Chapter 21 – Tears of the Past (1)

My mind was still thinking about the old auntie. Frowning, the pervert madly blew on the side of my neck. Seeing no response from me, he felt a little dissatisfied and gently stroked my tummy.

“What are you thinking so deeply about?”


Seeing that I had not given him a response, the pervert became angry. He lowered his head and nibbled my neck, while scolding me, “I’m by your side yet you are not giving me any attention! Do you want your husband to punish you?”

Hearing those words, I immediately turned to look at him. As usual, he was wearing that familiar mask on his face and a crimson red robe which made him look dazzling.

Looking closely at the dark red demon mask on his face, I saw his black vertical pupils. Though I felt a little hesitant, I told him about my recent sightings of the auntie that always lurked near the eight copper horse statues.

“What are your thoughts about her? Do you think that she’s a ghost?”

Hearing so, one of the pervert’s cold hands stroked my cheek while the other went back to rubbing my tummy.

“My child is still in your tummy. Thus, you are somewhat influenced by it, allowing you to occasionally see things that are not from your world.”

Thinking back at Xiao Huan, I couldn’t help but ask, “Then why did she not pass on to the other world…”

The man’s brows raised upon seeing me worry for a ghost and he pulled me into his arms. My nose directly hit his hard chest and a lump formed in my throat as tears gathered in my eyes.

“Are you worried?”

I rubbed my eyes and wiped my tears before nodding my head. I pasted my cheek against his chest. The robe felt comfortable and not prickly at all as it rubbed against my skin.

Still, I could not understand why seeing the auntie near the entrance of the small residential area had made me feel very inquisitive. Xiao Huan’s spirit remained in the cafe after his death. So did the auntie also suffer a fate similar to his?

I heard a sigh from above my head, followed by a tight hug. “If you wish to go, I shall accompany you.”

I did not expect him to say so. The pervert was Hades! How could he be dragged around like this? Still, his expectations of me after this might have sunk a little.

One could say that I was going around finding trouble, but that auntie’s presence made me extremely mindful.


I felt a little warmth in my heart – to think that the pervert had a gentle side to him!

If I knew what would come next, I would not have thought this way!

The pervert forcefully picked me up and carried me into my bedroom before throwing me onto the bed. I was immediately taken aback. What was he trying to do! I hurriedly flipped over on the bed and used both my hands to cover my chest.

“That… stop! Stay where you are!”

Because I was nervous, the words left my mouth as I was stammering. Seeing the pervert walking towards me after taking off his robe, I frantically kicked on the bed as I tried to distance myself from him.

We were talking peacefully just now, so how had he suddenly become an incarnation of a wolf!

“The day is still young. Let’s head out when it’s nightfall. In the meantime, we should engage in some interesting activities, don’t you say, my dear Hua’er?”

With that hooked smile and mischievous tone, I could not help but conclude that he was harbouring some lustful thoughts in his head. “I….. I warn you, don’t do anything funny! Don’t act rashly!” I stuttered.

“Then I’ll just use my mouth.”

In an instant, the pervert disappeared. But before I had a chance to move, I suddenly felt an ice-hard body lying on top of me, pressing me from my back. I frantically tried to push myself forward with both my hands, but again I was stopped, stopped by a hand that was tightly grabbing at me.

Not daring to look at him, I covered my face with both my hands. All I could feel was something heavy pressing me down from above my head, but the shameful sensation that I thought would happen did not happen.

Hugging me around my waist, he pulled the quilt over me but did not use his hands and feet.

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As for using his mouth… it didn’t seem to have happened as well…

“Hua’er, this sure is interesting. Your face is flushed red. I won’t do anything to you today so have some rest. If you truly want to go look for that ghost, you will still have to wait until night.”

I was startled for a moment and twisted my body to look at him. Staring at the mask, I looked straight into his eyes. My mind, however, wandered off to imagine how he would look behind the mask. Him wearing a robe that seemed ancient, my mind flashed many handsome man faces from the historical dramas that I’ve watched which could make many girls yearn madly for.

The pervert gently touched my nose and stroked my hair as he spoke. “You went to the antique dealer’s house today, didn’t you?”

I was taken aback and asked, “How did you know?”

He chuckled softly before clutching my arm and pointing to the bracelet that was on my wrist. “With this, I know your whereabouts all the time.”

Okay then, I thought. My heart suddenly felt a little restless, and I began to fiddle with the bracelet in an attempt to take it off.

Never had I thought that the bracelet could not be taken off this time around.

“You won’t be able to take it off anymore. This bracelet will let me find you quickly. I can’t always be by your side because of the happenings in the underworld… let’s not mention that any further.”

Sensing the strangeness in the tone he spoke in, I could somehow guess a little that something must have happened in the underworld.

But since he did not want to talk about it, I did not pursue that topic any further to avoid being an annoyance to him.

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“The antique dealer’s house… were there any negative objects?”

He even knew about that!

My jaws dropped in surprise. Seeing me as such, the pervert explained, “When you came back, your body was covered in a uniquely dead energy that seemed ancient. Vaguely, I could sense a strong force from it, and I could guess what evil spirit it came from.”

I listened quietly to him.

“When I was aware of this strange energy, I rushed to find you. But upon seeing that an Eclipser who was someone you knew was by your side, I entrusted you to him and awaited your return.”

He even knew about Grandpa An!

Suddenly, a thought surfaced in my mind and I asked discontentedly. “Then, when I take a shower, you know that too?”

The pervert was shocked by my sudden question but chuckled afterwards. “Hua’er, you sure are cute. You were wedded to me on your eighteenth birthday. From top to bottom, where have I not seen you before, so what’s there to be shy about?”


I was embarrassed and vexed. Though I had already expected that answer, hearing it from the pervert personally, I could not help but feel angry.

“Enough! How is that funny?!”

I felt like an ostrich. But being laughed at by him, I could not help but silently sink my head into his arms.

“Alright… Ha ha ha. I’ll stop laughing. Someday, I’ll personally go and meet with that Eclisper.”

My guard was suddenly raised as I asked him nervously. “Why do you want to meet him?”

“I can’t stay in the world of the humans for very long. Hence, there must be someone who can protect you in my absence, my dear Hua’er.”

My heart skipped a beat upon hearing him say gently. his words made me somewhat moved.

The pervert is Hades. Though at present, a person’s position may mean little, but he is the king of the underworld. And the king actually cared for me to such a point.

It seems he really liked to and was thus willing to do so.

“Enough, go have a rest. I’ll wake you up later.”

I shut my eyes and cuddled in his arms. Before long, I was sound asleep. In the hot blazing summer, his body temperature was extremely cold, but being hugged by him, I did not feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, I felt very comfortable.


When I woke up, it was nightfall. The sounds of the crickets chirping outside could be heard. A hand was wrapped around my waist and in the dark room, I could hear the smooth breathing above my head.

I raised my head slowly. With the help of the moonlight outside, I could vaguely see the mask that the pervert was wearing.

He’s asleep. Why don’t I…satisfy my curiosity? Let’s see… what exactly do you look like.

I slowly raised my hand. As my hand reached out for his mask, my eyes stared deeply at it. Suddenly, a large hand grabbed my wrist and I heard a hoarse voice from beside me. “Hua’er.”

As if I’ve did something to let him down, I immediately broke my hand away from his grab and giggled foolishly before sitting up on the bed. I frantically called to him. “Ah… you’re awake. Then let’s head out now.”

Seeing my frantic look and my constant awkward giggles, he pulled me from behind as I made the bed. I lost my balance and once again fell into his arms.


“Just for awhile. Once I accompany to solve your matter at hand, I’ll have to leave for a short period of time.”

In his voice brought along a sense of disappointment and loneliness. Hearing so, it affirmed my thoughts that something has happened in the other world. Feeling his powerful hug, I spoke, “I’ll take good care of myself.”


A warm night breeze blew past my face. Once the pervert brought me outside, there were not many pedestrians on the roadside pavement anymore.

With the orange street lights shining down on the pavement, the time now should be one in the morning.

At this hour is the time when the negative energy is at the heaviest. No matter what kind of ghost, this is the best time for wandering around.

In the night summer sky flashed many little stars which helped me relaxed a little.

The pervert grabbed my hand and the two of us headed to the eight copper horse statues. Sure enough, I saw the auntie once I arrived in front of the copper statues.

She was still wearing an old uniform of a street sweeper and in her hand was a broom. Her eyes stared at the empty road, but in those gray eyes of hers did not glisten under the orange light.

As if she had heard my footsteps, she looked in my direction and her straight face immediately displayed a smile.

I’ve still had this feeling that that smile was somewhat strange.

“A bounded spirit.” The pervert spoke.

I had already knew she was a bounded spirit and the reason I came here today was to set her free.

“Xiao Hua… is this Xiao Hua…”

The old auntie immediately flung the broom aside and approached me. The pervert instinctively guard me from the front. Upon seeing him, the smile on the auntie’s face disappeared and was replaced by fear, and her two legs shook as if she was about to crumble on the floor.

However, she did not turn to run nor did she disappear. Instead, she sobbed as she spoke to me. “My Xiao Hua… Grandma has been waiting for you. You’ve finally found Grandma. My Xiao Hua ah…”

Until now, I did not know how she knew my name; I don’t even know her! And as for Grandma, my grandma is in the village, so what’s with this situation here?

Seeing the tears flow down this old person, I could not help but walked in front of the pervert. The man grabbed my hand tightly, which obviously showed that he did not want me to get any closer to that old person.

“You’re here. I’m sure you’ll be able to protect me. Still, I won’t get too close to her.”

Only then after I spoke solemnly to him did he let go of my hand.

When the old auntie saw me walking towards her, her mood changed instantly from sad to happy. I could feel that strong fluctuation of her mood, and as she raised her trembling hands, she spoke vaguely, “It was all Grandma’s fault for causing your death.”

The moment I heard that, I immediately stopped in my tracks.

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