Chapter 13 – An Evil Spirit Causing Trouble

The moment Hades’s words entered my head, I was taken aback.

I suddenly recalled that during the construction process of that small residential area nearby, a number of mishaps had happened there. The locals had said that the main reason was because that land had once been a cemetery. But, as real-estate companies tried to expand their businesses, they built crazily. Thus, the cemetery had been destroyed and replaced with a small residential area.

At the entrance to the residential area stood eight copper horse statues, seemingly to suppress the Yin energy there.

At first, no one had bought any houses in that small residential area. But after some time later, the prices of those houses had skyrocketed and the houses within the area had sold out.

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The cafe was just a stone’s throw away from that small residential area; the first house after leaving through the back door of the cafe belonged to that residential area. Had the spirits from the cemetery come here to make trouble?

Hades lowered his head and looked at me, asking, “How’s that? Feeling a little better now?”

“En.” I nodded and helped myself up slowly. Eyeing the door in front of me, as well as Xiao Huan who was hovering at the side of the door, I began to take pity on him.

To have died yet still experiencing no freedom, bound within this small cafe by an apparition much stronger than he was, no wonder he called out to me.

The man seemed to have read my mind, as he nodded towards me, rubbing his chin.

“Whatever you’re about to do, I will not stop you.”

“Then…. will you help me?”

I raised my head to gaze into his eyes. Though his face was covered by a mask, I could somehow feel that he was smirking at me.

Because, his eyes could not fool me.

“Hua’er, I am your husband. If I do not help you, then who will?” With that, he firmly raised his hand and a strong gust of wind swept at the door. “Peng”, the door was slammed open by an invisible force.

I stared at the wide opened door in astonishment. At that very moment, I felt that the man standing beside me seemed really manly. Nevertheless, the pervert truly was strong.

Everything behind the door was dark, however, I could somehow feel a sinister black mist escaping through the door. Though I couldn’t see the inside of the office clearly, I could hear a low muttering coming from the inside.

It was oppressive and painful, but what made it unbearable was the gradual increase in the pitch of the sound. From an originally low and deep voice, it gradually became sharper. There seemed to be a mix of a man’s painful screams and the cries of a woman and a child.

I could not help but cover my ears tightly before frowning.

The noise made me feel as if my eardrums were about to explode. Even with my hands covering my ears, the volume of the noise hadn’t gone down.

“Oh? Look who’s here.”

A voice that sounded like that of a male, or maybe a female, resounded within the office.

“Oh… a big catch. Ah, to have shown up right at our doorstep. Hēhē ā…” The moment I heard those words, I immediately knew of that evil spirit’s motive! It was eyeing the child in my belly!

The pervert beckoned me to stay behind him before his body started to release wave after wave of intense cold breezes. His slender hand slowly undid the mask, exposing his face.

“What! Even Hades is here! Ah… I’ll tell you! There is no way you can stop me from devouring such a top cuisine! No stealing it from me!”

The evil spirit recognized the identity of the pervert. Letting itself run amok, it screeched loudly. Though my ears were covered tightly by my palms, it did not stop them from bleeding.

“Hēng! To dare come after this King’s child.”

The pervert stretched out his slender and pale hand and grabbed the evil spirit. Even before I could properly observe everything that was going on, the dark figure was suddenly grabbed, and followed by one final loud shriek, disappeared from my sight.

Killed in one hit!

Xiao Huan finally stopped trembling and raised his head in fear. The moment he saw his ‘murderer’ disappear, an ugly smile on his face had emerged.

He turned his body towards me and thanked. “Thank you…for avenging me.”

I hurriedly shook my head and replied, “It wasn’t me who saved you but him. You should go and thank him instead.”

But before I could finish my words, the pervert once again returned to my side and grabbed my hand. “Him, him. Such a dull use of words. Can’t you use a more loving one?”

The man’s mask was once again on his face, thus making me unable to see his looks.

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Still, to have such a great physique, I’m sure his face wasn’t that bad.

As I looked at him with a different perspective and together with his plaintive cries, my cheeks flushed and I glared at him. “Pervert!”

Xiao Huan’s body began to turn transparent. He once again thanked us before disappearing.

“Where did he go? Were his chains broken?”

I looked at the pervert with doubt in my eyes but he remained silent. Lifting me up, he carried me out of the cafe.

The light that was once purple had disappeared and was now covered with a blanket of darkness and silence.

The office door was still opened and on the table was a small beast-shaped statue that was split in half.

On the day of Xiao Huan’s sudden death, the boss had placed that bronze statue in the office.

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