Chapter 27: The Late Answer

The buffet’s food was delicious and I ate until I couldn’t eat anymore, then walked slowly towards our room.

An Ning looked similarly stuffed as she took out the card to open the door.

Perhaps because of the information earlier on the former site, An Ning did not ask me to go out for a stroll and take a look around. Through the hotel room’s window I could see the ancient wooden bridge and the pavilion built on the pond which was elegant and beautiful.

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The setting sun carved out a path in the darkening sky, as a shining river of orange-yellow light lit up the distant scenery.

“You really don’t want to go out for a walk? If you go to sleep on a full stomach, you’ll get fat.”

I asked as I pulled the curtains closed and turned to look at An Ning, who was sitting next to the bed massaging her stomach. She scrunched up her face and shook her head, looking concerned. “After finding out about that kind of thing, who would want to go out and play, especially now that it’s nightfall.”

She took a gulp from her yoghurt drink and then put it back on the desk, before taking a change of clothes off the bed and walking to the bathroom. I sat down on the small sofa and decided to see if I could find out more information on the former site of the Yue Family.

The bathroom light turned on and I heard An Ning turn on the shower. I couldn’t focus on my screen.

Pervert had not appeared for almost a week, and I missed him. I was worried. Had something happened in the Underworld that stopped him from coming back?

I could still see his masked face in my mind.

Black hair, as smooth as silk flowing down his back, and his perfect physique….

No no no! What was I thinking of!

I hurriedly patted my burning cheeks. Even without a mirror I could tell that my face’s color resembled that of a cooked lobster.

Why did I have to think about something so inappropriate!

It must be because he kept taking advantage of me, so in my head I always linked him with such things! I pushed all the responsibility onto him.

I rubbed my cheeks with my hands, but my mood was crushed when an idea occurred to me.

Zhen Gui Ling.

Ah… he has not appeared for so long. The longer I went without seeing him, the more I worry.

“I’m done, it’s your turn to shower.”

An Ning opened the bathroom door and walked out, wearing a bedroom gown with a huge towel draped on her head. She gestured at me to go shower as she dried her hair.

Even though I stood right under the showerhead and feeling the warm water running down my body, I still could not stop thinking about that Pervert!

“Humph! When he comes back I will ask him. Even if… even if the answer is surprising, I am ready for it”


An Ning and I slept early. We had both woken up early in the morning and reached the villa nearing night time – the whole day’s journey had exhausted us.

I turned off the lights, and in no time I could hear the snores coming from her bed, steady and rhythmic.

She had already fallen into a deep sleep, she must have been tired earlier, I thought, smiling.

Ah, it doesn’t matter, we have seven days to have fun, so we should rest properly tonight.

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I buried my head into the softness of the pillow, but just as I closed my eyes, I fell asleep. All of a sudden, a familiar breeze on my shoulder.

My eyes opened, and I tried to look behind me. I was lying on my stomach, so I had to lift myself up and turn to the side to see the origin of this wind.

However, a strong force pressed down on my back.

A hoarse and magnetic voice sounded in my ear, as a pair of hands felt under my nightgown.

“My Hua’er, did you miss me?”

I was about to speak when he pressed me down harder and opened his lips right next to my ear, saying: “Shh- if you don’t want your friend to see what we’re doing right now, don’t make a sound.”

His hand moved upwards, pushing my nightgown up, and fondled the softness that he found there.

I could feel a particular part of his body rapidly changing.

Now it was my turn to panic! Was he going to do that kind of thing to me here?

My friend was still on the bed next to us, how could he do this! Why does he never consider my thoughts and situation?

I felt mistreated, his gentle movements did not elicit any reaction. When I thought about how all the times he had treated me tenderly may have been only because of the Zhen Gui Ling in my body, a film of water welled up in my eyes.

He pulled off my nightgown with one hand, the other securing my wrists above my head. I could again feel a particular part of his body, eager to begin, touching the most sensitive part of me.

The more I thought about his actions, the more tears welled up, until one ran down my cheek.

What am I, what am I to you? Just a tool for your desires? If I could, I wish I never knew that the Zhen Gui Ling existed!

If you are doing this for the Zhen Gui Ling inside me, then all my suffering these twenty something years and the things that have happened to me, are absurd.

Heaven has made me a joke, first as a sacrifice for Hades, then as the host of the Zhen Gui Ling only to be used and manipulated by Hades.

Ha ha, the more I thought, the more dejected I became!

I couldn’t stop thinking about these things, and my tears would not stop falling.

Pervert’s actions stalled, as shuddered. He must have noticed I was crying.

But what happened next shocked me.

“What’s wrong? Hua Er, did I press down too hard? Are you uncomfortable? Tell me.”

His voice was full of worry, and the hand holding my wrists immediately let go, then flipped me over and took me into his arms.

“I won’t touch you, I won’t….don’t cry.”

His hand caressed my hair, his embrace strong enough to merge me into his body.

I could feel his care and concern, melting my sorrow. He held me for a while, then started feeling all over my body.

“Where does it hurt? Are you sick? Is something wrong with the baby?”

Even though the surroundings were all pitch black, I could still feel the strength of his emotions. I grabbed his wandering hands and said childishly: “I’m fine, nothing’s wrong.”

“Lower your voice a little, don’t disturb An Ning.”

I moved closer to him so he could hear me whisper.

When Pervert heard me say I was fine, the tension in his body loosened, and he let out a breath. He looked at me confusedly, and asked, “Then why did you cry?”

His gentle questioning made me unsure of how to express myself. The words I was about to say got stuck in my throat, unable to go up or down.

I had to phrase my question about the Zhen Gui Ling properly, as being direct would not yield good results.

No matter what, my personal safety came first, however… I also didn’t want to hurt him because of my question. “I want to ask you….”

Nervously, I swallowed and turned away. Looking down at my fingers, before asked lightly: “Are you only so good to me because of the Zhen Gui Ling?”

After I asked, I almost bit down on my tongue. I had still asked very directly.

In my mind, I called myself an idiot, and wanted to slap myself in the face.

He didn’t reply, and I didn’t say anything else. The atmosphere was strange, even a little awkward, but not heavy.

After a while, he tightened his embrace and sighed, his tone showed his hurt: “Hua Er does not trust her Husband.”

When I heard his pitiful tone, I was startled, and hurriedly explained: “No, um…”

I didn’t know how to continue, and my speechless expression made him laugh.

He arched a little and pressed my head against his chest, his voice was hoarse and deep, with a hint of laughter: “Originally, I wasn’t planning on telling you so soon, but it looks like you’ve found out early.”

His hand slid down to my stomach and caressed me.

“Hua Er is mistaken. You are the host of the Zhen Gui Ling, and the sacrificial marriage I ordered was originally planned so that I would marry the woman with the Zhen Gui Ling and return it to the Underworld.”

“But what I didn’t plan for was that you enthralled me. I’ve never been romantically involved with anyone, but as soon as I met you, I couldn’t stop my feelings for you from growing.”

He talked calmly, his tone sincere and extremely serious, with not even a trace of a joke or a lie. I could tell.

“I like you, Hua Er. You can throw away these worries you have, they will only ruin your mood and our relationship.”

It was rare for Pervert to be so serious, and I was moved. He was the King of Hell, and he did not have to lie to an ordinary woman like me. From his tone and his actions, I had gotten my answer.

His hand was patting my back and after he finished talking, he looked like he thought of something amusing, and happily told me: “Hua Er, I bet you don’t know, the Zhen Gui Ling in your body, is actually in your stomach.”

His words were undoubtedly a strike of lightning, as I didn’t know how to react!

The Zhen Gui Ling was in my stomach….

Was the little one the physical manifestation of the Zhen Gui Ling?! Or had the Zhen Gui Ling gotten passed down from the mother to the child in the womb?

Pervert did not explain any more, as if he was hooking my interest on purpose. He held me tightly and the words that came out of his mouth made my face heat up into a bright red!

“Go to sleep, I’ll let you off this time.”

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