Volume 3, Chapter 8: Redeeming Strategy Middle Part

The world is mysterious.
Maomao thought.

Why was she kneeling in a seiza right now? And right before her eyes, Jinshi was looking at her with chilly eyes.

Rihaku, who was in the room with them until a moment ago, dejectedly went back half-naked.
How unfair, she thought. Though she also figured that it might be better if he wasn’t there since it would be more confusing otherwise.

“What the hell were you doing?”

It’s scary when a beauty is angry, Maomao thought, raising her head.
Jinshi made a daunting pose, his arms crossed, looking overbearing. Behind him, Gaoshun put his hands together, his face like a monk who has reached the state of selflessness.

The two eunuchs at each of the entrances looked exhausted, but they kept glancing over to the beautiful head eunuch.

It seems that the palace ladies were peeping at them from beyond the door that was firmly shut; they were surely fidgety. What should I do when I get out, Maomao thought about what happens afterwards.

“Even if you ask me what I was doing, I was just giving a consultation.”

She’ll properly report it to Honnyan first at the Jade Palace. Laundry finished in the morning. And since there were no tea parties planned for today, she didn’t need to food taste. There shouldn’t be an issue on the side of work if she returned by dinner time.

“In that case, why was that man looking like that?”

Ahh, about that huh, Maomao thought.

Certainly, though they may have been standing before the guards, it was too great of a problem to have a man from outside the inner palace almost buck-naked.
I need to properly fix that misunderstanding, Maomao thought.

“We’re not doing anything shameful. I didn’t touch anything. I was just inspecting.”

She emphasised to him that she was only looking. Not a finger touched him. She wanted him to understand that.

However, Jinshi’s eyes widened. He looked slightly taken back.

She noticed that Gaoshun’s expression moved from the state of selflessness to nirvana(Buddhist term: the realisation of selflessness, and thus liberated from the cycle of rebirth.). Why was he looking at Maomao with the face of a bodhisattvaBuddhist term: Someone on the path to enlightenment towards becoming a Buddha)?

“You, were, inspecting?”

“Yes. I was just looking.”

“For what reason?”

“Even if you ask for what reason. It was the result of the consultation. I thought I’d make sure whether it’ll turn out fine by seeing the actual thing.”

Maomao had considered Pairin’s redeeming and everything else about it, but she also wanted to place importance on Pairin’s feelings. She was a woman who had fallen in love several times, but Maomao thought it would be preferable for her to go a man she liked more.

That’s why, at any degree, Maomao, who knew about her tastes, wanted to check whether Rihaku could get into Pairin’s strike zone. Even Maomao, for how much, in the case that Rihaku was too far apart from Pairin’s tastes, she wouldn’t do things like accept a consultation like this. She wasn’t that soft-hearted to the point of looking after others.

Until Maomao was taken in by her dad, she was brought up at the Rokushoukan. The people who looked after her that time were the Three Princesses – Pairin, Meimei, Joga – and the madam.

Pairin has never given birth, but since she had the special constitution to produce milk, Maomao was raised by drinking that. In the days when Maomao was born, Pairin had only just graduated from being a kamuro, but it seemed that her body had already completely matured.

She always called Pairin “Neechan”, but in actual fact, she was an existence closer to a “Mother”. By the way, she called Meimei and Joga “Neechan(Older sister)” since they would get angry when she called them “Neesan(Elder sister)” .

The talks of redeeming had been raised but it was probable that neither of the contenders would provide Pairin the lifestyle she desired.
Nevertheless, Maomao would rather she not end up like the madam in this way.
With the reason that they were once courtesans, there are many women who gave up on having children. There are also cases where their wombs don’t have the ability to make a child, having been constantly soaked with contraceptives and abortion drugs.

Maomao didn’t know whether Pairin was like this or not. Just that, when she recalled the days she was rocked to sleep in the woman’s arms when she was younger, she thought that it was a waste.

She was a woman whose lust was strong, but she was also a woman who was just as maternal.

Rihaku fell in love with Pairin who is a courtesan. She is a courtesan – he completely understood that she would give the same service to other customers besides himself.
Though he has parts there were somewhat like a mongrel, he seemed to be earnest at heart. He also has that lovable idiotic side of him where he tries to get promoted for her sake.
Since he has quite the wholehearted personality, his feelings shouldn’t abate easily. Even if it does, even Maomao can handle the preparations on the occasion of them separating.

Above all, his physical strength was peerless.

Maomao giving Rihaku a consultation was also because of that reason. Although, given that he hinted at a different thing at first, she was also interested in that other thing too. What will come out of that now?

(In the end he couldn’t give it back to me.)

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It was about the ivory pipe. If no one wanted to use it, she was going to pawn it.

While she was in the middle of evaluating that, Jinshi turned up.
Could it be that he, as the administrator of the inner palace, couldn’t stomach palace ladies recklessly meeting up with outside men? What a strange moment to be enthusiastic about his job.

“Turn out fine, you say!?”

“Yes. Appearance is only just one aspect of a person, but it is better to have it, right?”

Rihaku’s body almost passed with flying colours. At the end, checking the most important part, hereafter, she considered how it would arouse Pairin.

Maomao said that the redeeming money was ten thousand silvers, but depending on how it could go, she can drop it up to half the amount. This was also dependant on how Pairin felt about Rihaku.

“Appearance is important?”

Jinshi finally stopped being imposing and sat down on the chair. He continued to be irritated, tapping his shoes on the floor.


Jinshi said. He looks somewhat down huh, Maomao thought.

“You saying that is unexpected. Then, how is that man’s appearance?”

He’s just full of questions, Maomao thought. However, it was bitter that an underling had to answer everything.

“His body was really well proportioned. The foundation of his training is steady, and he doesn’t have extra bulk in his upper and lower muscles. I suppose he is diligent and never misses his daily training. It seems that he is quite skilled even among military officials.”

Jinshi’s eyes were slightly bulging from Maomao’s speech. It was an expression that could be taken as that he was surprised by what Maomao had said. And then, he looked extremely displeased.

“Do you know what kind of person they are by looking at their body?”

“Roughly. Since your lifestyle habits show up on your body.”

It was important to make sure when you prescribe medicine to customers who say nothing about themselves. She acquired that skill even if she didn’t want to when she was being a pharmacist.

“Will you know by looking at my body as well?”


Maomao unintentionally raised her voice stupidly.

Seeing Jinshi’s face, it wasn’t like she didn’t notice that his expression was a little sulky.

(Don’t tell me,)

Isn’t this man just jealous of Rihaku, she thought.

His displeased expression just then should also be because of that reason. Since Maomao was openly admiring Rihaku’s physical beauty.

(This man.)

Maomao wanted to sigh.

(To think that he wants to flaunt that he himself is more pretty.)

Jinshi’s face was beautiful; it was already a beauty that could rapidly overthrow the country if he was a woman, and she felt that it wasn’t impossible even as a man.

While possessing a beautiful face that was so perfect it spared no change, does he want to boast about his body this time?

(You don’t need to do anything, don’t need to do anything.)

Jinshi’s body that she had a fleeting look before was surprisingly muscular. Even if she didn’t take a hard look at it, she knew that his body was beautiful.

But, even if she looked at it, what will come out of it? If his body was more built that Rihaku, does he even want to say, Recommend me to Pairin? No, she considered what Pairin would say, would she choose Jinshi?

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Jinshi propped his elbows on the table, his lips slightly pursed, and stared at Maomao.

Behind, the eunuch guards were nervous, and yet they were entranced by Jinshi’s angry face.

Gaoshun was looking at Maomao, his gentle bearing the picture of nirvana.

She was sorry for Jinshi, but she had to say this clearly. The part that Pairin considered the most important component of the body, Jinshi didn’t have it.
No matter how excellent the other parts were. If he didn’t have it, there was no meaning.

“Even if I looked at Jinshi’s body, there’s no meaning.”

Maomao said timidly.

The air around them dropped to freezing.
Gaoshun did a revolution from the picture of nirvana, his face was like a sinner who had broken spider web.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think Jinshi-sama is compatible with my older sister.”


A stupid voice came out of Jinshi’s mouth.

Gaoshun slammed his head into a wall.

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