Chapter 19 – Unearthed Ghost Tomb

The boss knocked on the door of the antique dealer’s house. A middle-aged man donning a gray suit opened the door. The moment he saw a group of people standing right at his doorstep, he was shocked and wanted to force the door shut.

“Wait a moment.”

Grandpa’s calm voice rang. His seemingly old hand grabbed onto the door knob, preventing the antique dealer from succeeding.

I could see that the man behind the door had an expression that showed that he was in the wrong. His face was pale and his pea-like eyes dulled. Those guilty eyes of his dared not look straight at us.

An Ning hugged my arm. Seeing a greasy middle-aged man in the summer, she could not help but wrinkle her nose.

“Erm, Tie Xia, didn’t you say that you’re coming alone? Why are there so many people with you?”

Tie Xia was the boss’s name.

The boss looked at him strangely, “I didn’t say I was coming alone. Come, let’s go inside and talk. They’re my guests and would like to see your goods.”

The moment the antique seller heard that the group was here to see the goods, his eyes glistened.

His originally panicked look immediately disappeared. He immediately nodded and invited us inside.

“You should have said that they were here to look at the goods. Let me tell you, Tie Xia, I’ve got a new batch of fun stuff. I’ll let all of you see them.”

The moment Grandpa An stepped through the door, he once again stopped in his tracks. His sight immediately landed onto a corner of the living room.

A linen bag, with its contents unknown, rested on the floor.

“I had originally wanted to bring them to your shop, however, I remembered about the business card you handed me. Since your house is just in the district nearby my cafe, I decided to bring them over to your house instead.”

“Ah, not a problem. They’ll still be able to see some of the goods here. I’ll go and get some tea.”

Grandpa An did not take a seat. His eyes kept staring at the linen bag, as the veins on his forehead became quite noticeable.

I noticed that he was acting a little strange and asked worriedly, “Grandpa An.”

“Tea would not be necessary. I did not come here to look at the goods.” Grandpa An had a change in tone, and his face seems very furious.

The antique dealer was taken aback by Grandpa An’s sudden change and became motionless, though the posture he was in as he poured the water remained. The boss nodded as he sat on the sofa with a dry grin on his face.

Well, they were acquaintances in the first place, so shouldn’t he be given some face?

“I’m a simple person, so I’ll cut the chase.”

Grandpa An took a bag from An Ning and pulled out two halves of the bronze statue.

“This thing, was it you who sold it to this man?”

Upon seeing the bronze beast statue, the antique dealer’s face immediately darkened. Even though his face recovered instantly, I had managed to catch the exact moment when his face had darkened.

If he had known the secret behind the bronze statue, then why did he sell it to the boss? Wasn’t that purposefully trying harm others?!

“Ah… yes. It was me.” The boss was sitting at one side. If he had told a lie, it would have definitely been exposed. All he could do was to admit to it.

Seeing him so, the anger in Grandpa An’s heart raged. He glanced at the linen bag lying near the wall and said almost immediately, “You sold such a harmful thing to others, since the incident for this statue had passed, I will not dwell deep into it. However, what about those? Are you going to be selling those as well?!”

He pointed towards the linen bag. I immediately looked in the direction that he had pointed and indeed, that bag was strange!

From this, I was extremely clear that the street sweeper that he saw must have actually been a ghost.

The street sweeper auntie that I had met on my way to work that day, and the one that he saw, I deduced that it must have actually been the same ghost.

A normal person would never have such a creepy expression and act so strangely.

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Also, I was not even acquainted with her, yet she had greeted me.

As for now, the bag that Grandpa An was pointing to, I had somehow managed to conclude that the bronze statue and the antiques in the bag were of the same nature.

Those antiques there could be called negative objects.


Unexpectedly, the antique dealer immediately kneeled on the floor without giving a single explanation. Trembling, he shouted, “That’s not my fault! Not my fault! I know nothing! I don’t know anything!”

Seeing him in denial, Grandpa An’s actions became even more ruthless and he threw the broken bronze statue at him.

“A daring man. Selling such negative objects. You really aren’t afraid of the consequences! Come clean now, this item here, and those there, where did you get them?!”

The antique dealer’s eyes watered and he started to snivel. The moment he heard what Grandpa An said, he knew that the old man was a professional and had seen through the anomaly of his antiques.


“Speak up! I what I? Did you know that this object that you had sold had resulted in the death of an employee working the boss’s cafe? If you don’t want to end up in that state, speak!”

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The antique dealer could no longer hold himself back. He was perspiring profusely and the back of his suit was soaked with sweat and had turned darker. His voice was very timid as he continued. “I don’t know which grave they’re from… I collected these goods from City H’s Yin Mountains. It was said by many that the grave was extremely large. The interior was indescribably gorgeous, and as such, many of the goods belonged to an ancient rich family.”

The moment Grandpa An heard the words “Yin Mountains”, he spoke deeply. “Did you think that graves are only meant for the dead? Have you not heard of the words “Ghost Tomb”?”

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