Chapter 17 – A Magnet for Misfortune!

The moment we reached the cafe, we could see the emptiness of the cafe from just outside the door.

Though the cafe had reopened, it was not the same as before.

The boss, who wore a suit, stood by the counter and sighed worriedly.

The eight copper horse statues caught Grandpa An’s attention the moment he got out of the taxi.

Seeing that her own grandpa gave a few glimpses in a certain direction, An Ning’s eyes followed but her sight was immediately cut off by her grandpa’s hands.

“Don’t look that way. Go inside.”

I raised a brow and gazed in the direction of the eight copper horse statues. Looking at it, I saw nothing strange, but suddenly, the thought of Grandpa An being an Eclipser surfaced in my head.

The thought of being able to see ghosts made me shudder, so I quickly retracted my gaze and followed the pair into the cafe.

Seeing that I had arrived with an elderly man and his grandchild, the boss’s worried face immediately brightened up.

He launched himself in my direction and grabbed my hand tightly, thanking me gratefully. “Aiya, Xiao Hua, come. Please come in.”

I nodded and was about to follow the boss, but saw that Grandpa An had stopped dead in his track. His sight was locked onto the glass door.

He frowned as he gazed through the glass door and into the cafe.

Unknown whether it was just my intuition or not, I had a feeling that Grandpa An’s line of sight was in the direction where Xiao Huan had once sat on the night of the event.

“Grandpa?” An Ning called for her grandfather. Only then had he returned to his senses and stepped inside the cafe. But upon doing so, his brows furrowed.

Seeing her grandpa’s ghastly face, she looked up into the sky at the glaring sun in worry.

The temperature in the cafe seemed to have dropped the moment the three of us entered. I folded both my hands and couldn’t help but rub my arms constantly.

“Boss, did you set the temperature too low? It’s cold.”

Perplexed, the boss looked at me and responded, “The air conditioner isn’t switched on.”

Grandpa An’s eagle-like eyes locked onto the boss’s office. Though the door was shut, but it seemed that he might have sensed something and walked towards the office.

“Wait, wait. Dear guest…”

Seeing that the direction Grandpa An was heading to was not quite right, he quickly tried to hold him back. “That’s my office.”

“Have you brought back anything strange recently?”

Grandpa An went straight to the point, taking the boss by surprise. Pale-faced, he ran into his office and brought out the beast-shaped small statue that was split in half.

“This. I brought this here not long ago, but when I returned to the cafe today, this statue that I nicely placed on the office table was split in half.”

Grandpa An frowned and snatched the bronze statue away from the boss’s hands before dropping it into an old bag.

“What…” Grandpa An’s actions led to the boss feeling extremely confused.

“I’d like to have a chat with you.”


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“Where did you get this from?”

The boss replied honestly. “I bought it from a friend of mine who collects antiques. It was unearthed from a rich man who belonged to the ancient times. He claimed that this would bring fortune, and thus I spent a large sum of money to acquire it.”

Once the boss had finished his explanation, I immediately understood; this honest boss had been swindled.

Sure enough; Grandpa An’s brows raised as he sneered, “Hmph! What rich person? This brings fortune? More like a magnet for misfortune!”

“My dear old man, though one eats whatever one prefers, one should not spout such baseless nonsense!” The boss felt frightened and both his hands that were on the table began to tremble. Cold beads of sweat started to form on his forehead as his face turned pale.

“To actually dare to sell this kind of things, that antique seller sure is sly.” Grandpa An shook the bag a few times in front of boss and continued, “Do you know what the thing inside the bag is used for?”

“To suppress evil?”

Grandpa An looked deep into the boss’s eyes and said, “Instead of saying that this thing can suppress evil, it’ll be more appropriate to say that it attracts it. It’s true that this was unearthed from a tomb, but from whose tomb it came from is hard to say. During the time this thing spent in the tomb, it had absorbed a large amount of negative spiritual energy and turned into a being with a form. And thus, that thing you saw yesterday was the collected amount of that negative energy that had formed into a supernatural being.

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