Chapter 12 – Xiao Huan’s Misfortune

Hades lowered his head. After seeing me sobbing, the face behind the mask soften. Words of blame that had hung at the edge of his mouth vanished completely.

“If you don’t save me soon, I’ll get killed by Xiao Huan!”

I hugged him tightly. The man’s beautiful hands patted my head.

“It is my fault, Hua’er, don’t cry, I’ve came late.”

My cries had not stopped. The man pulled me out of his embrace and lifted my chin up, making my head rise slightly.

However, when he saw my tear strickened face, his heart softened even more. However, he still stayed true to his vile nature as he exhaled a cold breath and threatened, “If you continue to cry, I will kiss you.”

This sentence was surprisingly effective. I was so frightened that I stopped crying immediately. However, as I was still in a panic, when I was inhaling, I ended up…… giving him a bash!

I quickly covered my face. My burning hot face turned red and I didn’t dare look at the pervert, afraid to see a pair of teasing and mischievous eyes.

Who would have imagined that he would press my head into his broad chest.

“You are my queen, I will not let you be harmed.”

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Hearing the pervert speak into my ears, my face burned even more.

“Hua……Ronghua……why didn’t you save me?……why?……”

Xiao Huan’s voice travelled, making my body shudder. The man under the mask looked at Xiao Huan who was not too far away.

“Courting death, such great nerves, to dare to harm this king’s Queen and child!”

He raised his hand, wanting to kill Xiao Huan in one move. However, I grabbed it and stretched my head out, not daring to look into his eyes.

A face without nostrils and eyes with blood flowing out was too terrifying!

Without looking into his eyes, I stammered, “Xiao Huan……your death really isn’t of my doing. So, please stop entangling with me.”

I kept hearing him say ‘save me’ and felt that this situation was not that simple. I was in his care when I worked in the cafe. Even though I was clumsy and kept making mistakes, he had taken the blame for me sometimes. I asked suspiciously, “Had someone killed you?”

“Killed me……horrifying fellow……he made my heart stop……it was he who killed me! Why did you not save me……”

Indeed, someone had killed Xiao Huang.

I felt the restless body of the pervert and grabbed his hand, refusing to budge.

“Who killed you?”

Xiao Huang’s death wasn’t simple. However, the news in the television had reported that he had died suddenly, so who had killed him?

“He……he was here, right here in the boss’s office……big, very strong……I was completely unable to resist.”

I raised my head and looked at the the pervert, “Xiao Huan’s death was caused by someone. I can’t sit by and watch, he treated me very well in the past and took good care of me.” It seems that he followed me not because he wanted my life, but to plea for help.

So that was why he hadn’t left the cafe. He had not been avenged.

And thus, he called for me. That phone call was not from my boss, but from Xiao Huan instead.

From the conversation with him, though I could not completely understand, I caught a few important points — “Boss’s office” and “Big, very strong”.

The man lowered his head. Seeing my tranquil expression, he sighed, “Just now, you were scared to the point of crying, why would you want to help him now?”

I touched my cheeks awkwardly. I had at first thought that he had wanted to kill me, so of course I would have been scared. In addition, I am a maiden, not a man. And I guaranteed that even if a man had seen an apparition chasing after him, he would also flee as fast as he could, for who wouldn’t have been afraid?

“Help him.” I tugged at his robe. The man did not really move against Xiao Huan again and conceded.

“It seems the thing that killed him is in the boss’s office?”

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I looked at Xiao Huan, “Can you be more specific? What was the thing that killed you?”

Xiao Huan’s head shook. He turned quietly and hovered in the air, heading in the direction of the office. Seeing him maintaining a distance from it from time to time, I was greatly shocked.

So this world really did have apparitions, and they can even do such things!

I sneakily casted a glance at the pervert. A normal apparition had such abilities, so what about the pervert?

Hell’s most powerful demon, was it not Hades……

The man must have sensed me stealing glances at him, as the arms embracing me became tighter.

“Hua’er, don’t suspect your husband’s capabilities. I can make you unable to get off the bed for a few days.”

I had almost spit out blood. When had I suspected his capabilities in that aspect?

Xiao Huan was not affected by Hades or me. Only when he reached the door to the office, his paper like body trembled and crouched near it.

“He……he was inside, very horrifying.”

Just as I wanted to punch the pervert’s chest, I felt a pain in my lower abdomen, which caused me to crouch and press my hands on my stomach.

Hades seemed to have sensed something and bended down immediately.

“The child……he seems to have moved.” Weird, this stomach was so flat. There had never been such a intense movement before. Just what was in there?

He frown and looked towards a tightly shut wooden door. He spoke solemnly. “Such a strong fellow, why did he appear here?”

This isn’t a place overrun by Yin nor a place that should invite danger. So such a ghost shouldn’t have appeared here.

The little fellow in my womb must have been affected by the thing inside and in response had moved so intensely.

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