Chapter 32: Someone Went In!

What he said hit me like lightning, frying me to a crisp!

What did he mean by ‘I am a descendant of the Yue Family’?

Was there anything more shocking than that statement?!

Wasn’t Yang Yi’s last name Yang? How could he suddenly become a descendant of the Yue Family? His last name wasn’t Yue? This joke wasn’t funny at all!

I laughed awkwardly, saying, “Don’t joke around, what descendant of the Yue Family? Don’t demean yourself like that.”

Yang Yi shook his head and laughed lightly, then met my eyes seriously: “Do you think I look like I’m lying to you?”

Although I had already believed him, the news was too shocking and it took me a while to accept it.

“Then, if the whole clan died, how was your family able to survive?”

Pervert got straight to the point. Yang Yi glanced in his direction and said: “My family is not from the main branch of the Yue Family, we’re from a side branch. My direct ancestors were from the faction that believed in the gods. My grandparents told me that my ancestors were banished from the family for some reason, so we were spared from the tragedy.”

He kept sighing, attempting to control his emotions. Making him recount the past like this was a bit cruel, so I looked at him sympathetically. He seemed to notice and waved his hand, “Please don’t look at me like that. I hate it when people pity me.”


His shoulders drooped and he said: “My grandfather’s family name was Yue, while my grandmother’s family name was Yang. My grandfather did not want to give the Yue name and its burdens to his future generations, so he took my grandmother’s family name, which is why my last name is Yang.”

“However, one day I overheard my grandparents’ conversation and I found out about what had happened in my grandfather’s family.”

I looked at him apologetically.

Yang Yi continued: “I don’t know if Heaven was playing tricks on me, but since birth I’ve had Yin Yang eyes, and could see all sorts of spirits. Because of this, I’ve never had many friends. My grandparents consoled me and told me that when I grew up my abilities would fade and eventually disappear. They didn’t.”

“At first I could only see them. Later on I could touch them. That was when I knew that I was an Eclipser.”

He seemed resigned, touching his cheek with his fingers, then looked at the Yue Mansion and said: “This situation was caused by my ancestors, so I must be the one that takes care of it. Thus, as an Eclipser, I became the guardian of this place.”

“The enchantments that you noticed were mine.”

I had at this point understood the situation. He had probably come here to strengthen the enchantments, but then had unexpectedly ran into Pervert and me.

Yang Yi seemed a little scared and said to Pervert: “I have already told you everything, I hope Lord Hades will not punish my family.”

Pervert glanced at the mansion and said coldly: “This problem was caused by your family, so you should be the one to take care of it.”

I jabbed him in the ribs and glared at him.

His words were a bit harsh. This mansion and its problems were all caused by people who were already dead, and although their descendants had to shoulder the burdens of their ancestors’ crimes, the descendants were otherwise innocent.

And anyway, I didn’t think the descendants had any obligations to take on these responsibilities.

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Why would they have to worry about things that their ancestors had left behind? It was too unfair.

Yang Yi smiled bitterly at what Pervert said, as if it was what he had expected: “Lord Hades is correct.”

“Don’t listen to him. You can continue take on this duty or just leave it, you’re innocent.”

I reassured him. Yang Yi looked surprised. He swallowed and his finger shook as he pointed at Pervert, saying: “You contradicted him?”

To Yang Yi, me contradicting Lord Hades probably wasn’t the most terrifying thing. What was even scarier was that Lord Hades had not admonished me.

I blinked, before asking: “What’s wrong with that? I don’t think I’ve said anything wrong.”

Pervert dotingly stroked my hair, and said gently: “Anything Hua Er says is right.”

Yang Yi looked thoroughly shocked. His finger was still shaking uncontrollably as it pointed towards me, his tone disbelieving. “You two…”

I poked Pervert’s arm and said calmly, “I had a ghost marriage with this Pervert and now he’s my husband.”

Ghost marriage? Pervert? Husband?

Clearly my words had a huge impact on Yang Yi. He was still dazed, as if he had been petrified. A long time passed and he still hadn’t moved.

I smiled at him, “I came here on holiday with my friend and Pervert said that the aura here was strange so we came here to check it out. Then we met you.”

He finally came back to himself and let out a sigh, muttering to himself, “Thank god it was you two. If it was some adventurous teens, I wouldn’t have been able to save them even if I wanted to.”

He took off his backpack and unzipped it, taking out a stack of yellow paper talismans. He then took out some tools that looked like those that Taoists had and started fiddling around with them.

Pervert and I stood quietly to the side and looked as he prepared to strengthen the enchantment. However, once he had taken out everything he needed and taken a look at the front door, his face went green!

“Did you two go inside?!”

His voice was filled with terror and he almost yelled his question.

I shook my head, answering, “We were just about to leave. I wanted to go in but Pervert wouldn’t let me. When we were about to go, you came, so we hid in the shadows. What’s wrong?”

His breathing quickened and he swallowed, his voice trembling as he asked: “Then when you two came, was this door open?”

I looked at the half-open door and nodded, saying: “When we came, the door was already half open, is there something wrong?”

Pervert seemed to realise something and his grip tightened as he looked at the door, his tone dry as he said, “Now this is troublesome.”

“It’s over, it’s all over.”

Yang Yi’s face was deathly pale. Even in the dark I could see his suddenly sickly appearance. He paced around, mumbling to himself. Some of the paper talismans in his hands fell to the ground.

He thought of something and ran towards the doorway. When he looked at the door, he fell to the floor.

When I saw this, I wanted to run over and help him up, but Pervert stopped me. He shook his head.

“Don’t go near there.”

“But, Yang Yi….”

Pervert held me in place and told me seriously: “If someone had to go over, it would be better if it was me. You stay here and do not get closer.”

I nodded. I would listen to Pervert. In this kind of dangerous place, since I wasn’t an Eclipser and I still had a child in my stomach, I couldn’t be stubborn.

If Pervert told me to stay away, it had to be for my own good and safety.

Yang Yi sat lifelessly on the ground, his whole body shuddering. A strong young man suddenly shaking like that made me worried.

What had he found out? Pervert said it was troublesome, had something happened?

DId it have something to do with the door being half open?

“The thirteenth paper talisman….is gone….oh, God, I’ve only been gone for two days, why is it gone? It’s over, everything’s finished.”

Pervert walked towards to doorway and looked through the half opened door into the darkness inside. I anxiously reminded him, “Be careful.”

He heard my voice and looked at me, before nodding his head. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest and I stared worriedly at Pervert, who was still standing in the doorway. I didn’t even notice how many times I had swallowed and the goosebumps that had come up all over my body.

The surroundings were very peaceful, the only sounds were frogs croaking and crickets chirping, but this and the hot summer wind only worsened my mood and made me even more worried.

When I heard Yang Yi say that the thirteenth paper talisman was gone, I finally realised what had happened.

Pervert and I had found twelve paper talismans on the walls. That meant that the thirteenth one was most likely stuck on door and the wall next to it. Normally, the door must be sealed by a paper talisman if a building had something unclean inside it.

Even if I didn’t know how Yang Yi set up the enchantment, I hadn’t watched so many ghost movies before for nothing.

The paper talisman on the door had disappeared and the door was opened and was left half open.

Pervert looked at the opening and said: “Someone came here before us and went in.”

I was a little impressed by modern youths. Why did they love going into unclean and scary places? This place was abandoned and an old site, if it was a robber, there was nothing here worth stealing.

That meant that whoever had come was here for an adventure.

However, if it was normal person, wouldn’t they know that they shouldn’t enter when they saw the paper talisman sealing the door? Why would they go inside anyways, breaking the seal on the door.

“It’s my fault….I should have come here every night.”

Yang Yi admonished himself, then kept mumbling, repeating one sentence over and over.

“What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?”

Pervert’s tone was still calm, but if I listened closely, I could hear seriousness in his tone, “The best case scenario is that what’s inside has yet to escape. If it has… all the people in the summer villa are in danger.”

He touched his mask and was silent for a while, as if making a decision, before saying, “I’ll go inside and see. No matter what, I need to make sure if it is still inside.”


I yelled frantically, before covering my mouth with my hands and looked towards the metal fencing, afraid that people outside would hear me.

After experiencing the evil spirit in the cafe, I had a basic idea of how dangerous it was in the mansion. I knew that Pervert was Hades and was very powerful, but I still didn’t want him to go in there and endanger himself.

“Hua Er.”

Pervert didn’t expect me to be so worried and called out to me, then said: “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’m only going in to see if it’s still there. If it is still in there I’ll leave immediately and Yang Yi can reseal the door. If it’s not… we need to be prepared for the worst.”

He pointed at Yang Yi, who lifted his head. He seemed to be making a big decision, before he said: “I will go in with Lord Hades. This is my responsibility and it was my negligence that created this situation.”

Pervert hesitated then nodded. He was about to go inside when I gathered all my courage and said to them: “Bring me with you!”


“You can’t!”

Pervert and Yang Yi spoke at the same time, firmly refusing me. I just looked at them. I was going to go with them no matter what.

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