Chapter 28: Inclination

Pervert’s body was freezing, but very comfortable. Hugging him was just like hugging a huge ice block, but not as cold.

Because it was a single bed, the two of us were pressed together. I held on tightly and did not let go of him all night.

I did not know if I was dreaming, but I thought I heard Pervert say in a doting tone, “Sorry I made you wait, my Queen.”


That night I slept well in the embrace of a living ice block. An Ning woke me up in the morning.

“Hua, get up, rise and shine.”

An Ning grabbed my shoulder and shook. When I opened my eyes and saw her face, my hands subconsciously reached out to feel the other side of the bed, but there was nothing there.

Pervert had left. Right now the sun was high in the sky. When had he left?

I was still deep in thought when An Ning suddenly let out an questioning sound. She looked at where my blankets revealed my bare shoulder, and a strange smile appeared on her face: “Who knew my little Hua had this kind of inclination.”

I was confused for a second, then lifted the blankets. What I saw made my face go hot red.

Yesterday night was really dark, and honestly even I was not sure what Pervert had done to me. I thought he had only lifted my nightgown without taking it off.

No… I laid on the bed, beginning to doubt my entire existence. I tried to remember what Pervert did to me last night, but I couldn’t remember anything.

I gave up and pushed An Ning away, then got up and pretended I did not care, saying: “Haven’t you seen people who sleep in the nude? So easily shocked.”

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An Ning obviously saw through my act, but played along, saying: “Yes, yes, my lady Rong Hua, sleeping naked has so many benefits, good for the health and the mind. It was me who had not kept up with the times.”

Her cheeky words almost made me break and laugh, but I got up and dressed with a forced calmness.

When I took off the blankets, the room’s air conditioning made me shiver.

I casually got ready, and then went down for breakfast.

It was still a buffet, but the food had changed to suit breakfast. When we arrived, they had just added more food, so An Ning and I could eat piping hot buns and all sorts of desserts.

Even as we were heading out to have fun, An Ning still did not stop praising the hotel’s food and drinks.

“Of course, you just have to look at how many guests the villa has. The accommodation and catering are both excellent, no wonder there are more guests every year.”

The villa was in a great area, surrounded by unpolluted lakes and ponds. It was the middle of summer so I walked into a pavilion, taking out my phone to take pictures of the scenery.

Deep green lotus leaves floated on the pond’s surface, and there were even beautiful lotus flowers in the middle of blooming. Their rich colour contrasting with the green of their leaves and the clear flowing water looked extremely beautiful.

Far into the distance, almost anywhere with water was covered with their colors.

The hot, humid winds mixed with hints of coolness, and the fragrance of the lotus flowers floated towards me, and I took in a deep breath, enjoying the enchanting aroma.


I sighed to myself. Actually I was not the type of girl who enjoyed vacations, because they always needed a lot of travelling. A majority of the time was taken up by getting there and I did not like such exhausting journeys. As soon as the trip got tiring, the feeling that people got from it changed.

Not to mention, the money spent on the journey. Every time people would come back from a holiday like they’ve lost half their soul, exhausted and not even a little bit happy.

However, a lot of people enjoyed the process of going on a holiday, but I was just not one of them.

An Ning took out a wipe and wiped the sweat off her forehead. She held a mini electric fan in her hand and continuously complained about the heat.

Her long black hair had been tied in a high ponytail and her refreshingly beautiful face, which was so at odds with her personality and attracted many admiring glances from the surrounding tourists.

“It’s so hot, I thought a summer villa would be cooler, it’s like I’m in a steamer.”

She drank bottled water non-stop. Just from a stroll between pavilions to take in the sights, she had already drank at least five 500mL of water.

She looked like she was about to melt, and I laughed, telling her: “If you have a calm mind, you’ll cool down. Think about the water and the flowers, you’ll feel better.”

I didn’t think it was that hot, even though I was normally really weak to heat. Then I remembered the little one in my stomach and the red jade bracelet on my wrist and thought, was it after the sacrificial wedding and pregnancy that my body had changed?

It was possible.

As I considered the development, An Ning was still complaining about the heat. At first she was alright, but then wanted to go right back to our hotel room and cool down.

“Let’s keep looking around, we can buy a ticket for the tourist buses later to send us back to the villa instead of walking there.” I wanted to keep enjoying the scenery.

The spiritual happenings before had come too fast and furiously, leaving me without the chance to catch my breath. I could meet a ghost anywhere, but after reaching this place yesterday, there had not been any wandering spirits, I really wanted this trend to continue.

The area we were in was a lake area, which was filled mostly with water, with some marine plants.

Looking into the distance, there were many intricate palaces. These summer villas were in the past the royal dwellings of kings and princes.

However, this place was built with huge investments from big companies, so compared to other villas, there was more of a modern feel.

The outside of the palace looked new, without any marks from the past or damage from the passing of time.

If I had a chance, I would have definitely gone to see the Yong De villa as the view there would surely be pleasing.

“Hua, I can’t walk anymore….”

I was completely immersed in the natural scenery all around us, but An Ning was still complaining. Her clean, fresh features were all crumpled together and she looked like she was about to cry. It was funny.

“You were the one that wanted to come here, where’s your perseverance?”

An Ning huffed, her cheeks were a vivid red, as she whined cutely: “Let’s stop here for today. ~ We’ve already walked for a whole day, my legs are going to fall off! we can visit the palace tomorrow?”

I could only compromise, as she started dragging me back to the hotel.

“Okay, okay, let’s go back for today.”

An Ning smiled happily and grabbed me, planting kisses all over my face. Her actions scared me and I shoved her away, afraid that the tourists around us would misunderstand.

“I heard the street food around here is really famous, let’s go eat some.”

Alright, I could tell that this girl only wanted to eat. Well, it was already two in the afternoon and we hadn’t eaten lunch, it was time to eat and take in some energy.

When we reached the street stalls, there were people everywhere. Most were tourists and every store was full of customers.

Even though it was long past lunch time, the business was still booming.

“Wah, so many people.”

An Ning exclaimed, her surprise showing on her face. “I thought if we came after lunch time, there’d be less tourists, but there are still so many of them.”

“Well it is the tourist season, it’s normal for the stores to be so busy.”

We walked side by side, looking around, deciding on which store to eat at.

I immediately saw familiar figures in the crowd.

It was the old couple that was arguing in front of the elevator yesterday. The old man was leaning on the old lady’s arm and his other hand held a walking stick. They were in the middle of a conversation with a middle-aged man outside a tea shop.

The old lady was glancing around, like she was looking for someone, but not quite.

I couldn’t tell what her husband and the middle aged man were talking about but the man had a grave and almost ominous expression and the old man seemed angry, slamming his walking stick on the ground repeatedly.

An Ning, the little foodie, had already picked a store and wanted to drag me to it, but then she saw where I was looking.

“Huh, it’s that old couple.”

She let out a questioning sound, and I turned and said to her: “Let’s go, which store do you like?”

An Ning was still looking at the old couple and my brows furrowed. I poked her and reminded: “If you want to have a good time this week, forget about what they said yesterday, just pretend it never happened.”

Whenever I saw them, I got a weird feeling, one which was almost eerie.

It would be better if we forgot about their conversation and did not let it affect our holiday. Otherwise our trip would not end well.

An Ning could probably understand my reasoning, and nodded: “Let’s go.”

The uneasiness in my heart rapidly expanded, but I ignored it, forcing myself to forget about the old site of the Yue Family and the strange feeling that the old couple gave me.

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Even while I was eating, I could not stop thinking: What if something actually goes wrong, what will I do?

And an answer floated up in my mind – I thought of Pervert.

I did not know if he would visit me again tonight, but I was feeling a little excited.

Without any reasons or proof, I believed what he said last night. All I could say was that I’d be his my whole life.

When had I start becoming so dependent on him?

An Ning was still eating, shoving the food in her mouth, completely disregarding her appearance. Looking at me daydreaming, she talked with food still stuffed in her mouth: “Stop thinking, if you keep thinking while eating, you won’t digest properly.”

I didn’t have time to argue when her next sentence almost made me choke to death on my food.

“When can I meet your husband? I’m so curious.”

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