Volume 7, Chapter 13: Go Tournament – Noon of the Second Day

Come noon, three individuals had fallen sick from getting too absorbed in the games, two made a scene by starting a fight over claims of cheating, and a child fell over after bumping into bystanders.

The numbers in the main venue fluctuated, some of whom were there for the second or third time.

“Isn’t he being swindled?”

Maomao said, looking at a man who made an entrance for the fourth time.

“No such thing,” Rahan responded to Maomao’s muttering. The organiser of this merriment was very pleased with himself.

Maomao narrowed her eyes at the unruly-haired round glasses. “You’re just making me work.”

“I’ll be paying you your wage properly. I’ve confirmed that there’s profit.”

So that’s the reason for his good mood.

“The person just now is an expert, even if he’s earning money for wine at the corner of the bar.”

“Hmmph.” Maomao checked the amount of steamed buns and teacups in stock, as if to say she had no interest whatsoever.

“Come on. Can’t you show a little more interest? You won’t say “Woah, that’s amaaazing,” or “You know just about everything, huhhh”, will you? Not cute at all.”

“Even if I say that, you won’t take it as a compliment, right?”

“Yeah, I’d feel like I’m being made fun of.”

In other words, it’s best to refrain from handing out compliments carelessly in the first place.

“In your case, above all else, you believe that those who use flattery are the ones to be cautious of, right?”

“You know me so well, little sister.”

“….” Maomao ignored him. This guy is a natural born talker. Even if she retorted, he’d just return the favour noisily.

This is boring as is, Rahan spread his hands and lifted his shoulders.

“He now makes a living playing Go for stakes, but he taught Go to the elite in the past.”

Maomao could guess as to why it was in the past tense. “In other words, he lost his job after being beaten to within an inch of his life by a nasty old man?”

“Correct. Esteemed adoptive father obliterated his pride one way or another by forcing him to play against a certain magnate. As a result, he suffered an utter defeat at their hands.”

“Poor guy.”

It must be a nuisance to have to return, and then come back each time he won.

Suddenly, Maomao had an unpleasant premonition. “…don’t tell me. Could it be that those who hold a grudge against the old man have gathered here in this tournament? That’s why there are so many challengers?”

In that case, she could see why so many military officers were on patrol.

“Half right. We have to be on guard as he could be stabbed any time. Provided he doesn’t perish instantly from a stab to the heart, Grand uncle-sama will do whatever he can in retaliation.”

‘Don’t summon Dad for such an absurd matter.” Maomao stomped on Rahan’s toes.

“Ow owowow! Cut it out, stahp.”

More injured people will just create more work, so she lifted her foot.

“And the other half?” Maomao continued the conversation curtly.

Rahan raised his leg and rubbed his toes. “…only the Grandmaster of Go has won against esteemed adoptive father. As the challenger, it was rumoured that he was acknowledged by esteemed adoptive father as the winner.”

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“Recognised, huh.”

The man sees the visages of others as Go stones. Even if it’s a little petty, some trickery should suffice.

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“And apparently, that rumour—” The slender eyes behind Rahan’s glasses narrowed further into slits. “Somehow became “If you win against Kan Rakan, he will listen to one request of yours.”

“…” Maomao closed her gaping mouth. “Who would claim something so absurd?”

“I wonder.” Rahan averted his eyes.

Maomao was eighty to ninety percent sure this guy right here is the source of that rumour. It seems he was willing to do anything as long as money is involved.

“…indeed, to think that there are busybodies who’d believe such a rumour.”

“Is this the reception area?”

From above, resounded a voice like the music of heaven.

“…” She looked up.

A man donning a sweltering mask was smiling with squinted eyes.

On the reception table lay the tags signifying three consecutive wins.

Rahan, although looking disappointed with the mask, stared at the man. Even with his face hidden behind the mask, Rahan probably knew his identity.

“Here you go. The participation prize.” Maomao set down the tea and a mooncake.

“I’ll take the tea. I’m good with the teacake. My companion will be bringing snacks, so bring them to me later.”

“…yes. Please line up over there to compete.”

Because she knew who she was talking to, she had no choice but to say “Yes.”

Rahan was smiling. As long as the other party is attractive, there’s no need to differentiate between men and women.

“There’ll definitely be busybodies who believe in the rumour, right?”

See? How about that?—Rahan’s face had taken on such an expression, so she stomped on his toes again.

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