Chapter 18 – Harm

I shuddered the moment I heard what Grandpa An had said. My eyes could not help but gaze at the bag in Grandpa An’s hand.

The boss’s face turned ghastly white. One look and one could tell that he was scared out of his wits by the what Grandpa An had said. His voice trembled as he spoke, “Old… old man, are you speaking the truth?”

He was both nervous and afraid. He could not process the the words that Grandpa An had said as they were simply unbelievable.

“Of course I am! Not only did this scam affect your business, it even caused the death of your worker. That young man named Xiao Huan was killed by the thing that once possessed this item.”

“No, no, no. Old man, you must be joking. How could…”

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The boss was in complete disarray, as he shook his head vigorously in disbelief.

Seeing him in such a state, I sighed discreetly. Well, that’s true; if it were someone else who’d heard the words Grandpa An said, not sending the old man to the nearest hospital was already the best possible outcome, let alone believing in the words he said.

If I myself had never experienced what I had yesterday, I too would not have believed him.

I rubbed my tummy; it was still flat with no excessive meat and no bulge. However, I knew deep down that there was a little guy living inside.

Suddenly, an image of the pervert surfaced in my mind. Though he did take advantage of me, he had also been very protective of me. From the evil spirit incident yesterday, the one who had appeared in my mind was also the one who pressed me onto the bed every night.

I could not help but smile helplessly.

I could not part from him…

Evidently, An Ning took an interest in the incident. Upon hearing what her grandfather said, she was entirely convinced and her body trembled, either because of fear or from excitement. Still, her true feelings could be seen through her glistening eyes.

“Regardless whether you believe me or not has nothing to do with me. All I came here for was to know who sold this item to you, for that person has caused much suffering!”

The boss gulped down a mouth full of water before rushing back into his office. He must have gone in to retrieve the contact details of the antique dealer.

The incident that happened yesterday was not something I’d like to recall. In order to divert my attention, I suddenly thought of the direction that Grandpa An gazed in when we had first arrived. Without holding back, I asked, “Grandpa An, what did you see at the eight copper horses?”

The old man shook his white beard and took a glimpse at me.

An Ning showed signs of both fear and excitement and was waiting eagerly for her grandfather’s answer.

“Nothing……just a street sweeper. Maybe I was wrong.”

Grandpa An shook his head and smiled kindly as he stroke An Ning’s little forehead. “My dear girl, didn’t you say that you did not want to inherit the business I’m in now, so why this look of excitement?”

I almost choked the moment I heard him say a street sweeper. I clearly looked in the direction he looked at, yet I did not see any street sweeper there.

I could not help but recall the time that I was working part-time in this cafe. There was a street sweeper that had greeted me out of nowhere. The thought of her strange expression made me feel a little uneasy.

Since Grandpa An was here, I might as well come clean.

Just as I was about to speak of my meeting with the street sweeper auntie, the boss left his office with a business card in his hand as he headed in our direction. Trembling, he passed that card to Grandpa An.

“Old man, I’ve thought for a long while… I think you are a very knowledgeable man. My business had plummeted and thus, I sincerely hope for your help. Here is the address and the phone number of the antique dealer.”

Grandpa An did not reply. Instead, he took a look at the card upon receiving it.

“Yi, he lives in the district next to this one!”

The boss was a little surprised and stretched his head forward to see the card. “Éi! He truly does live in the district nearby.”

“Before, I went to his shop and purchased the goods from there. I even became friends with him, and as such, I didn’t give it much thought. Who would have thought that his house was located in a nearby district? And here I thought he lived in his shop. Well, since his antique shop is located a little further than from his house, why don’t you go directly to his house and pay him a visit? I’ll just hit him up and ask whether he’s around.”

“Well, I’ll help you get rid of this dirty thing first. However, your cafe is still filthy. If you believe me, head over to this location and find a person who can help you clear away some of that negative energy.

With that, Grandpa An dug through his pants for a crumpled piece of paper before handing it over to the boss.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

I secretly glanced at the paper. On top of it, a big “An” word was written, and behind it seemed to have two words that I did not have the chance to see clearly. Beneath those words must have been the address and the contact details.

The boss took the paper with gratitude, and his other hand held the phone.


The phone connected and I stood on the side waiting patiently. In my mind, the picture of the street sweeper auntie dwelled.

“Are you home? I’ve something I’d like to speak to you with.”

Hearing what the boss said, I immediately knew that the person on the line was the one who caused the cafe’s business to plummet and also the death of Xiao Huan. The thought of him living in the district nearby made me feel a little disgusted.

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