Chapter 16 – I Want to See Your Husband!

“I’m sure you might have heard a saying that if a human’s soul has not gone to where it belongs, as long as their body remains on earth, they will not become spirits bound to earth, nor will they turn into evil spirits. That is because fragments of their experiences on earth still dwell within their subconscious. However, if the corpse were to put on a shroud, and even cremated, the soul will have nowhere to return and would easily transform into an evil spirit.”

The moment I heard Grandpa An’s explanation, the terrifying event from yesterday did not seem as scary as before.

All Xiao Huan wanted to do was break the shackles that chained him.

“It must have been hard for you.”

I shook my head and spoke gleefully, “With that pervert around, nothing bad will happen to me.”

Grandpa An stared at me for a moment as he sought to fit the term “pervert” in context. After a while, his lips twitched as he tried to hold back his laughter.

He coughed a few times unnaturally, before saying, “The Great Hades sure knows how to dote on our Xiao Hua ah. You’re the first to even dare call him that.”

I suddenly had mixed feelings, unsure whether I should be feeling honored or lucky. Honored to have been given such glory, or lucky to still be alive in this world for using that term.

“Oh yes, Xiao Hua, you said just then that you saw something strange in the cafe owner’s office?”

I nodded. Using my hands to depict its size, I went on to describe. “It was a large cloud of black smoke, and I could also hear the cries of a woman and a child coming from it. A voice of a man sounded from within the thick cloud of smoke, but the voice seemed like that of a male yet also a female.”

An Ning relished on the side. Fearfully, she gradually brought herself into a realm of fantasy through the conversation between her grandpa and me.

“Wah! That evil spirit must be a powerful one!” She butted in.

However, on Grandpa An’s face showed no trace of surprise. His two gray eyebrows were like two caterpillars being squeezed together as he frowned.

“Grandpa An, what’s wrong?” I asked with concern.

Grandpa An went silent for a while, before suddenly going to the back of the shop and changing his shoes as he instructed me, “Take me to that cafe.”

I was taken aback. An Ning was also the same – just what had made her grandpa act this way?

“That evil spirit that you just mentioned isn’t an ordinary one. Rather, those types of spirit are several times more dangerous than ordinary ones! If not for the Great Hades, you would have been in serious danger!”

“No…no… that isn’t the main point!”

Grandpa An became a little anxious. “Such a thing shouldn’t even exist.”

After hearing Grandpa An, I felt a little puzzled. What did he mean by ‘not supposed to exist’?

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“I’ll go to that cafe in person to take a look. Is the cafe open for business today? I’d like to speak with the boss.”

Seeing how he was ready to close his shop for the day, I nodded without a choice and whipped out my phone to call the cafe boss.

My phone was not placed near my ear for long, but my brain subconsciously felt that the one speaking on the other end was not the cafe boss but Xiao Huan.

“Beep – Beep – Beep – Hello?”

“Boss.” I hurriedly responded, but found out that my voice happened to be a little too loud. Calming my heart down, my voice softened and became more stable as I spoke, “Is the cafe open for business today?”

“Of course it is! But not a single customer…āi…” He gave a loud sigh. From his voice alone, I could still sense his helplessness and uncertainty.

No customers? She remembered that the cafe used to be bustling with people. It couldn’t just be because of the death of an employee that the cafe was viewed negatively, right?

Still, the boss was quite down to earth and had not blame the dead Xiao Huan for negatively affecting his business.

I turned my head around and caught a glimpse of Grandpa An who was ready to head to the cafe and hurried to the point.

“Boss, I’ll be bringing two guests over.”

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The moment he heard that some guests were coming, his tone brightened up.

“Ok, ok, ok. They’re welcome anytime.” Seeing Grandpa An’s urgent expression, we hailed a taxi and headed straight to the cafe.

While we were still in the taxi, An Ning suddenly brought her mouth near my lips and asked, “When will I get to meet your husband?”

I was caught off-guard; so this was what An Ning was mustering up her courage for!

I rolled my eyes and snapped, “I don’t want to see him!” Every time he appears, he would always take advantage of me. What made it even more unbearable was that shouldn’t a pregnant woman not be doing those kinds of indecent acts, so why is it allowed for someone who is pregnant with a demon instead?


An Ning was a little disappointed and shifted her face the other way as she pouted childishly. “Hmph, you’re already pregnant with his child. I’m sure I’ll see him one day. I’d like to see what this legendary Hades looks like.”

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself.

I’m afraid even if you do see him, you’ll still not be able to see his appearance since the mask always tightly covered his face.

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