Chapter 14 – Bathing Together

After I was brought home by the pervert after the cafe incident, my heart continued to beat at an unusually fast rate.

The perspiration on my body never dried and I panted heavily. Though I had wanted to soothe myself, the pervert started taking off his clothes.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing!”

Alarmed, I hid at a corner of my bed and glared at him. Seeing my actions, the man did not stop. Instead, as he continued to take off the loose gown on his body, he slowly walked towards me.

“You… I told you before, you can’t do this!”

In panic, I stuttered. If you have something to say, just say it; don’t undress at the same time!

The pervert completely ignored my words. Behind that mask, I could somehow sense that he had a charming smile on his face.

“Dear, what’s there to be afraid of? We’re husband and wife. Frankly speaking, we’ve already seen each other numerous times already. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Hearing this, my face flushed red! My gaze was locked onto the pervert who was closing in on me very slowly. My breathing became more and more rapid. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw my bathroom! My whole body rolled forward and grabbed a change of clothes, before rushing into the bathroom and slamming the door shut behind me.

“Click!” I locked the door shut.

But somehow, I still heard a faint laughter coming from the pervert.

The light in the bathroom was bright and the air was very stuffy and humid in the summer. Though I was perspiring, I could not wait to dip myself into the steamy bath.

I ensured that the bathroom door was properly shut and locked, so that the pervert wouldn’t be able to come in. With that, my mind was finally at ease.

The clean white tub was filled with clear and hot water from the faucet. A layer of steam could be seen above the surface of the water.

I laid in the tub and took a deep breath.

Once in awhile, my mind would replay the scary scene from earlier today at the cafe which still seemed so surreal. Now, all I had to do was shut my eyes… but I could still somehow feel a chilly breeze behind my back…

Wait a minute, a chilly breeze?

I instinctively got up from the bathtub and turned to look behind me.

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There sitting casually at the edge of the tub was the pervert with his mask on his face. His hands were gently caressing the back of my neck.

I was startled by his sudden appearance!

“How did you get in?! I was sure I locked the door!”

“Lady, you think too lowly of me; how can a mere piece of wood block me? Have you forgotten that your husband is a demon?”

My hands quickly went up to cover my chests and then my shameful part, only to find out that by covering one, I could not cover the other. And since the water was clear, my body was fully exposed to him!

“You…get out! I want to take a bath!”

Ignoring my panicky words, he raised his foot and gracefully entered the tub. I lowered my head in horror, for fear of seeing something that I should not see! My cheeks were red, either from the steamy water or due to shyness.

A pair of cold hands came from behind me without any explanation and began to caress my back. Goosebumps formed on my arms and my heart was boiling with both anger and embarrassment!

“You…” The steam had risen to my head but I did not dare look at the man behind me. All I could do was bury my head between my knees and pout.

“Xū.” He brought his masked face near my ear and whispered. “Hua’er, I’ve looked forward to this for a long time already.”

Look forward to what? I was puzzled because all this while, his hand had continued touching my waist, making it both numb and stiff.

“Bathing together.” With that, he grabbed a nearby towel and soaked it in the steamy water before gently wiping my back.

He held me firmly with one hand, while the other hand pressed the towel against my back and gently rubbed every inch of my skin. All I felt were the gentle movements of the towel going around my back.

The steam which rose to my head swiftly faded and my body gradually relaxed. The pervert tugged me backwards and I leaned within his arms. While helping me wash, he spoke, “You must have experienced quite a scare today.”

“Ēn.” I replied softly. Whoever encountered such a situation in that cafe would have definitely been afraid!

“It was my bad for arriving late.” He spoke with an apologetic tone.

I looked at him in surprise. Though I only saw the familiar mask that covered his face, that mask was not able to cover his eyes.

Just when I was about to feel touched by his gentleness, I sensed a pinch of glee lingering in his eyes.

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“Hua’er was frightened. For that, the husband must play his part and compensate, don’t you think so?” The moment his words landed, I sensed that something was amiss! Just as I was about to jump out of the tub and escape, I was pulled back into his firm arms.

Deep down, my heart kept crying: To have actually believed that a leopard could have changed it’s spots; I truly must have been crazy!

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