Chapter 9 – The Little Demon’s Spotted!

Eclipsers were humans who are closest to the world behind the Gates of Hell. To put it simply, the eyes of an Eclipser allowed them to see ghosts.

Of course, the traditional Eclipsers could not only see ghosts, they could even communicate and come into contact with them. For those more powerful Eclipsers, they could even part from their earthly body and accompany the dead while bringing words from their loved ones.

However, most of them preferred to become psychics or exorcists.

Eclipsers also had another name —— Those who Guide or the Ferryman.

It seems Grandpa An was one of them, and if I remembered correctly, the old witch in my village was also an Eclipser.

“You’re an Eclipser?”

He nodded. His fan had already been placed on a small table by his side, and his eyes would once in awhile take a few glimpses at the bracelet on my wrist.

“An Ning ah, your friend sure is unbelievable.”

An Ning was still in a state of confusion. She took a few sips of water before pointing her slender finger at me, asking her grandfather, “Grandpa, you say that Xiao Hua got married to Hades? Are you kidding?”

Obviously, An Ning still found the conversation she heard unbelievable.

“There are some things that cannot be joked about!”

Grandpa An frowned, his white hair looking as if it was erected. He pointed his shaky finger at my bracelet and said, “See that bracelet on your friend’s hand? That is an item from the other world. That is why I told you to get away from her and not to get too close to her.”

“You’re not like your grandfather. For me, I’ve experienced many crazy things from the other side of the world so the Yin energy does not affect me. For you, it is different.”

“You’re just an ordinary person, to be exposed to a large amount of energy that does not belong to the Yang world, your body will be damaged.

An Ning looked at me pitifully as she responded, “But, Xiao Hua…” To make someone who was not superstitious like her believe that a bracelet would hurt her and thus should abandon a friend whom she had spent almost ten years with was not something she was willing to do.

My face flushed with shame as I looked at An Ning. Deep down, I felt a little uncomfortable upon thinking of the wonderful mood we were in just then before all this had happened.

“An Ning, it’s alright.” I squeezed out a smile as I looked at her.

“Xiao Hua…” An Ning stood on the spot motionlessly; clueless about what she should do.

Grandpa An walked right up and led An Ning away before walking up to me.

Right after getting a little close to me, he seemed to have became aware of something as he suddenly got startled and eyed my lower abdomen.

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I became surprised and unconsciously touched my belly. My guard that had loosened just a moment ago was once again raised.

Even though Grandpa An might be an Eclipser, that did not mean that he was a ‘good person’.

There are many Eclipsers in this world that had conducted many ill deeds to benefit themselves. A portion of those people would make use of the dead to fulfill their wishes. Some to obtain a wife and as for those Eclipsers without morals, they would engage in underground businesses that bought female corpses. Worse, there were some that would mutilate women who had run away from home and would conduct ghost marriages for the dead.

For him to be eyeing my belly; don’t tell me…

“Just as I thought.”

Grandpa An took his eyes off my belly and instead looked into my eyes.

He stared into my eyes for quite some time before opening his mouth to speak. “Xiao Hua, take care of yourself, especially that little demon inside you.”

He’d found out! The little demon in my belly was discovered!

Was Grandpa An really just an Eclipser?

I frowned at him, but his face no longer expressed the seriousness and stiffness he had shown just then and his tone had also relaxed a lot.

“You are An Ning’s friend. Though An Ning may not be able to stay by your side like before, as her grandfather, I would still like to help you.”

By now, An Ning was completely confused. However, from the exchange between her grandfather and her friend, she was able to somehow grasp the picture.

Ronghua had gotten married to Hades and was now pregnant.

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Stunned, An Ning stood to one side. She looked at me for awhile, and then at her grandfather, before displaying a face filled with astonishment.

“Grandpa is an Eclipser…and Xiao Hua is Hades’ wife… do you guys even see me as your granddaughter, or friend? To have hidden such a thing from me, I feel so miserable!”

An Ning pouted as she glared at me. With nothing else to hide, I admitted, “We belong in this modern time and even I did not believe in spirits and demons. If I were to tell you about this, you definitely wouldn’t have believed me and would have treated me like an idiot. Even I did not start believing until… I encountered these incidents.”

I finally lowered my guard and said weakly.

Grandpa An smiled and nodded to me, “Child, I know you’ve experienced quite a number of events. However, if you ever encounter any dangerous situations in the future, you can always come and seek me. I’ll definitely do my utmost best to help you.”

“What about me?” An Ning clutched onto her grandfather’s arm and shook, “I don’t want to be separated away from Xiao Hua.”

“An Ning.”

Grandpa An looked hopelessly at his granddaughter. But never did he expect that she would glare at her own grandfather. “If I knew about this early, I would have also become an Eclipser!”


Grandpa An fumed. He pressed his finger heavily against his granddaughter’s forehead and scolded, “Just what is this tiny brain thinking?”

“Being an Eclipser is not as great as you think. Everyday, you’ll see spirits floating about around you. If the spiritual essence within your body is great, you might even be able to come into contact with them.”

“However, those spirits that remain in this world are usually evil. Not only do they look ugly, they also yearn to harm humans. Are you sure you want to become an Eclipser?”

An Ning remained silent. Seeing that his granddaughter would cry at any moment, Grandpa An stroked her head gently and decided to close an eye.

“Fine. You don’t have to be separated away from Xiao Hua, but don’t get too close to her. Especially to that bracelet on her wrist.”

Like a blooming flower, An Ning’s unhappy expression brightened up upon hearing her grandfather’s words.

“Thanks grandpa!”

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