Chapter 6 – Almost Caught by My Parents

Thereafter, I panted heavily as I laid stark naked on the bed together with my chaotic long hair. My clothes which were forcefully stripped off me were scattered all over the floor.

Supporting his head with a hand, his body reclined in my back. His other hand caressed my waist, and would once in awhile use his fingers to stroke it.

His figure was perfect, like a masterpiece crafted from the heavens above; the refined muscles on his belly that all modern men envies; two slender legs with tight muscles; flat and hard chests; and a delicate neck that was neither thick nor thin. Even his small adam’s apple could make most people of the opposite gender crazy for him!

Luckily, my flushed face was covered by my chaotic hair. My hands could not help but immediately went to seize the bed sheet beneath my feet and I slowly wriggled away from the pervert.

“My dear Hua’er, where are you going?”

The man seemed to have sensed my retreat, and with the use of his arm, I was locked back firmly by his side.

Although there were still some fear in my heart, the moment his hand slid onto my lower abdomen and gently rubbed it, the fear in my heart gradually decreased.

The little demon inside my tummy was still of a great importance to him. If so… I was still of value in his eyes and my life would temporarily not be on the line.

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I would not have thought this way if a human life was not only once. If there comes a day when I offended him, the least I could was to use the child in me and bargain for my life.

Still… it had already been a year since my period last came, yet my tummy did not become big…

It seems a demon fetus is different from the fetus of an ordinary person. Or rather, the differences seemed a little too big.

My heart gradually calmed down. Out of nowhere, a gust of courage flew into me and I turned around, exposing my chest which was partly covered by my hair. The display of my feminine side, together with my rhythmic breathing, was slightly visible under my long black hair. The expression in the man’s eyes darkened, and the fear that I least desired for thickened.

He took me once more into his arms and whispered softly into my ears, “Hua’er, do not seduce me.”

Where have I… I almost rolled my eyes at him.

Under the blanket of silence, my limbs began to feel sore. Looking at the crimson bracelet on my wrist, I felt a little aggrieved.

I know not of the man’s appearance in front of me, nor his name, yet the man not only knows of my name but also stolen my most important first time.

I lifted my head and looked at him angrily.

“What is your name? You did not allow me to see your face, but the least you could do was tell me your name, right?”

The man was taken aback for a moment but acted as if he did not care and said casually, “I have no name, but many good-for-nothing things gave me a few names such as the King of Hell, or Hades.”

“As for my looks…”

He touched my face with his hand; though it was cold, it felt gentle.

“When the time is ripe, you shall see.”

“Can’t it be now?” I frowned, showing him my spoiled attitude. My face was still flushed from the love. Seeing so, part of him was tempted to do so, but the flamed surged back into his heart.

With a deep low voice, he laughed softly, “Hua’er, be patient.”

Beneath that scary mask, I could see a pair of long and narrow black pupils. In it brought along a childish humor with no actual danger which heavily touched the depth of my heart.

My heartbeat began to accelerate, but before I had a chance to open my mouth, my ears caught the sound of the house door opening then closing.

Mom and dad are back!

Taken by surprise, I immediately sat upright on the bed before frantically picking up the clothes that were scattered on the floor.

Why did they return so early today? MY GOD! If my parents were to see me lying naked with a man on the same bed-what’s more on MY bed at home, they would definitely break my legs!

Though they’ve loved me with all their heart, there were some things that they would never approve of.

Seeing my flushed and panicked face, the man could not help but let his fingers slightly run down my waist. I used a great load of effort to pull the sweater that was half on me before guarding my body with my arms and giving him a glare.

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The man was startled for a moment but laughed in the end. That shocked me to a point that I immediately threw myself at him and covered his mouth with both my hands!

“Stop laughing!” I’m going to die. If my parents heard him, I’m truly going to die.

He immediately caught both my hands and used his finger to rub my palm, and the back of my palm, back and forth.

“Hua’er, why are you so agitated? We are officially married, so what’s there to panic about?”

Official my foot!

I felt both bashful and angry, but upon hearing the footsteps gradually approaching my room, my breathing almost stopped.

“Quickly, go away! Disappear!”

I forcefully pushed myself away from the pervert’s two strong chests but was instead pulled into his arms.

A wet kiss went onto my forehead.

With that, a black mass of mist enveloped his perfect yet naked body, and in a blink of an eye, he was wearing his robe nicely again and vanished.

At the same time, I heard knocks on the door.

“Xiao Hua, I’m coming in.” I heard my mother’s voice.

But before I could give my mother a response, she pushed through the door and there lay the guilty me with my bed sheet pulled a little down to my bottom half. My mother saw how messy the clothes were scattered on the floor and her naggy nature came.

“How could you leave your clothes lying on the floor? Wearing these wrinkled clothes tomorrow won’t look good on you.”

But in my mind, the scene just then with the demon made my cheeks flushed red.

Ah-ah-ah! That stupid demon! Pervert!

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