Chapter 20 – Street Sweeper Auntie

The moment the antique dealer heard the words “Ghost Tomb”, his whole body turned stiff. Crouching in a corner, he trembled in fear, not daring to look straight into Grandpa An’s eyes.

“Yin Mountains… only God knows what kind of fellow was buried there. You, as an antique dealer, should’ve known that your antiques were strange, yet you still dared to sell them to your customers. You truly are a treacherous merchant!”

As if trying to find an excuse, the antique dealer frantically explained. “In our society now, who would believe such things as ghosts?!”


Fumes could be seen above Grandpa An’s head. He wanted to reprimand the antique dealer sternly but held back.

Seeing the antique dealer in such a state, it was clear that he might have known the origin of the bronze beast statue and that it was meant to draw in negative energy. Otherwise, why else would he be feeling so guilty?

The thought of the poor Xiao Huan unknowingly set the anger in my heart ablaze. But just as I was about to speak, Grandpa An stretched out his hand and blocked me from doing so while hinting me not to.

It was clear that he was furious. Being an Eclipser, he knew full well what harm ghosts would bring to humans. Unlike the ghosts in the movies that are portrayed to give humans a scare, this was different.

However, in real life, it was not that simple. Once a human comes in contact with a ghost, they fall ill easily and their life would take a turn for the worst. Even those who were once healthy and active would just suddenly pass on as a result.

A good example would be Xiao Huan. Never have I heard of him having any heart disease, yet it was reported that he had died due to fatigue. Thus from this, it can be seen that the ability of that ghost that was chased back to the other world was profound!

Grandpa An walked towards the linen bag that rested in a corner. After only a few steps, he frowned and sighed. Without saying anything, he picked it up and turned to leave.

“Hey! Those are mine!”

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Grandpa An stared at the noisy antique dealer and said gloomily, “if you wish to have your life shortened or have a death wish; then, by all means, you may keep these.”

The antique dealer broke out in cold sweat once again and became silent. Seeing that the antique dealer’s face was full of remorse, he must have been brought back to the right path this time around. As such, Grandpa An’s heart had softened.

“I do not want your antiques. I’m just helping drive away the dirty things inside these items. You may come to my shroud shop and retrieve them the following day. Next time, if you conduct such activities again, make sure to find out the origin of the unearthed items. If you’re uncertain which grave the items came from, I advise you not to accept them.”

The boss sighed. The man in front of him was the guy who had indirectly caused the death of his staff and even caused his business to plummet. However, he could not bring himself to be angry. Moreover, his heart felt a sense of helplessness.

As we left the antique dealer’s house, my heart felt like a large number of strings were tangled together. Grandpa An smiled and said to me, “Xiao Hua ah, thank you for your hard work. You may head back now.”

An Ning, who had not made a single noise for a long time, raised her hands and shouted, “Grandpa! I’ll accompany Xiao Hua!”

Grandpa An carried the bag before inserting his feet into his slippers and boarding the bus. An Ning and I hailed a taxi to get home.

Not long after I got in the taxi, I gazed out of the window and my heart suddenly tightened!

An old auntie wearing street sweeper clothes stood next to the eight copper horse statues. She held a broom in her hand and her eyes were staring straight at me. Suddenly, her wrinkled face showed a strange smile and her eyes slowly rolled up. The black in her eyes gradually disappeared!

Her lips then began to move. I could see that the old auntie had no teeth, but I could not make out what she was saying. Taking a deep breath of cold air from inside the taxi, I turned my head away and avoided further gazing at her!

“Xiao Hua? Xiao Hua, what’s wrong?”

Seeing my pale face, and my sucking in a breath of cold air, An Ning thought I was feeling unwell and asked with concern.

I was pulled back into reality by her and I shook my head. “Nothing, nothing…”

The taxi started up and was driven a short distance. At this point, I turned my head back at where the eight copper horse statues were. There was no one there, not even the street sweeper auntie!

A chill ran down my spine and my brain began to deduce some answers. Among them, I was sure of one thing… just one.

And it was that the old auntie was definitely dead!

I began to feel a little afraid of the elusive old auntie. Recalling that I no longer had to head back to work in the cafe, I heaved a long sigh of relief.

Still, I was a little curious about her presence. Seeing the way she was, she did not seem to be an evil spirit, so how had she died?

Why did her ghost wear the uniform of an ordinary street sweeper? Also, why was she always wandering around in front of that small neighborhood?

I remembered the manner in which Xiao Huan had sought help, and could not help but guess.

Was the old auntie loitering around there, waiting for someone to save her and help her pass on?

When the taxi arrived outside my house, I bid An Ning goodbye before heading into my house. My parents had not returned home yet. The mobile signal in the mountains wasn’t strong, as such, I had not received any calls from them telling me that they were safe. As a result, I could not help but worry for them.

“The lady is finally back.”

A familiar voice rang from behind me , as a pair of cold arms wrapped themselves around my waist pulling me to his chest. I could feel my back resting onto a cold and hard iron board, as a cool breath continued to run down my neck.

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