff door and ran inside as tears rushed down my cheeks.

“Stupid pervert! Save me!”

Xiao Huan’s distorted neck was still coming after me. Every few steps I took, he was able to cover by gliding. The blood from his eyes formed a trail behind him.

I had finally reached the power switch. Touching the lever, my heart calmed down a little.

Humph! Don’t people always say that ghosts were afraid of light? Well…even if they’re not afraid, at least it would give me some courage!

I hurriedly pushed the lever up but was taken aback by surprise! Through the small gap of the thick white walls, I saw the light that shone within the cafe.

It was purple, a gloomy yet soothing color. The warm yellow color which I had remembered was now replaced by a purple one. The light was now shining dimly in the cafe.

What had happened?! What was with this light? Why was the light this color?

Even worse, I still felt something closing in from behind me.

Was it Xiao Huan…

It was a dead end for me. There was nowhere I could run now and there was a ghost approaching me from behind!

I took two deep breaths and shut my eyes closed tightly!

Pretend Xiao Huan wasn’t there! Run straight out of here; if I don’t open my eyes, then there was no ghost to see!

I quickly turned around. But before I could take a step, I knocked into something cold and a pair of sturdy arms wrapped themselves around my waist.

I was scared out of my wits and immediately screamed in fright. “Let me go! Let me go!”

“Hua’er, it’s me.” A familiar male voice danced into my ears. Eh, it sounded like the pervert.

I slowly opened my eyes and finally, a familiar face appeared in front of me. That tall figure was embracing me tightly into his arms.

Why…just why did I feel a strong sense of security when I’m near him? Even though the hug itself felt so cold and hard…

“Wah! There’s a ghost chasing after me. Stupid pervert, why did you come so late!” This time around, I flew into his arms and burst into tears.

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