Chapter 34: The Pervert is Handsome?!

When my surroundings were once again filled with the sounds of frogs croaking and crickets chirping, I finally relaxed.

“Oh my god!”

As soon as Pervert let go, Yang Yi fell right onto the floor. His phone’s flashlight was still on and his breathing was faster than one who had just finished a marathon. In fact, it even resembled the wind coming from the bellows.

“Oh that was so close, that thing almost caught us!”

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He patted his chest in relief while I had already half-collapsed into Pervert’s arm as I tried to calm myself down.

The piercing screams just then almost made me go insane! I could still hear it; the desperate, tragic noises still resounding in my mind.

Pervert held me tight and bent down to check my body, “Are you hurt?”

I shook my head and looked towards the door sealed by the paper talisman, then let out a deep breath.

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“It’s over,” I said to myself, with my head lowered. Then, I thought of the backpack’s owner and asked worriedly, “What about the person that broke in?”

What had happened to him? Was he still alive?

Pervert shook his head and said: “There’s little hope for him, but luckily the thing in there did not escape, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.”

I tilted my head, thinking. There was a question that I had wanted to ask for a while.

“You’re Hades, you must be really powerful. Why didn’t you just get rid of it?”

His long, elegant fingers tapped me on the nose, and he laughed, replying: “Because of you, Hua Er. I would never risk your safety. That thing is no match for me.”

He looked at the tightly closed door and continued: “Getting rid of it is easy, but you were in there, if it hurt you, then it’s definitely not worth it.”

When I heard his explanation, I was moved.

Yang Yi stood up from the ground. I could see his shirt completely stuck to his back from sweat. From the back it looked very awkward and embarrassing.

“Thank you Lord Hades for your help. If you had not pulled me, with my speed, I would already be a meal for the creature.”

He wiped at the sweat on his forehead, the black and grey marks on his face extremely obvious. He stretched and relaxed before adding, “Now I can return and tell my grandparents.”

Suddenly, his facial expression changed and he frowned, his fingers rubbing against his jaw, and continued: “I have to speak to the person responsible for this sightseeing destination. There has to be someone guarding this place at night so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen a second time.”

His smile was filled with exhaustion: “If it happens again, Lord Hades would not be here, and I cannot defeat such a spirit on my own.”

When we had gone in, Pervert had been silent, his breathing steady. If his hand hadn’t been holding mine the whole time, I wouldn’t have been tell what he was thinking.

His voice sounded serious and was clearly directed at Yang Yi, “This responsibility is yours. Of course, you can find other Eclipser to help you destroy the spirit which I hope would be the case for this whole situation to end.”

“Of course, of course.”

Yang Yi nodded, without a trace of disobedience. This problem had come from his family and shall be ended by his family, so he would not shamelessly ask Hades for assistance.

“It’s late, let’s leave. The sun rises early in summer, and this is a tourist destination, many tourists come out early. You two should go back and rest.”

Pervert nodded. I felt the world spin, and appeared outside the metal fence. Yang Yi used all his limbs to flip over, and collapsed like a deflating balloon.

What had happened had definitely affected him, the psychological pressures and physical exertions were both extreme.

When he left, he took out a card from his backpack and handed it to me.

“If you’re free tomorrow, you can come find me. You’re always welcome.”

I took it. It was still dark and I couldn’t read what was printed on it, so I could only put in in my pocket.

When Pervert and I returned to the hotel, we saw An Ning sleeping spread eagled, with the hotel’s thick blankets half kicked onto the floor. I stopped myself from laughing and shook my head as I pulled the blankets back over her body.

She mumbled in her sleep and then flipped, changing to another position, before resuming her deep slumber.

I almost could not stop the laughter from coming out of my chest when I looked at her ridiculous position.

“If your group of admirers found out about what you looked like when you slept, your image would be ruined!”

Just as I finished speaking, the sound of light laughter came from the bed behind me, filled with magnetic, sexual attraction.

“Hua Er, you’re the same as her when you sleep.”

Pervert’s words made my whole face went red! I turned my head and looked at him in disbelief: “Ridiculous, no matter how bad I look, it can’t be as bad as this.”

As I spoke, my voice got softer, until the last word was like a mosquito squeaking, almost inaudible.

I started doubting myself. What if it really was like what Pervert had said, and I looked terrible when I slept.

The amusement in Pervert’s eyes was a bit too obvious. I got angry: “You’re definitely making it up!”

He only looked even more amused, the laughter in his eyes was about to grow wings and fly out.

He leaned on the bed and motioned at me.

“Hua Er, come here.”

I inflated my cheeks, unwillingly walking towards him, then sat on the edge of the bed and looked at him.

What did he call me over for?

I was sure that my gaze asked him this question.

He rose, his upper body leaning towards me. His masked face neared mine.

The voice that came into my ears was so pleasing to hear that it almost intoxicated me.

“Wasn’t Hua Er looking forwards to seeing husband’s appearance for a long time?”

My pupils shrank and I looked at him, slightly surprised. Then, I looked at him expectantly and swallowed: “You’re going to take your mask off?”

Pervert tilted his head towards the soundly sleeping An Ning and said: “Your friend was right. You are my wife, I am your husband, but you don’t know what I look like. That is absurd.”

He lifted his hand and took off his mask.

To be honest this action was not slow at all, but to me, the process seemed to slow down by itself. His face was revealed before me in slow motion.

His hair, the colour of black ink, tumbled down on both side of his face, a pair of narrow eyes that seemed to contain deep and dark whirlpools, drowning the unwary.

His nose seemed to be created by Heaven, high and narrow, perfect and flawless. Under his nose, his lips were thin and bright red. His skin was unnaturally pale, but not anything like the dead.

His eyelashes were longer than mine, like a pair of small fans, fluttering in sync with his eyes.

The man in front of me had every feature that was exquisite. When they were put together and displayed on his face, only one phrase could fully express what I saw.

Appearance that rivaled Pan An*.

He could be described as “beautiful” but did not have the gentleness of feminine features, his features were full of the Yang of men.

My eyes were wide and I was frozen in place. I hadn’t expect Pervert to have such a bewitching face that almost went against Heaven itself. I reached up without realising and touched my own face, suddenly ashamed of my own appearance.

My appearance was so average, but my husband was so handsome. If Pervert was not Hades but was a normal person, I would really think that I had picked up a treasure.

“Hua Er, you’re staring?”

He was smiling, and I was almost blinded by his smile. A pulse of electricity travelled from my eyes to the ends of all my limbs. My face went redder and redder, and I didn’t know what to say. My mouth was no longer under my control and I could not even form a simple sentence.

What was this feeling, and why did it get so much stronger once his mask was off?

It felt like a dam had burst, and all the water rushed out, coming towards me.

My dazed appearance had a strange attractiveness in Pervert’s eyes.

He held my face between his hands and his deep black eyes stared at my shocked face, filled with passion.

What was I feeling. Why was I unable to think as soon as I looked into his eyes.

I felt myself trapped in the whirlpool of his eyes, sinking rapidly.

He gripped my chin in his hand and tilted my face upwards. His beautiful lips pressed down onto mine.

They were cool to touch and so familiar. I felt his gentle kiss and lifted my hands, gripping onto his shirt, fingers clenching.

His movements went from the initial gentleness to heated and dominating. He pressed me onto the bed and kissed me until the world spun.

My mind went blank and there seemed to be fireworks bursting out. My limbs were weak from pleasure.

In the end, he spared me, pulling me close and flicking off the lights. He gently spoke into my ear.

“Goodnight, Hua Er.”

I hugged his muscled waist, with my head against his chest. How he laughed at me before didn’t seem that important anymore.

It didn’t matter how ugly I looked when I slept, after all, he didn’t mind it!

That was my opinion.

Actually at that time, what I didn’t notice was that An Ning had actually woken up, and still sleepy, had looked in our direction and saw Pervert and I kissing.

The next morning, when she told me, all I could do was blush and change the topic. I’d die before I admitted to it!

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