Chapter 24 – Your Body Has an Alluring Fragrance

The lady in white stood at the side. My first glance at her startled me. Looking carefully at her appearance, I suddenly felt that there was something strange about her.

White skirt, long hair, white skin, barefooted…

It can’t be right?

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva; it seems I truly was unlucky to be meeting ghosts everywhere I went.

I only came out to release the tension in my heart, but to meet a ghost the moment I sought shelter from the rain…

The sky still was not enveloped in a layer of darkness, so why was I still able to see these beings that belonged to the other world?

The lady dressed in white slowly came closer to me. Although there was a curtain of rain, I could clearly make out that she was floating towards me.

No kidding!

I was stunned and my heart kept screaming at me to escape. But with the thunder roaring over my head and the heavy downpour outside, I hesitated.

In my moment of hesitation, the lady had reached me and was now floating right in front of me.

She was shorter than me, but her sight was on the same level as mine. Her pale face, which seemed to be covered by a few layers of flour, was very close to mine.

I could also somehow feel that the cold tip of her nose was touching the top of mine. My breathing seemed to have stopped as I gazed into her gray eyes that had no pupils. Behind, beads of perspiration formed on my back.

What… what does she want to do…

I was extremely nervous. Because of the humid atmosphere, my whole body was now drenched in perspiration. I took a deep breath in through my nose, and I could somehow feel a slight chilliness in it.

“On your body, there’s a tempting flavor. I like it.”

A misty voice traveled into my ears. It was similar to the street sweeper auntie! Sure enough, this lady was a ghost!

But, what caught my attention were the words “tempting flavor”.

It sounded strange… her tone, it sounded as if she was praising her food?

Her food?!

The moment I thought of that, I immediately thought of the little demon in my belly. Swiftly, I covered my belly with my hands and retreated backwards a few steps.

Just my luck! I had almost exposed the fact that I was pregnant!

After taking a few steps back, I could clearly see that the legs of the lady were hovering in the air and that she had no shadow. Looking closely, I could even see that she was translucent and was not a being that belonged to this world.

“Who are you! What do you want from me?!”

Her creepy white face remained expressionless. But all of a sudden, her head slant 90 degree before returning back in place. She broke out in laughter, “Kekekeke, you can see me. I’m interested in you.”

I don’t know why, but I couldn’t detect any hostility from her, only a strange cuteness.
As she spoke, she floated towards me, getting closer and closer, while breathing in deeply.
“What is it, it smells so good, can you tell me what it is please?”

I knew that for these spirits, my child was definitely a tantalising existence, which made it even more important for me to not betray the little one in my belly.

This girl didn’t seem like an evil spirit; she had no black aura or even a grey one. Just from her appearance and clothing, I can tell that she was not a malicious soul.

I still remember, when I was still a child living in the “Gate of Hell” village, my grandma had taught me some things.

Ghosts that wore red or had a red aura were all extremely malicious, and if I met them, I had to escape quickly and remember to never look back. Optimally, I should find a temple as soon as possible and burn some incense.

Back then, I was still young and listened to the warnings as a fairy tale. Now, I was a little grateful for my grandmother’s instructions and reminders. Otherwise I would not be so calm when interacting with this cutesy girl ghost.

“So good…smells so good…”

As she spoke, she moved even closer to me and stretched out her neck, still sniffing. At first I had still been intimidated by this ghost, but looking at her now, I felt like I could let down my guard.

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Suddenly I thought of a possibility.

She shouldn’t have smelt the little one and tracked it here right?

Or was it…the Zhen Guiling inside my body?

The girl came even closer to me, and just as I was about to back away, I felt the glass door against my back. The hungry ghost looked like she was about to pounce, so I immediately took hurried steps to the side.

“I don’t have what you want.”

The girl ghost finally stopped moving and instead stared at me with unfocused eyes. I felt goosebumps rise up on my arms.

Suddenly! She appeared right in front of me and stared right at my stomach.

I began to regret my actions. Why hadn’t I ran straight into the downpour and left!

She laughed with a broken laughter as she stared at my stomach. Her indistinct, mist-like voice caused wave after wave of shudders and goosebumps.

“A child…here, there’s a child.”

Laughing as she spoke, she gingerly raised a hand and pointed at my stomach.

But she didn’t do anything out of ordinary and did not harm me.

“I knew it, I wondered what was so fragrant, it was a child.” Surprise caused my eyes to widen slightly as I looked at the spirit’s face. On it I saw an emotion called “happiness”.

I rubbed my eyes and looked again, the spirit had a smile on her face.

Although it was strange and her lips were stiff and awkward, I could still feel the warmth that came from her smile.

Suddenly, I felt slight movement in my stomach. Shock showed on my face, but my heart was filled with joy.

“Hey, he moved, he can hear me speak.”

She looked at my stomach with a sort of motherly love, and I couldn’t stop my eyes from watering. I asked: “How did you pass away?”

The ghost in front of me was definitely not evil. She was probably the spirit of a kind person.

Looking at her appearance, she must have been pretty when she was alive, lovely and refreshing, only in her early twenties.

How had she died at such a young age?

The girl in white looked towards me and I noticed that her body was more transparent than before.

“Ah, when I was alive, my heart wasn’t very good.” Her explanation was bitter, and I knew the vague reason for her death.

She probably…died from sickness.

Her heart wasn’t good, then maybe she died young due to a heart attack.

“I really like children. Actually, I had gotten permission to work with children recently, only, I didn’t get to go to work and interact with the kids before Heaven took my life.

I felt like crying and sympathising with her plight, but more so, I pitied her.

“You don’t have to be sad. Just like the saying, it’s all up to fate. I was born weak, with a bad heart and knew that I would die early. Except, I always wanted to teach children and I didn’t get to fulfill my dream before I died and it had become my obsession.”

It was this “obsession” that stopped her from moving on, trapping her here as a ghost.

I touched my stomach, lips curving slightly upwards. I didn’t even notice the kind of light that had flashed in my eyes.

All of this was observed by the young ghost in the white dress.

“A child is the best merging of their parent’s love. They are all so pure and kind. Their pure nature is why I like them so much.” She said happily, hands clasped together with slightly closed eyes, like she was recalling a pleasant memory.

However, her words made me sink into silence.

The best merging of love, a child is born from their parents’ love.

The little one in my stomach, is my child with the Pervert. But… just minutes ago, I was still suspicious of whether the Pervert’s feelings for me were true, or whether they had come from…me being the host of the Zhen Guiling.

My heart dropped, and even felt scared, wanting to hide somewhere.

I don’t even know how to face the Pervert. I really wanted to know the answer, I want to hear Pervert say it himself, tell me himself.

Even if he was lying to me, I just wanted an answer.

At just eighteen, forced by the villagers and my own grandparents into the small hut to marry Hades. Not only that, but now carrying a spirit child, my normal life was completely ruined.

If…Pervert really….

“Don’t overthink, just looking at you I can tell you have something on your mind. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be seeking shelter on this street in the middle of nowhere. You must have been strolling to take your mind off of things.”

“Between husband and wife, what is there that can’t be discussed clearly? You have to trust your other half.”

The girl in white turned more and more transparent and her voice became more and more distant, as if she was being carried away, floating on the wind.

“Today I was really happy. Just then the little one talked to me, he was comforting me, helping me go to where I’m supposed to be. I think it’s time for me to go.”

I didn’t even have time to speak before she smiled serenely and disappeared from my sight.

The little one had comforted her….

I stroked my stomach. After the girl in white’s words, more than half the grey clouds in my heart had lifted.

“Kid, if what she said is true, you should be congratulated for your work,” I thought, feeling proud.

Even in the womb, Hades’ child was already really powerful.

She was right, if there was a problem, communicating clearly and laying it all out would solve everything.

I made my decision to wait until Hades finished attending to his responsibilities in Hell and returned, before asking him carefully, until I got a clear answer!

Thinking of this, my heartbeat got faster.

Summer thunderstorms come fast and leave just as fast, time after time, strong but fleeting.

Now the rain was already lightening, and the sky was dark.

My mood had improved a lot, and I took out my phone to look at the time, then glanced at my surroundings. Without a second thought, I ran into the rain.

My pace quickened, using both my hands to shield my head, running for the main road.

It was night already, and if I didn’t get home soon, I would definitely meet more strange spirits.

Just now my luck was good, and I had met a good ghost.

It was likely that she hadn’t died for very long, so her spirit had not been tainted by any filth.

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Most ghosts that stay in the living world are extremely powerful and old, malicious or malignant. Now I don’t have to protect just myself, I also have to protect the little one too.

When I reached my house, I was half soaked, my hair dripping sadly onto my shoulder.

When I walked upstairs I raised my wrist and looked at the red jade bracelet while stroking it, unable to stop my fingers from tracing its shape.

I will wait for you to come back and give me an answer.

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