Chapter 4 – Pregnant

I trembled with both my eyes wide open. I wanted to call for help but no words could escape my mouth.

Father! Mother! Save me!

Isn’t there a saying that parents and children have some sort of telepathy link? As long as one of them knocks on the door, I will be saved!

But…why…why aren’t they coming over?

“Be a good girl and and stop fidgeting.”

His previous gentle voice turned gloomy and his hand slowly moved towards my lower abdomen before it rested on my tummy.

His hands had moved under my clothes for a long time and they were still cold. I could feel the chills released from his palm, but my tummy experienced little to no discomfort. Instead, it felt as if my tummy was absorbing them!

He turned my body over. This time, I could see the complete looks of the demon that was behind me.

Two years ago on that night, was this the demon that stole my first time?

“My Xiao Hua, protect the little guy inside of you. If any mishap happens to it, you will suffer along with it.”

What little guy? The little guy in my tummy?

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I immediately recalled that my period had already been delayed for a whole year. I felt goosebumps the instant I heard what he said.

Don’t tell me I was impregnated by a demon?

For a human and a demon to become one was something no one would believe. But to be told that I was impregnated by a demon…

No wonder my period did not come for a year. Because of that, I went to the hospital to do B-scan and pelvic examination but no problems were found. In the end, the doctor advised me to have a change in lifestyle and diet. Even after all the visits to the hospital and the intake of Chinese medicine, they were all useless.

To think that I was actually pregnant.

Never had I imagined that I would hit the jackpot on my first night. The thought of a little demon in my tummy made me nauseous and my legs almost gave in.

“Keep this in mind: never go to places with strong presence of Yin, especially that village.”

With that, he let me go. I stretched my mouth a little and found myself being finally able to talk.

But before I could open my mouth again to ask him all the questions that were floating in my mind, especially why I should not return to the village, he disappeared.

I hugged my stomach and fell heavily on the floor. Thinking back at what the pervert just said, all I could gather was by protecting the child in my tummy, it would mean protecting myself!

I could not reason with myself. I was obviously so afraid, so disgusted that I was pregnant with demon’s child; but looking at the mask and the pair of deep dark eyes beneath the mask, I could not bring myself to hate him.

To be almost violated by that pervert again…I trembled on the thought.


A rhythmic knock came from the door. I was startled and quickly rearranged my clothes that was made a mess by that pervert before standing upright. My mother went on to ask gently from the other side of the door.

“My Xiao Hua, can I come in?”

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I held back my agitation and hurriedly replied, “No…nothing wrong…”

My mother sensed something amiss since she did not ask whether there was anything wrong with me! It aroused her suspicion and she pushed open the door.

I stood at the side of the door with an uneasy look and my hands involuntarily rubbed my lower abdomen.

“I wanted to come in and see whether you’re alright.”

“Ah…I’m fine.”

I quickly gestured to her and forced a smile on my face. “Mom, I’m really fine.”

My mother looked at me in doubt, but she did away with the interrogation and said gently, “Xiao Hua, your dad and I had a talk just now and we thought that it would be best for you to stop working there.”

“Just make use of this holiday to have a good rest and maybe go out to have a stroll once in awhile.”

I nodded. Just when I thought she had finished and was about to leave, she paused and hesitated for a brief moment. Eyeing the bracelet on my wrist, which I did not recall ever putting it on after throwing it out of the window, her face turned pale.

With her mind made up, she said to me, “We’re planning on going back to our hometown to ask the old witch whether there is a way to get you out of your predicament.”

The moment I heard what she said, my heart almost skipped a beat and the words from the pervert circled in my head.

Do not go to the village, the presence of Yin there is strong.

Whatever he meant by that, there must certainly be something unclean there. Regardless, I was already involved in this matter with that pervert, but I did not wish to see my parents involved in it.

It was evident that the “Gates of Hell” are real. For the pervert to warn me not to go there, how could I let my parents go?

I hurriedly cried out, “Mom, don’t go.”

My father, who was drinking tea in the living room, headed to my room and asked, “So how did it go?”

“Dad, mom, don’t go back to that village.”


The couple questioned at the same time. I hesitated for a long while, but in the end opened my mouth to speak.

“Even if you go back and ask that old witch, the answer will not change.”

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